Therefore, I hear about this famous restaurant for long time and see many the photos on Facebook Fanpage of the restaurant. They look delicious and not very expensive.

And there are also many promotions at The Crystal Park on Facebook.

Today, Mae Pranom have to pass there by chance (I live in Bang Bua Thong). So I stop there to eat and take photos to write a review for you all.

If one day you go there, so let's follow me and eat together!

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The dish make Mae Pranom interested in!

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor at The Crystal Park, Along the Ramintra Artnarong highway.

I arrive there in the evening.

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor.

The restaurant is almost full because there are so many people. In front of the restaurant has the promotion banner which is the discount 30% if you order Snapper fried with fish sauce and pay by Bangkok bank credit card. Do not forget to use your right!

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is busy because of so many people.

Order some beverages before get back.

This one costs 60 Baht. It's great.

Sparkling water cost 25 Baht per can. It's okay and i like it!!

Staffs see me taking photos and they suggest me to order smoothie. They say it's beautiful and yummy too.

At first, I don't believe because I don't like kale because of bitter then they blended for smoothie. So I'm not sure how can I drink it.

However, They endeavor to cheer up so I order, no matter if I cannot drink. Because I see their effort to cheer up and it costs only 55 Baht.

Here you are, It looks pretty brutal. And The taste maybe very bitter.

Not at all, There are sweet and sour and also only a little bit smell of kale. I'm fuddle but It's so phenomenal!

I inquire the staff and they say just put lemon to stop the bitter taste. So It's come out in Lemon juice with kale smell. It's wonderful with the price 55 Baht. Let's see the menu! There are mid price, not too cheap and not too expensive.

Snapper fried with fish sauce discount 30% and it costs about 300 Baht.

Here comes the first dish! Snapper fried with fish sauce, It's also delicious.

Stir-fried rice vermicelli with water mimosa smell good and delicious. There are also shrimps inside but they give a lot of noodles and I cannot eat them all.

Savoey's Spring Roll without sauce because there are already mixed spring roll with sauce. So yummy!

The last dish is Papaya Salad with pickled crab.

I especially like this dish because there are a lot of pickled crab!

The crust is full of pickled crab's eggs!

Eat pickled crab's egg with Papaya Salad. I'm slaver because of want to eat it while typing...

This is also pickled crab's egg that stick with crab paddle-leg.

Although, This dish costs 295 Baht but Mae Pranom recommends to anyone who likes pickled crab should try once. And I order this dessert for sample because I think it's new and the price just 80 Baht. So I order one to share with 2 people.

Dessert can eat with 2 people costs 80 Baht.

Our bill costs 1,358 Baht and 2 eggs catcher (500 Baht get 1 egg catcher).

I get number 6 both. There are discount for next time. You will get a discount of 100 Baht with every 500 Baht purchase.

Get back home with discount coupons 100 Baht for use next time.

This is the end.


Thank you Readme for sharing spaces to share any good information for travel and can search by self.

Thank you all of friends and fans that always support Mae Pranom.

I will try to write better and better reviews.

Love you, All of Readers!

Mae Pranom ^^


 Tuesday, June 2, 2015 4:24 PM