Many people may have heard of the specialty coffee shop TOKYOBIKE in Ari Soi 2 (Phaholyothin 7). LaLiart is a coffee shop that is located next to TOKYO BIKE, a shop that many people know well. It is a shop that all cycling enthusiasts must know and visit from time to time.

Getting there - BTS Ari Station, Soi Phaholyothin 7 side. Enter and you will find NOBLE REFORM condo. Walk in and you will see a sign saying "Ari 2". The shop is opposite the Phaya Thai District Office.


La Liart storefront, part of Tokyo Bike

An espresso served with a bottle of Mekhong water. Just kidding!
Notice that the crema color and texture are good, reddish.
If you order an espresso at this shop, it will be made with single-origin beans from Mae Chaem.
The beans were originally roasted by the owner's uncle, but now the owner roasts them himself. This means there will be more new coffees available to try.
If I remember correctly, the owner's aunt grows the Mae Chaem coffee herself.
In business terms, this is called vertical integration, from upstream (growing) to midstream (roasting) to downstream (coffee shop).

This is everything I ate in one day.

Drip - Mae Chaem
It has a sour smell, but it doesn't taste sour, you know? 55 Not sour at all, it's more like fruity and well-rounded. And I feel like I can drink it all the time.

Espresso #1 - Mae Chaem
Good balance, if you say this is Thai coffee, you know it's unique. I can't explain it, haha, but it feels clear.

Espresso #2 - Krocher (Ethiopia) - This one was given to me by Khun Ton (the owner of the shop) to try because he just started roasting this one.
It has a spicy, sour lemon, lime flavor with a floral aroma that could be something like sour and sweet plum (not plum, maybe apricot?). There's also a hint of cocoa and something like tobacco. It's pretty intense.

Sea-Salted Caramel Brownie (Is this the name!?) - Super delicious! The texture is chewy and the chocolate isn't too sweet. It also has macadamia nuts. As for the dessert, if I were to eat it all by myself, it would be a pass because it's not too sweet. Deer, the chocolate flavor is still lingering in my mouth, maybe because the chewy texture of the brownie is still stuck in my teeth. 555

This shop uses only single-origin coffee beans, similar to Roots, but with more menu options.
If you can't decide, just let the barista choose for you. Hehe.

This shop roasts all its own coffee beans, overseen by the owner, Ton. How do I know this? Because I learned coffee roasting alongside Ton himself. Ton is incredibly diligent and frequently roasts his own beans, constantly introducing new single-origin varieties for us to try. As I mentioned, I know a lot of people in the coffee industry because I used to be a barista at Casa Lapin (more on that in my next blog post). I'm also in the process of opening my own shop called #FrancoCafe #FrancoBKK, located on the same side of the expressway as the Lertlah International School. #advertisement If La Liart is the coffee shop for cyclists, Franco will be the coffee shop for supercars!!!

I once talked to Mr. Ton, who told me that when he roasts coffee beans, he records the temperature profile of the beans from the 0th second to the minute before the roast is stopped, as well as the develop-time. He records it in great detail, every 30 seconds, and then plots it as a roast profile graph every time.
So I asked him, "What did you major in? Science, right? Because I majored in science, and when I did spectrophotometry, it was like this."
Mr. Ton replied, "I majored in Communication Arts, Fine Arts." #I was stunned.

The outdoor seating area is a favorite spot for many people. It's not hot at all, and it's just as comfortable as sitting in an air-conditioned room.
**Please focus on the atmosphere of the restaurant.**

In addition, there are HANDMADE products that the shop makes itself, such as a pour-over coffee drip set that comes with a teak wood spoon.
I heard that it was sent to Emquartier department store (Emquartier or Emkattiye, which tried too hard) for 7,000 baht per set.
I've been there and touched it. The work is good, premium quality, suitable as a gift.
Just placing it in front of the shop is already handsome!!

Handmade aprons from our shop
Image from La Liart page

The dessert I highly recommend is the sea-salted caramel brownie. It's a chocolate brownie with a hint of saltiness from the sea salt, topped with macadamia nuts. It's absolutely delicious! The brownie is chewy and dense, and the chocolate flavor lingers in your mouth long after you've finished eating it (or maybe it gets stuck in my teeth, haha!). Photo from La Liart's Facebook page

Sarun Asawanuchit

 Friday, July 5, 2024 2:35 PM