My daughter, Gusjung, has been studying for her exam like crazy. Therefore, I don't hesitate to take her somewhere in order to relax truly after she is done with it. Pattaya has it all, the sea, beautiful resorts and hotels, and a variety of breakfast. No wonder why Pattaya is our favorite destination. And this would be the third time that I redeem my point for a gift voucher from writing travel blogs sharing my travel experience on

I, Manao, choose to stay at Long Beach Garden Hotel And Spa this time (a 1-night stay in Superior Balcony Sea View at Long Beach Garden Hotel And Spa Pattaya with breakfast included for 2 persons (30,000 points redemption)).

I will meet up with Gusjung at Hua Lamphong Station and I don't want to miss the train like last time (not even a week ago). We will meet at 7 AM today and I have arrived first. I think we still have plenty of time so it is pretty chill for me. Then I go to talk to the ticket officer asking for the train timetable. Guess what! She said that "The train has already departed at 6.55 AM".......What!!!!! I mistakenly remember the time of the train again. I just want to scream right now. hahaha I should have been more careful and I shouldn't have missed it again.

I call Gusjung right away in order to change the plan. I tell her to meet at Ekkamai BTS Station instead. Gusjung is fine with it but I still feel bad. I don't know how to cope with my feeling and be lively again....Anyway, I have to make it. I should be happy while traveling...Let's start with a selfie! Let's make a selfie everywhere I go since I have missed the free train already! hahaha Well, I have got to tell you that it works. I feel better and start to smile again. I don't mind people looking at me because I am a tourist today.

I also do the check-in on Facebook at the MRT and BTS Skytrain. This is so much fun. I even do another selfie in front of Ekamai Bus Terminal ... before going to meet up with my daughter and I have no clue whether she is angry or not about the train?

It is my fault, I am truly sorry,,,,, Gusjung is not angry at all. She is very calm, or she just doesn't express it???

We bought bus tickets to go to Naklua, Pattaya at 108 THB per person and the bus will depart at 8.20 AM. Then I drag Gusjung to take a photo in front of the bus terminal again.

It seems like other people have taken our seats. . Therefore, I kindly ask the bus hostage to have a look for us.

Gusjung is still in a period of being a vegan. Hence, I tease her by putting a vegan flag on the cake. hahaha But she doesn't believe it though.....

The journey takes 2 hours and a half and we get off the bus at Naklua. We cross the street to find a motorcycle taxi to get to the hotel. It costs 50 THB per person.

We also make a quick stop at 7-Eleven to get some vegan foods for Gusjung's lunch and non-vegan foods for me... Then we have finally arrived at the hotel and it looks luxury.

I get the gift voucher from my bag and go for the check-in. Then I come back to give my daughter a funny pose!!

We have got a room on the top floor overlooking the ocean. Our room number is 1642. I am totally happy after open the door's room because the room is huge and clean. The bathroom comes with a bathtub and a rain showerhead. I am so looking forward to using them later.

This is the view from our balcony and I love it.

I am already happy with only a view like this.

The room stays just like the way we found it because we have put all of our belongings and foods inside the wardrobe until I am done taking photos.

Please don't mess up the room yet! I haven't finished taking photos. hahaha

Alright, now you can do whatever you want. Yeah yeah yeah!

While I was taking photos earlier, Gusjung was very hungry. I told her to hide inside the bathroom and eating for a moment, don't come out yet! hahaha Now she can sit down and eat properly. Bon appétit!

Then she falls asleep while reading after lunch....

We start to dip in the bathtub and get dress around 4 PM before going to take a walk around the pool area.

Gusjung asks me to wear this down... is it okay? I normally look like a pregnant woman already. hahaha

This particular spot up here is occupied by us while we are still enjoyed it.

Then we walk further down and this is when I realize that it is a good idea not to swim right now because we have limited time to take photos already. hahaha

Are you ready to go to the beach?

Stop reading a book for a while and start to observe the surrounding nature for a bit! At least to refresh yourself!

Oops!! What are you looking at?

We have so much fun taking photos on the beach and we have just realized that it is getting late and we start to feel hungry as well. So, we will go to 7-Eleven again to look for both vegan and non-vegan foods..

Where is everyone?

Gusjung still need to eat vegan food so our dinner will be from 7-Eleven again.

I ask Gusjung to have a seat and wait for me for a second, I would like to get a photo in front of the hotel before going back to the room. I have also planned to come down again after dinner to take more photos around the pool area. Guess what! I am totally sleepy and lazy after filling up my stomach so I guess I will say good night instead.

The sky is not clear this morning but I still go out to the balcony. I sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view while waiting for Gusjung to wake up.

The happiness of Gusjung can be found on a comfortable bed in an air-conditioned room.

We start off the day by dipping in a hot bath, we totally love it. Then we get dress and go for the breakfast. After choosing the table that we like, we are more than ready to eat!

As usual, I don't want to disturb other hotel guests so no photo of breakfast is taken. What I can tell you is that the foods are all very delicious and the taste is pretty international. This is so good. The foods are including Congee, Noodle, Rice, Spaghetti, etc.

I eat only a little.

On the other hand, Gusjung's vegan period is over so she eats like crazy. All those three plates are hers and this is just the first round.

We are full now so let's take a walk!

How to hold it properly? Even mom has no clue, Gusjung. hahaha

We come to explore another side of the pool this morning. We just want to make sure that we don't miss anything from all angles.

I ask Gusjung to act like a model swinging her hair and kicking the water.

I guess Gusjung is happy now to escape to here from everything, spending time to sleep deeply, relax truly, eat properly, lough out loudly, bathing and shower nicely, walk on the beach chilly, and hug mom tightly... We are very happy together....

We need to get back to our room and start packing now.

I see the Lobby is empty with no other guests while checking out so I don't miss to capture this moment. As you can see, it is so big.

Long Beach Garden Hotel And Spa Pattaya offers a very comfortable bed in a spacious room with wonderful bathroom. The swimming pool is also huge and the hotel has it own private beach. The breakfast is delicious and the staff are friendly and helpful. I definitely will come back and stay here.

We take the motorcycle taxi once again to the bus terminal and it is 60 THB per person this time.

We bought bus tickets to go back to Bangkok at the same price of 108 THB per person. There is a bus departing to Bangkok one every half an hour. And I have noticed that there are so many foreigners here. I feel so happy to see this.

We have arrived back at Ekamai Bus Terminal safe and sound.

Expenses Summary

The room should be 2,500 THB but I redeem my point from writing travel blogs sharing my travel experience on so it is free

Bus, go and return tickets 108x4 = 432 THB

Motorcycle taxi to get to the hotel 50 THB per person = 100 THB

Lunch 200 THB

Dinner 300 THB

Motorcycle taxi to get to the bus terminal 60 = 120 THB

All in all, the total spent on this trip for both of us is 1,152 THB.

Thank you very much for all your kind support and please stay tuned for our upcoming trip!

Long Beach Garden Hotel And Spa


 Monday, October 31, 2016 1:22 PM