The sea is not just a place to escape the heat or love, but if you want to go for a break, the sea is another place to relax your mind and body. ... Go lie down and listen to the waves, go out paddling, go lie down and chill >>> You have to try it. Then you will know that it is so good for your heart.

Today we recommend beachfront accommodation with Activities galore!!! (Free too) Let's go together >>> To the Sea Koh Kood, a newly opened resort on Koh Kood, Trat Province.

**Travel and sailing times are explained in detail below the review. #No private car, you can go too**

From Bangkok, drive through Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, and into Trat. Head to Laem Sok Pier (approximately 350 km, 4-5 hours drive). Drive to the end of the pier, where there is a car park service for 50 baht per day.

The last ticket booth on the left is for Koh Kood Express.

We used the Koh Kood Express boat service. The ticket price is 350 baht/person. There are only 2 rounds at 10.00 am and 1.00 pm (round trip = 700). This price includes pick-up and drop-off at the pier - resort (when you arrive, tell the name of the resort you will be staying at, they will tell you the car number to get on).

After purchasing the ticket, wait for the car to pick you up. They will have a large car to take you to the port.

Sit tight for a bit, no more than 5 minutes, and I guarantee you'll be at the pier. : )

The boat has 2 floors. Those who want to chill and take photos can sit outside. But if you're hot and want to sit comfortably, you can go to the air-conditioned room.

If it's an air-conditioned room, it's like the picture below.

Sit for a while, get some light sunshine, the car hasn't even warmed up yet (it takes about an hour).

Once you arrive at the pier, follow the exit signs and tell them you are going to Koh Kood with "To The Sea". They will then tell you the bus number.

The car ride takes about 20 minutes according to the instructions. We will arrive at the accommodation soon. > There may be potholes and bumps near the accommodation on the way, don't be alarmed, they are currently under construction. (Once we reach the resort, it will definitely be paradise : )

We've arrived at To The Sea Koh Kood ^_^

After checking in, I went out to take some pictures.

This is the area adjacent to the Lobby, where we can relax, have breakfast and dinner.

The view is breathtaking... Honestly, I'm in love <3 The crystal-clear water, the cool breeze, and a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail in hand... Today would be perfect, wouldn't it? ... Right? If you're feeling thirsty, you can order a drink. They have a bar, just in case you want to indulge in a little something.

The rooms here are all private houses, so they're very secluded. (As for whether they're soundproof, we don't know, haha! But we think they probably are to some extent.)

Let me show you the view in front of my room for a bit : ) Tonight we're sleeping in the Beach Front Suite Let's be sweet for once and ask for a good view to set the mood first.

Let's take a broad look at how good the view is for the heart.

The interior is similar to this (the difference from the Beach Front Deluxe room is that it is larger and has a sofa).

The bathroom door will be at the end of the bed.

The view from the bed is the sea, the sea... If you get tired of the bed, you can sit outside. They have chairs and hammocks for you to lie in front of your room (I only took a picture of the chair. I forgot to take a picture of the hammock. I was so happy lying down and enjoying the breeze that I forgot. 555+)

The bathroom is divided into two sections: a bathroom (with a dressing area) and an open-air shower. The shower is an open-air rain shower.

This is where we take a bath... : ) It's really nice, you can feel the atmosphere. You can bathe and look up at the sky.

Lying in bed in my bedroom, enjoying the view and listening to some soft music is pretty enjoyable... Looking at the time again, it's starting to get late. The sun is setting, the wind is dying down, and it's time to go out and play some kayaking.

A beautiful view delivered straight to your face without having to go anywhere else : )

Let's see what we can do in the resort

We'll break it down into points and write it all together. That is, we'll go for 3 days and 2 nights. If you want to go... you can choose what you want to do first.

1. Kayaking (This is free, you can tell the staff at the Lobby.)

We really like this one. Easy, relaxed, and chill paddleboarding (even if you've never paddleboarded before, you can try it! It's super easy and not complicated at all. Don't worry about falling in, there aren't many waves).

Relaxing on the paddleboard, taking photos and having fun, it was amazing. It felt so private, like the sea was just for the two of us.

The sea water is so clear... It's really good for the heart (you can climb up to the island above, but park your boat well, be careful not to let the boat float away, or you won't be able to return to the resort... It's quite far to swim back 555+)

The resort we're staying at is just visible in the distance.

2. Or go paddle boarding

This is also free, you can contact the Lobby. But it's harder to paddle than a kayak, you have to stand up to paddle. When the waves come, it's easy to lose your balance, so be careful not to fall, it's hard to get back on.

I'll be the one sitting because I'm afraid of standing with 2 people. Otherwise, there will be no weight to hold us down and we'll both sink (It sounds like a sacrifice, doesn't it? No, I'm just afraid of falling 555+)

Here you go... You haven't finished speaking yet. If I don't sit down and weigh you down, I guarantee you'll sink together.

And lastly... we have to sit in the same way... (We can paddle, but we prefer kayaking because it's more relaxing.)

If it gets dark, paddle back, the sea is dark, it's dangerous : )

3. Relax and enjoy the view from the sun loungers at the end of the beach. This corner is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

It is recommended to bring a can of beer and open it with the music on your phone (the atmosphere will improve by another 80%).

4. Enjoy the breeze and the view on the wooden bridge

5. Go swimming in the pool with a breathtaking sea view!

If you need props for playing in the water, whether it's a beautiful inflatable ring for taking pictures, a unicorn, a raft, or goggles, you can also contact the Lobby (it's free again, the Lobby is heaven, you can ask for anything you want 555+).

These two pictures are the view from our room : )

7. *** Free shuttle bus to Sa-wan Waterfall (Klong Jao Waterfall) ***

The resort offers free shuttle service to the waterfall. There are morning trips at 10:00 AM and afternoon trips, probably around 2:00 PM (please check again for confirmation). This waterfall is very beautiful, with crystal clear water. You can swim and play freely. *Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, or you'll regret it like me who couldn't swim.

It's a short walk from where you park, and it's not hot, it's shady and easy to walk.

Be careful on this stone and water path, it is very slippery (we got hurt ... At first, it seemed like we wouldn't fall, it seemed like we could keep our balance, but we only looked away for a moment, and the next thing we knew, blood was oozing and our knee hurt for 3 days).

These are the ones to watch out for ... There were about 10 people, 4 slipped. Imagine that!!! (And I'm one of the lucky ones - -* )

The scenery along the way is quite beautiful.

Just a little further from this slippery spot, and we'll be at the waterfall.

Here you go, I told you it was clear, you can play in the water : )

Or if you didn't bring a swimsuit... you can just sit and watch on the rocks like this ; p

8. Relax and enjoy the view with delicious food.

For breakfast and dinner, we will eat here.

Breakfast here can be ordered anything in this picture, except french fries (this must be ordered separately). If you are not full, you can order more until you are full. You can also order 2 dishes. The room price includes breakfast. : )

Or if you wake up late and the sun is hot, you want to sit inside... the view is still as beautiful as ever.

After breakfast, we have to hurry up and get on the car. Prepare to go back because the boat leaving Koh Kood has only one round at 10 am. There will be a car to pick you up from the resort to the pier at the same pier. The ticket price is 350 baht as well. (You can ask the resort to book for you.)

And our 3-day, 2-night trip has come to an end… This is how time of happiness always passes quickly.

Or you can buy a package that includes food as well.

If you want to see more pictures or information, you can visit

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For more information, please call 086-351-8031 and 092-384-1331. : )

P.S. If anyone finds this dog, don't be afraid. He may look fierce, but he's actually very friendly and playful. Feel free to play with him. (His name is Cooper, he's only 6 months old, but he's huge)

*** Small dogs weighing no more than 5 kg are allowed to stay.

Note : Additional

A trip to Koh Kood should be at least 3 days and 2 nights. This is because there is only one ferry leaving Koh Kood at 10:00 am (we use the Koh Kood Express ferry). The car will pick you up from the resort at 9:00 am. So, if you only go for 1 night, you may not have time to travel at all (you arrive in the afternoon and have to check out at 9:00 am). Therefore, it is recommended that you go for 2 days instead. You won't be tired and you will have time to visit the waterfalls and go kayaking. : )

Travel / Ferry Schedule

Starting from 1. Koh Kood Express

For more information and to book tickets, please visit Link--> Koh Kood Express

2.) Koh Kood Boonsiri Catamaran

For those who do not want to drive themselves, you can use this service. The price is 850 baht and it starts at Khao San Road.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit Link--> Koh Kood Boonsiri Catamaran

If you want to go by public transport, you can read the details at

Have a wonderful time at the sea! Have fun! ^_^

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