For this trip Mae Pranome buys a resort package of 3 days 2 nights that includes 8 meals and round trip of boat to the island from in Thailand Travel Fair.

We plan to catch the flight from Ranong in the morning and take a boat directly to the island.

(The resort provides a round trip van services from the Victory Monument to the port at 8 o'clock in the morning which cost 2,000 Baht/person, a very comfortable VIP van).

But Nok Air has cancelled the flight to Ranong in the morning and has left only one evening flight so we have to take the flight 1 day earlier and stay at Ranong for 1 night then take a boat to the island the morning.

We contact the hotel about the accommodation and car pick up service at the airport via Facebook.

The hotel provides the free exclusive accommodation and pick up car service which including dinner for Mae Pranome when they know that we're going to do a review of their accommodation. So, this is how SR and this review done.

Let's see the story of Mae Pranome.

For more information, you can contact Mae Pranome at this page, there is a game you can join to get free accommodations at the page too or personal Facebook is also pleased to add friend

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By clicking+at the left corner below. We choose Nok Air and don't be panic the price is more than 1 thousand baht but it's for 2 people.

and because we postpone the departure date so the price becomes like this.

we arrive at 6 o'clock

The resort provides a car pick up as we make a deal before. BlueSky Resort Ranong is not quite far from the airport, It takes 1 hour from the airport. We arrive at the hotel around 19:30 pm. and check-in at dinner room, Sorrento (Restaurant and Bar of BlueSky Resort Ranong).

We stay here for 1 night and will take a boat to the island in the morning.

A welcome fresh drink from hotel.

We order food to our room after check-in because restaurant is closed at 20.00 pm.

The food is not quite expensive.

The pathway to the room

Resort is very sylvan.

In front of our room, let's see the inside.

The food is now served, it's delicious and large plate.

Taking some picture of the swimming pool after the meal.

A forenoon atmosphere at the resort.

We have breakfast at the restaurant first before going to the port.

Breakfast is served as a meal set. At 9.00 am we have to get to the port to catch the boat at 10.00 am.

We arrive at the port here.

Then we check the name list at the office.

For those who reserves the 8 meals package will start their meal here but for us we've already finished our meal at the hotel.

You can see many people here. Some people travels here by plane like us, some travel here by their personal car and bus tour.

Here is the waiting area and get on the boat together.
People mostly stay for 2 nights here.

We don't know each other yet but we should be familiar as we will stay here for 2 nights here.

This is a speed boat service for people who don't reserve any package.

We have a small speed boat service and it takes a short period to get there, around 1 hour.

Arrive at Kho Payam

Here is the map of Koh Payam, you can see that there is many hotels. Bluesky is located on the left side of the port, it is not far away from the port.

Booking area ticket

We arrive at the hotel now

A cool fresh punch is served as a welcome drink.

Check in here, you can let that staff print out a picture and stick on the board behind her too.

On the right hand is the port we come from.

This is a free rental bike to ride on the island. But some people also rent a motorcycle to drive around the island for 150-250 baht/day.

Kayak boat is also free

Swimming pool in front of the beach

Let's see the second meal, lunch meal of the first day.

Punch drink is also served.

After stuffed, let's see the room.

Our room is in a new zone in front of the beach near the swimming pool.

The room is Villa Seaview, you can get on the terrace and relax there.

Let's see the inside

Here is the bath room

Is it beautiful?? The cool new one.

The sea view is beautiful, you can stay here for the whole day.

I can joyfully sit on this daybed and play Facebook for many hours.

Feeling a cool sea breeze at the daybed on the upper floor.

The upper terrace is connecting to another accommodation, if you come here by group, this is the awesome place to have a party here.

Let's see the third meal of the package. We would like to lay down and having this meal now. LOL

And we sit for a long time here, the atmosphere is so beautiful.

Sleeping on the cradle while watching stars on the sky at night here is very romantic.

Or swimming should be lots of fun here

The review for the first night has to end here.

And let's watch the stars on the upper terrace.

Waking up in the morning of the second day and having the forth meal.

Breakfast is a set meal, choosing from these lists, the atmosphere is cozy here.

Today we request to take a picture of the Maldive zone which is a well-known accommodation type of this hotel. Let's follow us.

Let takes some pictures for them, we start knowing each other last night because they recognize me from the review. Let's go inside.

Let's see the room inside, here is the wide bath room.

The bed seems very comfortable.

Taking some pictures of people who come here together which are paddling Kayak boat because we start to be familiar and see each other walking past by all the time.

For Mae Pranome, we have no energy to paddle the boat so we just taking some funny pictures instead.

Let's see the fifth meal (2nd lunch meal)

The meal is simple but satisfied, stuffed and delicious.

Free time for the second day in the afternoon.

Here I take some funny pictures for them with a label.

(P.S. All pictures we post here have already got their permission)

Sixth meal(Evening on the second day) relax day at the beach by Mae Pranome style

The restaurant provides a comfortable sense.

Let's see more pictures of a night atmosphere which I really want you to see it with your own eyes.

Here is the night atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon side.

Wake up in the morning and have breakfast. It's the seventh meal but same as yesterday.

Then we check out and wait for the boat round trip at 11 o'clock, our friends are cheerfully taking photo while we are waiting.

Finally we all become friends by having 2 nights stay on the island.

Eighth meal, we have the last meal of this package together at Blue Lagoon Resort Ranong Hotel before we separate.

After the meal, the hotel provides a van service to send you to the destination and for whose who have to take a plane, the hotel also provides a van service to the airport.

and we relax here before going to the airport.

See the price here in case that you guys interested in the package we bought.

The real Mae Pranome's review should have Mae Pranome's logo printed on it.

Lastly, thank you Readme for a space to share and provide good information.

Thank you Bluesky Resort for free accommodation and car pick up service for the first night.

Thank you fan page for always giving Mae Pranome encouragement

We will try to write a better review

Love all readers...............................

Mae Pranome


 Tuesday, June 2, 2015 4:23 PM