I love to travel. Every morning, I look for interesting traveling articles on the Internet and post them onto my Facebook. It's probably because I like to take photos, I'm interested in finding new places with beautiful scenery, get really nice pictures and show my friends to persuade them to start their journey to see the world. Unfortunately, I can't drive a car so I usually visit places that can be reached by public transport, especially free trains. As soon as my daughter has some free time, I call to book a room at Karoon Hut. Since I make a reservation such a short time before arrival date that they can only have rooms with no air-conditioning. The room costs only 450 baht with scenic sea views. Let's see what it looks like.


Above is my second traveling review you may spend some time reading through it.

Review: Getting on a Free Train, Reaching to the Death Railway, Jumping into the River at The River Kwai Jungle Raft, and Experiencing a Life Without Electricity.


I make an appointment with my daughter at Hua Lumpong Station (Bangkok Railway Station) at 8.00 am.

I love trains. I love Hua Lampong Station. It stays classic.

After a while, my daughter has arrived. For this trip, I've prepared a camera for her to practice taking photos.

Firstly, in order to get free tickets you have to show your ID card at least 1 hour before boarding time.

When I get the tickets, I have some time to take pictures of the surroundings, including passengers at the railway station.

I think there is beauty in the pictures.

Even just a plastic bag of water is beautiful.

While we are joyously taking a stroll, a phone rings to tell us it's the time to be on board.

We'd better pick a seat and sit properly.

The train leaves the platform on time. Let's go to Hua Hin

I always smile whenever I see a Selfie stick.

I don't forget to take pictures of other travelers.

The photos I shot are like paintings. I do love giving compliment to myself.

When my daughter sees I take plenty of nice pictures, she then tries doing the same thing and she can do it pretty well.

There are more and more people getting on the train after we leave Bangkok for a while. We are willing to sacrifice our seats to women, children and elderly passengers. We may get seats available afterward because the passengers keeps getting on and off all the time.

On the train, you don't need to be afraid you will get hungry since there are some food and drinks sold on the train at some stations where the train stops. This is what I'm waiting for "noodles with fermented pork". It costs only THB 10 per portion. I've read from a review and the noodle is recommended when you are on the train to Hua Hin.

I think piggish eating makes the food even more delicious.

We reach Hua Hin station at 1.00 pm., it takes about 4 hours to come here.

If you want to take photos of Hua Hin station, you need to wait a while. It's so hot but we are traveling so we'd better be calm and relaxed.

Hua Hin Railway Station is one of the oldest and most beautiful railway stations of Thailand. The highlight of the Hua Hin Railway Station is its wooden building built in the former time. The railway staffs take very good care of the station which is rarely seen in the present. All other stations have been demolished and rebuilt in modern style.
I take a lot of pictures of it.
<img src="/f/4568/575043be96c3884a2f211277.jpg"><span></span>

If you don't feel like other people being in your photos, you'd better come back here again after lunch.

We've eventually got a number of photos. Then we take a taxi to Karoon Hut Guesthouse. It costs 150 baht for 3 people.

Actually, they provide several room types for you to choose but there is only a room with no air-conditioner available when we reach there. It costs only 450 baht per night.

We've got a key. I'm so excited to get into the room. Anyway I found it a little bit old and shabby.

I felt a little scared and my daughter starts to be petulant because of the room. However, it is quite cheap in term of the price.

I then unpack my luggage and think about the sea view with white beach. I am wondering if it is picturesque as it is said in those reviews I have read through.

It's not bad really. The great view behind the door doesn't disappoint me at all.

I take photos with my daughter happily. I have been waiting for the time to go for a walk along the beach in the evening. It's time to go to the beach. We need to walk from the guesthouse, turn right and then head to the beach.

My daughter is ready to show her skills in taking photos.

The feeling and the atmosphere are exactly what I have expected.

The tide begins to rise higher. My daughter is having fun with it.

It's getting dark and I feel a bit hungry. So, I get back to the room, take a bath and go out to find somewhere to eat.

From the guesthouse, we make a right and then a left. Keep walking up the road until we reach the entrance to the street. You will see Hua Hin (Koti) restaurant, a famous restaurant with a lots of people waiting in a long line.


Across from the restaurant is the night market.


I go to the other side of the road to take this picture. Then my tummy rumbles with hunger so I've decided to get back to Hua Hin (Koti) restaurant.

Good food is always worth waiting for. We spend about tens of minutes in line to be seated.

We can't wait to order the recommended dishes.

This meal costs 700 baths, including water, some ice and rice. It's so delicious and cheap but you need to be patient to wait in a long line.

We are completely full and can't even walk to anywhere else, so we go back to the guesthouse. We go directly to bed. I thought it was going to be hot in the room without an air-conditioner but it isn't actually. These are all we have done for the day. Good night.

We have taken a bath for 4 times I forgot to tell you.

....................All the expenses we have................

Room rate: 450 baht a room, so 2 rooms make 900 baht.

Food and drink: 550 baht

Free train

Taxi: 150 baht

A good dinner: 700 baht

The total expenses of today are 2,300 baht. We set an alarm clock at 5.30 am. I love the weather early in the morning. When the sun is rising, I feel totally calm and relaxed.

Here we go, the sun on the new day. I have to accept the truth that this fantastic atmosphere in hundreds baht makes you feel like a million.

Please don't expect the room to be like an expensive luxurious room. It costs only 450 baht which is reasonable and it's ok for a night sleep. The best thing is the scenic sea view with great atmosphere in the morning and the evening which is priceless.

A bit later after the sun rises, there are some people coming out for the fresh air in the morning and get nice pictures.

My daughter also gets up to be a model in my shooting.

We keep taking photos together until it is too hot to do so.

Take the last photo of the terrace together with the sea view to say good bye.We will definitely come back here again.

Thank you for giving us something valuable that makes us fresh, bright and ready to go back to confront the city life.

My daughter is ready to leave now.

The hallway of the guesthouse lies to the front of the guesthouse. This is the exit to the street.

The other side takes us to the terrace where we enjoy the sea view.

Wave Goodbye to the Karoon Hut Guesthouse

It is more convenient to go back to Bangkok by van.


The expenses for today:

Van fare: 540 baht for 3 people

Food: 600 baht

Total: 1,140 baht

Expenses of two days:

2,300+1,140 = 3,440 baht

It makes 1,147 baht a person

Thank you for your reading my journey review. The first time to write a travel review is not so easy but I will try harder next time. It is going to be better because travelling is what I love doing.

I will share my journey to you again next time. Goodbye!
See you next trip
Thank you so much. Again, It is such a breathtaking sea view. If we got air-conditioning room, it would be better. Anyway, 450 baht for this great experience is acceptable. This is one of the recommended places you can't miss.


 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:22 PM