After high season of our work I and Yui decided to take short break trip to Chiang Mai for 4 days 3 nights. And Chiang Dao was a destination from my list for 2nd visit but it is first time for Yui.

I searched for a nice accommodation in Chiang Dao area. There are so many luxuries resort, small boutique resort, homestay etc., but I fall with the one name LETTER FROM CHIANG DAO (4) Facebook. I cannot describe the type of this accommodation. They are not a resort, not homestay. They have only one air-con tent and one house. But the highlight is the location which can see full Chiang Dao Mountain.

As we were only 2 persons so I booked a tent. A tent with a beautiful bathroom.

We booked Nok Air in the morning of 24th January and arrive to Chiang Mai around 1100hrs. We left airport and go direct to Chiang Dao as we want to see beautiful sunset there.

On the way, we visit a nice café in the forest name TARAN CHEVEE as P Tuk from LETTER FROM CHIANG DAO had recommended.

The café is located by the stream. Built by bamboo with open air. The food and drinks they served are simple but the concept of the service is good. Everyone has to take off the shoes. Pick table amenities by ourselves and get table. Then order food and drink at counter and once ready they call us to pick up our order by ourselves as well.

As after finish everyone have to bring all table amenities to the area which they prepared.

Food and drink price are cheap but taste not bad. Most of all, all staff services with friendly and smiley faces.

After finish lunch, we walked back to the car. The parking is on the hill while the café located down near the stream so take a walk after meal is so good.

We continue direct to Letter from Chiang Dao and reached around 1500hrs. It was shining day but temperature around 20 degree was so good. 

Letter from Chiang Dao is small but lovely.

The pantry, tent, and bathroom separate from each other but connect with wooden bridge. 

Staff was so friendly welcome and help us find some snack and here is snack which they help to buy from local shop and serve.

Taste is so good.

After snack time, I spent some hours for work as well as Yui until 1730hrs. 

They prepare to serve dinner with homemade hotpot.

All the dishes served with little decoration and all are look lovely.

2 hours dinner were really enjoy with delicious hot pot plus view of sun set down to Chiang Dao Mountain.

The temperature cooling down. 

They prepare some sweet grilled potato to enjoy the night while watching star (even it was full moon), we saw lots of stars.

We decided to turn of air-con in the tent as the temperature was around 18 degree which cold enough. The bed sheet is so soft and comfortable as well as pillows.

I spent some hours cleared my work before enjoy bathing.

The bathroom is amazing beautiful. The decoration and furniture are with perfect designed. I like everything here.

Yui also love everything and because of the beautiful place so she got many good shots.

Before sleep, I got a nice short of the moon.

25th January 31, 2024

In the morning, the weather was so fresh and the difference view of mountain so beautiful. The mountain still there but the mist, the cloud and the sun are difference. This trip we can see sun set , full moon and sun rise from the same place.

Breakfast was ready around 0800am and the menu that the served was amazing. Simple but good taste and full with special care.

Yui enjoys coffee as always while I love hot tea more. We enjoy breakfast and they say good bye to the lovely place then go down to Chiang Mai town.

On they way, driver took us to a nice road to take a nice shot. We were lucky to arrive earlier than other. So, we got many nice shots there.

Another place we visit was Dan Tewada. A nice place where there are small waterfall and flower garden.

Yui like this place as she got many nice photos.

The entrance fee is only THB 80 so it good place to visit especial during Dec-Mar when the weather is not too hot.

But I like the drink there. After that, lunch at a hidden restaurant which recommended by P Tuk at Letter from Chiang Dao as well.

It a small I-Sarn restaurant.

The food was so good.

And the prices is so cheap.

Chiang Mai town with difference feeling with the mountain but Chiang Mai still the first destination in Thailand for me.

Travel to Chiang Mai, a must order is Khao Soi. And Khao Soi at U Chiang Mai is also good one.

We spent another 2 nights in Chiang Mai because we want to visit Khun Wang where there are lots of Sakura flower (Nang Phaya Sua Krong) blooming.

26th January 31, 2024

We woke up early morning because today is Khun Wang. We want to arrive before too crowd. The weather was so good as well.

The flower blooming along the road and around the area. Yui again enjoy with beautiful scenery. And we were enjoy many nice shots.

And one highlight it to taste organic strawberry there, cheap and fresh and sweet.

27th January 31, 2024

Last day of the trip, we were enjoyed shopping at Jing Jai market before go to airport and fly back to Bangkok.

This trip was last minutes plan but full with beautiful  memories. Especially, the Letter from Chiang Dao. We will come back again soon. Travel is one of the treatment you can do for yourself.


 Wednesday, January 31, 2024 6:07 PM