With the scorching heat, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach, right? ;) This trip, we'll take you to Krabi, but this time, we're not just going to walk on the beach and swim in the sea like everyone else. We'll take you to explore hidden gems and stay at a homestay in the #Ko Klang Village Community, focusing on #Thai-style deep and meaningful travel.

We came by plane this trip and rented a car with friends to drive. But if anyone doesn't rent a car and wants to visit Ban Ko Klang, you can contact a car at the airport to take you to the pier. The price is 300-350 per car.

*** We will summarize the trip to each point below the review again.

We have a total of 3 attractions

Including 1. Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam 2. Khlong Sa Kaew and *** 3. Highlight Ban Ko Klang ***

Point 1: Pa Phru Tha Pom Khlong 2, the perfect blend of seawater and freshwater

  • Location: Located in Moo 2, Ban Nong Chik, Khao Kram Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province, 34 kilometers from Krabi Town.
  • Open daily: From 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Entrance fee: For Thai citizens, adults 10 baht, children 5 baht. For foreigners, adults 50 baht, children 30 baht.
  • For more information: Khao Kram Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Tel. 0 7569 4165, 0 7569 4198

Walking inside, you will find a spot where swimming is not allowed, but it is more beautiful than the front because the water is very clear. You can see the roots of the trees under the water and the schools of fish, which is a highlight of this place.

The picture is about this ;) I must say that the water is very clear. I want to prove it to you.

We spent about 40 minutes walking around the wooden bridge. We then had to go to another place, Khlong Sra Kaew, which was not far from Tha Pom. It took about 13 kilometers by car. Let's move on, or we'll be late.

Point 2: Khlong Sra Kaew, kayaking in the most beautiful freshwater canal in Krabi

  • Location: Ban Nai Sa, Khao Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province
  • Open daily: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Entrance fee: Thai adults 20 baht, children 10 baht, foreigners 80 baht, children 40 baht
  • For more information: Tel. 062-073 2909 094-594 3420

Today, the four of us are going kayaking. The rental fee for the boat is 200 baht per boat. We will paddle about 2 kilometers round trip, which will take about 1 hour. It is recommended that you only bring essential items with you, as they may get wet because the canal is quite narrow and there are tree roots or branches sticking out all the way along the paddle or the boat may get stuck on a snag.

The weather is nice and cool. The scenery on both sides of the road is beautiful and the water is very clear.

Isn't the view beautiful? Let me tell you, it's extraordinary.

But it's a bit far, paddling for a while and I started to get out of breath 55555

After paddling for about 1 kilometer, we will see a sign indicating the end of the route. We must paddle back to the starting point, otherwise we will end up in the sea.

Let's go back. The way back will be a bit difficult because we have to paddle against the current. But let me tell you, it's no less than going to the gym. 55555

When I returned to the starting point, I was quite tired because the round trip was about 2 kilometers. But it was fun and a new way to experience Krabi.

We didn't continue playing in the water because we had to hurry to the pier to cross to the Ban Ko Klang community before 5 pm. Our friends also had to rush to the airport before 7 pm. We left this place at exactly 4:00 pm. The distance from Khlong Sa Kaew to Thara Pier is not very far, about 21 kilometers.

Point 3: Ban Ko Klang Community, stay at Khlong Lu Homestay for 350 baht/person, learn about the way of life of the fishing villagers

  • Coordinates Khlong Lu Homestay Location 5 Moo 3. Khlong Prasong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province Contact Brother Bao at 082-2708201
  • Thara Pier, ferry fare is 10 baht per person, takes 5 minutes, service from 06.00 - 21.00
  • 350 baht/person per night, including breakfast
  • 3-wheel car rental to the homestay, 150 baht per trip
  • Take a 3-wheel car tour around the island for only 300 baht per time, can accommodate up to 4 people (this is the price we contacted directly with the homestay)

This is the general fare for the island if you are not staying at a homestay because you can go in the morning and evening and stay in Krabi town.

**The highlight of this place is** the way of life of the villagers. Although Krabi is a province with a lot of tourists, the Ban Ko Klang community still maintains its way of life and lives a simple life. They also conserve the traditions of this place very well. They also welcome tourists who like to learn about the way of life of the villagers and appreciate ecotourism. There are many activities to do here, such as making batik fabric, going out fishing with the villagers, island tours, planting Sangkh Yot rice, beekeeping, watching the construction of the head of a tong boat, cycling around the island, or eating fresh seafood from the villagers' fish cages on the island.

We chose to land at Thara Pier, which offers services from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You can take a motorbike across the river to explore the island for 20 baht per bike if there are multiple bikes, but if there is only one bike, the driver will charge 80 baht.

Ready, let's go! It only takes about 5 minutes, not far, easy.

Upon reaching the shore, there will be 3-wheeled vehicles waiting to provide transportation services to tourists to various destinations. The service charges are as shown in the picture above.

We didn't drive far before we hurried back to the homestay, because we wanted to be there in time for the sunset. We had heard that it was very beautiful.

The story is beautiful. After that, we went to take a shower and had dinner at the school event. We went with our brother, so we asked him to stop by the store because we wanted to buy some snacks for tonight. Hehe.

We didn't stay up late because we were tired from the whole day. We asked the driver to take us back and went straight to bed after taking a shower. zzZZ

In the late morning, flocks of birds fly in to be photographed on the beach. They come in waves, migrating seasonally. The view is amazing.

Today we will take you on a tour of the island. We booked a day tour with the homestay for only 300 baht. They will take us to the recommended spots on the island. Let's see what they are. We left at 10 am because each spot is not far apart, only a few minutes away. It takes no more than 3 hours to cover the whole island, so it's very relaxing.

The second point is the self-sufficient house, where handmade batik fabric is made, stingless bees are raised, and vegetables are grown in a self-sufficient garden following the King's footsteps.

This is considered another point that tourists visit all the time. Because the highlight is raising bees in the cavity itself. Do you want to see how they raise it? Come on, he's kind.

Here, we also make handmade batik. If you want a custom design, we recommend that you have at least 2 days, as it takes at least 2 days to complete the process and take the fabric home. Once the design is drawn, it needs to be waxed and painted. Then, it needs to be boiled to remove the wax. However, if you don't have time, don't worry! They can send it to you by post. The price is 250 for a small piece and 350-500 for a large piece.

**Point 3, which is a popular spot for tourists because it is considered a highlight of this place, is the OTOP Patae Cloth Center.**

It took us less than 10 minutes to finish. Isn't it beautiful? It's very artistic, I must say. 5555

The price of the handkerchief is 50 baht per piece. You can take it home after the sale. Yay!

After visiting the Tat Te Si Pha Pa Tae, we drove to the Khao Sangk Yot rice field in Koh Klang village.

Here, they will demonstrate the traditional way of pounding sticky rice and there will be rice for sale. If you stop by, don't forget to support them!

I tried the spicy rice salad and, well, let's just say it wasn't for me. The north is okay, I guess. I'm lucky to have been born in a time when our country is developed, otherwise I would definitely be dead. >,< But on the bright side, I would probably be in better shape. 5555

Drive a little further and you will find the OTOP Center, the flagship product of the Thoeng boat head. This is also a highlight of this place.

He also demonstrated the steps involved in the process, but on a small scale, which is definitely not something an ordinary person like me could do. Haha!

We liked it because we learned new things that we never knew before. We walked around and talked to the staff for a while before we had to leave because our stomachs were starting to growl. 55555 Let's go find something to eat, shall we? The staff suggested that we try some fresh seafood from the villagers' fish cages.

How can we miss eating? Let's go!

Okay, we're going to take a shower and get ready to go home now. Because the flight leaves at 5 pm, we don't want to miss it.

The cost of staying in a homestay, including tours and transportation, is only 1300 baht, which is only 750 baht per person. This does not include food, which is up to you to decide how much you want to eat.

Trip Summary

We got to see new places that we had never been to before and learned new things about the way of life of the villagers and Muslims. We also made new friends from our travels. No matter what religion we are or where we come from, we are still Thai people who care for each other. This is what we call **#Thai-style deep and meaningful tourism :)**

Note: Three-wheeled taxis and regular taxis are quite expensive in Krabi. It is recommended to rent your own car, as we found out that a taxi from Ao Nang to Tha Pom costs 1500 baht for a round trip and 700-800 baht for a one-way trip. A three-wheeled taxi costs around 700 baht.

It is recommended to inquire about the price before booking, as the price is actually quite high. It is recommended to rent a motorbike near your accommodation or rent a car from the airport, which would be the best option.

Note 2: For a local tricycle experience with stunning views, we recommend Baan Koh Klang. Their prices are reasonable and consistent across the island, with a maximum fare of 400 baht for up to 4 passengers. ^__^ The service is friendly and the overall experience is laid-back and authentic. : )

A summary of tourist destinations for those who want to experience Thailand in depth.

Point 1: Tha Pom Khlong 2 Swamp Forest, located in Khao Kram Subdistrict, Mueang District, a perfect blend of seawater and freshwater.

Point 3: Ban Ko Klang community, stay in a homestay for 350 baht/person/night. Learn about the way of life of the fishing villagers.

Here is the total distance. We have pinned the location from the airport in case anyone wants to rent a car from the airport. The car rental fee starts at 1200 baht. Contact number 098-249-3108. But if you want it cheaper than this, try finding a shop outside. Find the number and call to inquire first. You might get it cheaper than this. (But if you rent outside and inform them that you will return the car at the airport, they usually charge an additional 200-300 baht.) You have to compare prices.


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