What could be better than a trip to the beach in this hot weather ...

And what could be more romantic than a trip to the sea... than sitting, lying down, sipping a light cocktail, eating barbecue, and watching the sunset?

If you ask me if it's cool.... I'll tell you right away that it's SOOOO!!!

This trip, we will take you to chill out on a cruise ship and watch the romantic sunset at Krabi Sea.

Price> 1800 Baht/person (Limited seats!) This includes round-trip transportation from your hotel, snacks, barbecue, mineral water, snorkeling equipment, and kayaks (for those who want to paddle). The boat departs from Krabi Marina at 3:00 PM. (Therefore, the van will pick up those who will board the boat around 2:00 PM. We just need to inform the hotel where you are staying.)

The program is:

  • 3 pm Depart from Krabi Marina Pier, admire the beauty of the Krabi River Estuary, mangrove forests, the Black Crab Monument, and Khao Khanap Nam, the symbol of Krabi province. Cruise through the mouth of the Krabi River, passing the 75 million-year-old Shell Cemetery.
  • Enjoy the scenery of Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island, and Mor Island. The cruise ship will stop at Railay Bay.
  • 6 pm Dinner on board the cruise ship, with a barbecue buffet, shrimp, beef, chicken satay, fruits, and desserts.
  • 7 pm Cruise back to the pier.

See more details about Life Live Andaman Cruising: Click here

Let's start with what's good about this trip.

Upon arrival at the pier, we registered and boarded the ship. ^^ The sky was clear that day, and we couldn't help but feel excited.

The boat has 2 floors, so you can choose where you want to sit. But most people walk up and down to enjoy the view and take pictures.

The view from the top of the house is very good ... but it's a bit hot when the boat just leaves > It's very hot, you have to wait a while. Let me tell you that SPF 100 can't stand the Thai sun, hehe.

Snacks and water are available until they run out (BBQ will be served later when it's cooler : )

During this time, we ate, ate, and ate some more. Then we sat and enjoyed the view, relaxed our bellies, and took some chill photos as we pleased.

While eating .. I turned around and saw a flock of birds ... At first, I was enjoying it, but then I wondered why they were following me! It turned out they weren't following the boat, they were just swooping down to eat fish 555+ (I don't know if that means I'm not stupid ; p )

Enjoying the view <3 Koh Poda

View of Koh Kai

After taking photos, it's time to play in the water!

The boat will stop at Railay Bay. Those who want to go snorkeling can do so. Those who are worried about getting wet and want to continue with a flawless face can go kayaking instead.

But we beg you to please stop!!!

The boat stopped, boom! Jumped in without thinking. If it were piranhas, I wouldn't even have a bone left! There are so many fish, you can see them without even diving.

How much? Ask your heart! Some shots, I had to ask P'Pla to move (thank goodness the GoPro stick is long, so I could still shoot from a distance).

Is that a person...? From afar, I thought it was fish food. 555+

At this point, park for about 1 hour. You can paddle a boat, swim, take pictures, enjoy the view, or just relax. Do whatever you feel comfortable with!

Or if you're tired, just hop on their boat... (but if you don't know them, they might scold you, haha) I'll tell you that I also hopped on their boat and let them take me around the boat for a lap to take photos.

Just an hour of swimming and I'm pleasantly tired! Time to get back on the boat.

Meanwhile, it's time for the long-awaited "BBQ Time".

Eat as much as you want! No limit on sticks ... If you're not afraid of getting fat, you can exercise your belly and grab it anytime ^^

Meanwhile, it's the moment we've been waiting for... I turn around and see the sun starting to set.

Meanwhile, we're eating. The view is amazing... Like, wow, it's beautiful. It gives you time to soak in the romantic sunset.

Time of happiness... It always passes by quickly... In a blink of an eye, it's already 7 pm. And then we reached the shore.

Summary > Simple one-word "Impressed" Try looking at the smile ^^

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Website: http://www.livelifeandaman.com

Contact us at 063-0787416, 063-0787417

About accommodation

Back from watching the sunset... The trip is over, but the fun isn't over yet. Let's continue soaking in the water!

For this trip, since we're going to a sweet spot, let's ask for a suite room. It's a small hotel located at the mouth of Ao Nang Soi 8... It's not luxurious, but it emphasizes comfort + chicness, and I guarantee you'll be impressed (price around 15xx -25xx) Pocket-friendly price ^^

Let's take a look at the hotel in the morning... Taking pictures at night wouldn't be clear ^^

The hotel will have 3 floors. The first floor will be all pool access rooms, which is great. Although it's called The Small, the rooms are not small. The rooms are quite spacious and have good amenities. Plus, it's pool access, so it's worth it. :)

The room is quite spacious (we stayed in the Pool Access room on the 1st floor). You can open the door and jump straight into the pool. It's so relaxing! ^^

This hotel also has a rooftop swimming pool with stunning views. You'll need to wake up early to capture the best shots, as it gets crowded with tourists later in the day. The hotel is popular due to its affordable prices and unique character. It may be small, but it packs a punch!

The price of a studio room is around 15xx.

And pool access 25xx

Note: Prices do not include VAT and service charge. (Prices may vary depending on the date of stay, so please check in advance.)

Check room rates Click here

Website Hotel: http://www.thesmallhotelgroup.com/krabi/

Inquiries by phone (0)75-661-590-2 and (0)75-661-593

The second night we stayed at a homestay for 350 baht per night. 555+ It's a different style, so please check it out here https://th.readme.me/p/8686

This trip was absolutely amazing! I had such a wonderful time in Krabi. :)

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