TAT Krabi invites Mae Pranorm to review and promote tourist attraction places in Krabi which there are still many places that we have not known. So I would like to invite you all to come to Krabi with the slogan of TAT "Discover Thainess"

48 hours trip in Krabi

Our program is flying with Bangkok Airways to Krabi, stay in the hotel and go to Koh Hong on the next day, enjoy Lunch at Ko Joy Restaurant, watch the show and have buffet at PAKA SHOW PARK in the evening. The second day, we play Stand Up Paddle Board at Nopparatthara Beach and continue with spa at the hotel before fly back to Bangkok.

Alright let's go>>>

Thank you very much

Taking by drone

48 hours in Krabi

2 days for car rental

At Bangkok Airways Lounge

Blue Ribbon Lounge for premier member

You can choose from the menus

Khao Tom Mat (Bananas with Sticky Rice)

Everything is free for member

Every menu with unlimited wine pairing

Glass of wine with Khao Tom Mat on a massage chair is also great.

It is time for boarding.

Service on board

Arriving at Krabi and we also see this stand of Paka Show which we will take you there later.

Shuttle bus and taxi service counter

We also find a car rental here and we choose National Car Rental because they have what we want at suitable price.

Toyota Altis for 2 days, 1,300 THB/day

A car is in a very good condition.

After that we are heading to Hotel Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort

A big hotel beside the beach with a very big swimming pool and golf court

We arrive at the hotel in the evening.


There is a movie room at the lobby for all guests to enjoy.

Our room tonight

Even the hotel has opened for many years but it still looks new, clean and very luxury.

50" LED TV

Very comfortable bed

The pool is right in front of our room, we are so regretted that we did not bring our swimming suit T_T.

Our dinner at the hotel with 50% discount because we are a member of Advantage Plus by Accor

Nothing to worry about

Our ordered

And for sure, it is very delicious.

Price after discount as below

The night at the hotel

Good quality and delicious breakfast at the hotel

We have to eat a lot because we will need more energy for going to the island.

Such as nice atmosphere

The hotel environment

After breakfast it is time to go to Koh Hong

The most beautiful forest island of Krabi is Koh Hong which has the most beautiful beach.

Koh Hong is one of forest island of Krabi. The beachfront is curve like semicircle and very shady with trees.

Small fishes are coming to this area and the amazing sea on the other side of the island.

For direction, you can drive on road no. 4204 and continue on road no. 4203 from Krabi to Ao Nang and take a boat to Koh Hong. For more information contact TAT Krabi office Tel. 075 622163.

For us, we use speedboat service of the hotel which only take 15 minutes. It is in the front of the hotel.

Or long tail boat service by local people, the price are as shown.

Hotel guest also can grab a towel with them from here.

This is the hotel boat that we are about to get on.

The beach in front of the hotel is also very nice.

For travelling to Koh Hong, there are so many ways to get there from many destinations. For more ideas, click on the link http://pantip.com/topic/30971498

Are you ready??? Please get in >>>>

Entrance Ticket Fare Rate

Everything here is still very beautiful and plentiful because there are not many people coming. So please help to keep the place clean and travel with conservative.

Prepare yourself to swim here, it is very beautiful and amazing.

It is time to leave but I will definitely come back.

In the afternoon, we are heading to Ko Joy Restaurant for lunch. Deep fried chicken and rice noodle are very delicious and recommended. The restaurant is not too far from the airport only 4 KM.

The restaurant is busy all day and it closes at 17.00 hrs.

Fresh rice noodle homemade

Deep fried chicken 20 THB/ piece that you have to wait and it is sold out very fast.

These small pieces are also very delicious.

All are the same price 20 THB per piece.

As well as rice noodle that also 20 THB together with many kind of vegetables and deep fried chicken...Umm!!! very yummy.

In the evening, it is time to a show and buffet at PAKA SHOW PARK which is very new in Krabi. It is located near the airport.

The ticket is 1,250 THB including pick up service and buffet. We can book the ticket at the hotel that we stay. The buffet start at 18.30 hrs. and the show start at 19.30 - 20.30 hrs.

See in the brochure

Let's go >>>

Ticket office

You better book the ticket at hotel that you stay because the walk-in ticket is quite expensive at 1,800 THB.

Buffet line

Mostly are Thai food and very delicious. Recommended menu is Naam Prig Goong Siab (May be not the taste for foreigners)

Get your seat and wait for the show

If you do not want buffet the price will be cheaper but I am not sure how much. You can just come around 19.30hrs. when the show is about to start.

Shopping corner

Seat for ticket without buffet

For those who are having their buffet you can see the show at your table. Enjoy buffet Enjoy the show!!!

The show begins

It is really world class light and sound system, I really like it.

After the show, actors and actress will come out and take photo with you.

On the next day

After breakfast at the hotel, we are going to Noppathara Beach for Stand Up Paddle Board. It gives a feeling like you are standing on the water.

It seems like there is only this shop.

Rental fee 350 THB/hour

There is so many places to go but we are new and never play it before so we will play here.

Trainer will teach us some basic of how to play.

Even the board is very big, we still have to wear life vest for our safety.

I have so much fun, it likes we are walking on the water, walking around the sea.

And come back to relax at the spa in the hotel

Fill out the form before service

Let's go for massage

I want to say that it is very luxury spa.

It is time we have to return the car at the airport.

The check-in counter will be open 2 hours before departure time.

The Bangkok Airways Lounge at Krabi International Airport

Nice staffs

And continue on board

And .....THE END....

Thank you very much and hope that there will be more people coming to Krabi.

Travel in Thailand Discover Thainess.

Mae Pranorm^^


 Wednesday, July 27, 2016 4:54 PM