Last time we took you to the beach. So this time we will take you to the mountain. Dek Jew will take you to Khao Yai again. This time we will stay at Phukumhom Resort. It is a small resort with about 20 rooms located in a good location (I guarantee that there is a really good view). There are also many resorts near by such as Ban Phunarin and Sala Khao Yai where Dek Jew used to stay. Dek Jew has never known about Phukumhom before and never seen any review about them. Some picture, resort website, and mouth to mouth from my friends who used to come here that the only information we got.

Let's go with Dek Jew to see how Phukumhom is going to be!!!!

**This review is SR. What Dek Jew family gets from this trip is

Stay @ Phukumhom Resort for one night including breakfast and dinner

Let check-in first!!!

Welcome drink with mulberry smoothy, it just taste so good

Our room today is Executive Pool Spa

This orange building is where we are going to stay today. There are 2 rooms in each building and it is a connecting room. If the families come together they can open the connecting door and have fun at the public area.

Our car is not allowed to pass this small road.

So we park our car at the parking in front of the resort and take a golf car to our room. (Actually we can walk there because it is not that far)

Just right in front of our room, we can see that there are a lot of tree and beautiful garden. Let takes some pictures here first

Let go inside the house

There are 2 floors, on the first floor are bed room and bathroom which have a perfect size and I like the balcony very much because there are some space that we can sit and relax.

Dek Jew really likes this horse lamp, she asks Mama to buy her one.

In the bathroom there is a shower room and toilet but no bathtub

There is also outdoor shower, just checking before taking a shower if there is anyone walk pass by?

After checking, this outdoor shower is safe no one will see you from the outside

Bathroom decorations are mostly animal such as frog, elephant, and fish. (And this little one always makes me scared)

Let's go to the second floor

Stair is inside the house that why I like it because some resorts might build stair outside.

Coming up to the roof-deck you will see this

Here is the highlight... there is a big jacuzzi on the roof-deck^^

You might think that it is just normal size if you see from the picture. But let see if you compare with Dek Jew, it quite big and deep even she can dive in there.

Here is the great view from the top

If you come in rainy season, you can see all natural surround you in green scenic but have to be aware of raining. If you come in winter, you will see all the blue sky and cold weather but you will not see mountain surround you in green like this which will give you a different feeling too.

After walking around the house, now Dek Jew wants to go to the pool which is still very new.

View at the pool is so nice

Another mulberry smoothie (I like it)

Dek Jew still enjoy swimming in the pool and Mama sit and relax near the pool as always

Here Dek Jew can swim from one side to the other side on her own syle

Dek Jew Free Style

After tired from swimming, Dek Jew gets more energy from a sweeten corn of Pakchong

From the pool to the warm Jacuzzi in our room

It is such a big tub so we let the water in before go to the pool and when we come back it just the right time to go in.

It is so comfortable and relax, we have fun until sunset

From the roof-deck, room at the opposite side is on the west, which can get a great sunset picture and our room is on the east we can see a beautiful sunrise picture. Even though it is so cloudy, we still can get a beautiful picture of the sky.

We will have dinner at the resort because we heard that food here is so delicious, when I try, It is really taste good as they said all vegetables are really fresh because they plant it here.

This is a signature dish, Mushroom salad, it taste so good and give you a feeling like meat but it is actually mushroom.

Naam Prig Goong Siab (Dip with Dried Shrimp Phuket Style) is also very delicious especially all very fresh vegetable.

This dish is Gaeng Liang Goong Sod (Thai spicy mixed vegetable soup with prawns). Normally we do not like Gaeng Liang but this one is taste so good Papa eat it all not even a single drop left.

This is a new menu of the resort, Goong Pad Prig Kleu (Sweat and sour fried shrimps)

This is for Dek Jew, Crispy Fired Egg

And finish with Fried Banana Ice Cream for the dessert which is Dek Jew's favorite menu. It is crispy banana with homemade caramel and vanilla ice creams. Mama want to try some but Dek Jew does not want too.

Even today the resort is almost full but most of the guests order room service. So there are only us at the restaurant.

When we all are full we go have some walk around resort and take photos

Starting with Lobby building and parking in the front

Next is a conference room

There are bicycles for ride around the resort

This is the restroom at the restaurant's entry

And walk to our room, light in the front already on and make it looks so beautiful.

When we get back to our room there will be warm drinks to serve which we choose when we check-in

Mama choose hot black tea, Papa choose hot Chrysanthemum tea and hot milk for Dek Jew

Papa wakes up very early to wait for the sunrise but sadly it is raining. If it is a clear sky we will get a nice picture of sunrise from here

When it is brighter we can see that it is foggy but not that much

Fresh air and cold weather in the morning feel so relax

Let take some pictures before breakfast

Breakfast here serve in a set we choose it when check-in

Mama and Papa choose Egg pan

Porridge for Dek Jew

Papa sees the next table orders boil rice so he orders another meal set

For buffet, there are salad, soup, bread and fruits

Everything is so delicious

Salad tastes very good because of fresh vegetable and green homemade salad dressing

We walk through the vegetable garden before doing other activities.

There are many kinds of gourd

These are gacs that on the spicy soup yesterday

We can buy these fresh vegetables home

From the garden to attend the resort activities

We have to take a golf car there because it is on the other side of the road, opposite the resort. There is a big lake with some canoes and pedal boats for guests to enjoy.

Get on the boat and take off to feed fishes in the lake

Dek Jew sit on this small horse but suddenly she is screaming and want to get off (She probably scared or something)

Last station, the bow, Dek Jew try so hard but her top score is only 1 meter.

After all activities, Dek Jew go to swim again and then have a look around resort to see other room type.

The opposite room is Deluxe Balcony, quite similar to our room but there is not Jacuzzi on the roof-deck. The view on this side also very beautiful and awesome too.

Stair to the second floor of this room builds outside from the balcony

Another room type that we have a look is Deluxe Bathtub

This zone is quiet and very private

Highlight is the open bathtub that we can see the great view outside

If you are not coming with your family or partner I would suggest that you put on your swimming suit before go into the bathtub is better. See here if people walk up stair they will see right through to the tub.

After the resort it is time to check-out

Again!!! Finish our trip with all impression >> everything here is over our expectation both food, room and view. We have to thank you Phukumhom very much to invite us here and we really have a good time on this weekend

(See side road view from Phukumhom to Khao Yai)

Dek Jew get to go now

See you next review and thank you every one for travelling together ^^ Ba Bye

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Wednesday, April 8, 2015 2:13 PM