Hi everyone! This is my first review, thus, it is nice to meet you all. Let's go straight to our story, as recently Taiwan has announced a great news for Thai tourists that they would waive visas for Thai visitors from 01 August onward. Now, Thai visitors could visit Taiwan without applying any visas anymore, it's awesome, isn't it? In fact, Taiwan has many charming things, however, Thai people might still not be pretty interested in it.

I surely feel that after a visa waiver, Taiwan would become a destination that most of people would like to take a visit. And I hope my review would somehow give you guys an idea of traveling in Taiwan.

This recently January, I have taken my parents to travel in Taiwan and it is our first time traveling together. I don't know how is it going to be, thus, I have planned a short travel schedule before or easily say it is a testing plan to check whether it is work or not. Therefore, I arrange a short trip for 4 days 3 nights.

Well, as I am a promotion lover, thus, I surely won't miss out the promotion air ticket from V Air. Once the promotion air ticket period is started, I don't hesitate to quickly book a flight.

07-01-16, Day One

I could hardly get into sleep as I am pretty excited. I am going to travel to the country that I have never been to and I really don't know what I am going to face. However, it is not a time to worry now, as the clock is ringing and we need to get up, take a bath and head to Don Mueang Airport. Our flight is ZV6 which will depart at 10.20am. This airline would offer passengers many options for the booking ticket for example only air ticket without loading baggage weight will cost cheaper. Nevertheless, I always carry many stuffs with me, thus, I choose to buy a loading baggage weight. However, I don't buy a special seating, I would say that everything about this airline is pretty cute as they have a cute bear as their symbol. Even the snack onboard would also have a cute bear printed on it.

Moreover, after having meal, there would be an activity in the aircraft as air hostess will bring a cute bear doll for passenger to take a photo for memorable. It is adorable.

The aircraft arrives at Taiyuan Airport in Taiwan at approximately 03.20 a.m. After we get through all the immigration process, we go out and find the counter service selling Sim card which has a long queue line up in front. I would buy the Sim card from here as I don't want to be bother seeking to buy it in other places. Moreover, the staff would help changing our Sim card and register it for us, and it is ready to use. There are packages according to the number of the days for you to choose from.

After finish buying Sim card, we then head out to find a bus stop to buy a ticket and get on the bus.

Now, let's heading to Taipei Main Station, we are riding on the bus, watching the town scenery till the end of the bus route and finally we arrive at our destination. Upon getting off from the car, we get across the road to our hotel. This time we choose to stay at Hedo Hotel as during the time I was looking for the hotel, I found that most of the hotels around this area are fully booked. Moreover, it's my first time traveling here, hence, I decide to book a hotel that located in a convenient area .Well, the weather is pleasant cold right now.

After we check-in into the hotel and keep our baggages, then we go out to find something to eat. We will eat nearby the hotel as we are kind of tired from last night that we are excited and hardly get into sleep. There! I find one cuisine which there are a lot of people inside, thus, we agree to eat here. I would say that this cuisine is awesome as I have heard that it is a popular cuisine in this area.

And after we finish our meal, then we head back to our room to get some sleep.

08-01-16 Day Two

We get up and have a breakfast at the hotel, then we go out to buy an Easy Card. This card is pretty useful as it could use to get on a bus, metro and even using it as a cash to buy things from big supermarkets or 7-11 convenient store. It is pretty convenient!

After we finish buying the cards, now we head to find something to eat at Taipei Fish Market, the market that fills with seafood and other delicious foods. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than those in our town.

A large size of lobsters.

After we are completely full, we continue to take a walk inside the market. And now it is time to continue our journey in this evening to Tamsui. The transportation is pretty convenient as we could take a metro directly to get off at Tamsui station. This area is located at the most northern part of Taipei. While we are riding on the metro out from downtown, the scenery is gradually changed from large buildings to mountains and then sea scenery which is a beginning sign that we are about to reach our destination right now.

Finally, we have arrived here. Well! it seems that it is going to rain, as I was thinking about the rain and it suddenly falls down. However, it's alright, as we come all the way here, we will travel in the rain though. Yet, we are still lucky as the rain is not falling hard.

There are signposts along the way, thus, you could walk along the signposts and you won't get loss.

There are a lot of people traveling here, hence, we also could follow them and that we couldn't get loss for sure.

It is a bit pity that the rain falls down and we couldn't see the sunset scenery.

I would say that the weather here is rather cooler than the downtown area. I think maybe it is because this area is close to the sea and there are a lot trees around. The weather here is really cold. Moreover, there are a lot of foods as we manage to eat along the way.

There are a lot of shops to promenade around such as souvenir shops, cute doll shops, cafe shops that you could sit back and watch a beautiful view. Moreover, there are a lot of nice corners to take photos too. I think for those who would like to take a pleasant walk, take photos and have a chilling time, this area would suit you the most. If you come to Taipei, you could not miss out visiting here.

It is nearly night time and we have to say goodbye to Tamsui now. we will come back again for sure and could we have a bright weather for the next time?

Now, we are back to Taipei city and as we pass by the night market, thus, we stop by a bit at Shilin Night Market. There are a lots of people and a lot of things selling here. Especially, the sport shoes shops that you could even ask for the Vat refund, it depends on each stores and you could ask them the information directly.

This is a shop that sells pets' clothes, there is a cute dog in front of the shop to welcome customers. Well, there are a lot of cute clothes for pet, thus, I buy it back home for my dog as it is really really adorable.

Now, we feel pretty tired and stiffed, thus, we better get back to the hotel. We buy a lot of stuffs that we could hardly bring it back to our room, all are souvenirs for other people.

09-01-16 Day Three

Today we will travel around the historic sites. We start the day by eating breakfast at the hotel as usual and then we head to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Luckily, the weather today is rather great with a pale sunlight, thus, we are not feeling very cold.

เดินถ่ายรูปเล่นไปเรื่อย เอาจริงๆกว้างมากเลยนะเนี่ยเดินรอบถึงกับหอบ ไปตะลอนที่อื่นต่อกันเถอะ

We take a walk around and taking photos, the area is considerably large that we feel tired after we walk around. Now, let's get going to other places.

Next, we will go to the National Museum or Gu Gong. Nevertheless, we didn't visit inside as there are a lot of people queue up to go inside and we are afraid that our time would not be enough if we visit inside.

After that, we go out off town to visit Jiufen, the ancient village.

There are a lot of people today, I see that there are foreigners and a big group of tourists come to travel here. We promenade around and eat along the way.

Thing that you shouldn't miss out as it is a highlight spot here that is this tea shop in the below pictures. However, as the queue is pretty long, thus, I would just leave it until next time then.

We walk until the night time and it is time to get back to Taipei for shopping. There are a lot of Japanese tourists here, therefore, most of merchants or taxi drivers could speak fluently Japanese language.

Let's continue traveling at Ximending area.

And then we head back to the hotel and take a nice sleep tonight. Today, we walk a lot and now it is our last night of this trip.

10-01-16 Last Day of the Trip

Telling you the truth, I don't want to go back at all. I completely feel fall in love with this place already. I think I will take around 2 weeks for the next trip traveling here.

As today is the last day of this trip, thus, we would just wake up late and go nearby a hotel area to doing some shopping. This area have a lot of shopping malls and they even have shops located in the metro area. There are many cute cosmetics and H&M is on sale! Wow, I wanna buy all of it Lol.

After that, we get back to the hotel to pack our baggages and then walk across to Taipei Main Staion side. There will be a bus station that you could buy a ticket and ride a bus to the airport.

And this comes to an end of our Taiwan trip. See you guys again in the next trip and it will not be so long....

It is my first review and if there is any mistake, I would apologize in advance.

Taiwan still has a lot of interesting places awaiting you to take a visit. I also would love to travel there again. Well, I would wait to go there again during the winter season. If anyone would like to get more information, you could contact me. Thank you everyone.