If we talk about a romantic place to do something "Sweet" with your special one, I believe that everyone would pick it carefully in order to get the best moment out of it... A place where it offers a fantastic view wouldn't be a bad idea after all because hugging each other while enjoying the view is just like a dream!!! Today, I would like to recommend "Sri panwa", one of the top dream destination in Thailand that I have promised myself that one day I will take my special one to.

I use Jetradar application in order to compare flight ticket fares before making the flight reservation (download for free from App Store). Trust me! You will get the best flight ticket fare from it.

You can see the photo below as an example. Jetradar will show the cheapest flight to your required destination respectively.

Let the trip begin! ... We will go to only 3 places this time because we have only 2 days in Phuket.

Once we arrive at Phuket International Airport, we don't hesitate to drive to Sri panwa right away. We will go to Phuket Walking Street and Phromthep Cape tomorrow after checking out.

Sri panwa

We have finally arrived at Sri panwa and will go to do the check-in at The Sala. After that we will show you why this place is amazing and is a must to visit.

The check-in is done and the staff will drive us to our penthouse in a car similar Subaru (to travel to different spots in Sri panwa, the staff will call the driver to provide us the transfer). We are going to stay in a zone called "The Habita", a newly opened section in Penthouse Number 2 (P2). But wait! Since we have reserved a table at Baba Nest for now, we will go there and introduce it to all of you first.

Baba Nest

Baba Nest is known for incredible sunset view. It offers panoramic scenery and truly romantic ambiance. Baba Nest has been awarded for numbers of times internationally including "World Top Best Beach Bars 2011" from CNN. Let's go and prove that together!

*Those who want to come to Baba Nest better make the reservation in advance. I heard it is almost fully-booked everyday because there are limited numbers of tables! I don't think you will get a table if you walk in.

Those in-house guest need to spend at least 500 THB on drinks and those external guest need to spend at least 1,000 THB on food.

For more information please call 076371000

Baba Nest is overlooking the ocean to the west. Therefore, it is an amazing spot to watch the sunset. You can enjoy your favorite cocktails while listening to a great music up here as well. This is just too good, I am telling you!

And the time has come... the time that everyone has been waiting for. : ) You can lay your head on you special one's shoulder while witnessing the magnificent natural beauty of the last light of the day.

We stay here until dark and we have been eating, lying down, resting our brains, feeling the breezy wind, and listening to music. This is such a nice moment!

The sky gets completely dark and it is time to go to our penthouse. ^_^

Let's go and explore our penthouse now! We are staying in The Habita, Penthouse Number 2 (P2)! We will have a look inside the penthouse firstly before checking out the private pool.

The Habita, Penthouse Number 2 (P2)

Sri panwa is a 6-star resort. That's why the room rate is around 20,000 THB vary by season. Let's see whether it is all worth it or not?

You will find the living room first after entering the room which is totally huge. It comes with an enormous sofa overlooking the view outside.

The mini-bar is behind the sofa which you can eat everything for free (I forget to take a photo of it because I am so excited with the bedroom).

You may find the door on the opposite site of the sofa where it leads to the separate bedroom.

Inside the bedroom

The lighting control by the bed let you choose whether Romantic or Sexy atmosphere. This control panel also used for opening and closing the curtain at the end of the bed.

There is another door behind the bed for the bathroom and you will find it definitely the same size as the bedroom.

(Let us watch "I Hate You I Love You Series" for a moment! It is getting very exciting now!!! hahaha So, Nana, the main character is really dead? Whoever knows, please inbox and tell me please!).

Inside the bathroom

Then it is time for the private pool.

We turn the music on and chill by our private pool. One is swimming while I am enjoying my time gazing the stars (I would like to emphasize on the amazing sound system in the room, you can even choose your playlist to be played in different styles such as romantic, sunset, and so on).

This is very romantic.

I realized myself once again when I am already in the water.

Don't be afraid! This is us, not monsters! ; p

After the pool, we go straight in the warm tub. This is totally relaxing, making the bubble bath and listening to the music. : )

The end of the day has come... The time goes by so fast especially when we are happy, don't you agree?

The new morning arrives and this is the full view from our penthouse.

If you get bored swimming in your private pool, you can go to the main pool of The Habita as well.

Apart from jumping into the water, taking a cool photo here is not a bad idea either. Anyway, don't forget to go for breakfast before the restaurant closes at 10.30 AM.

Baba Pool Club

These are the outside tables of the breakfast venue and right next to this area is another highlight of Sri panwa. Breakfast tables looking over the ocean are totally amazing!

Isn't it beautiful...? I mean the view, not the model! So don't hesitate to answer! hahaha

Once I see this view, I am thinking to get a photo shot in Titanic theme like Jack and Rose at the front boat deck. But I rather not, I don't want people to think that we are crazy. So an ordinary holding hand shot would be just fine.

Caption : "I am tired of holding a mobile phone, can I hold your hand instead?" Lol +++ (I didn't create this caption myself, don't be surprised! I just have heard it before and I like it. This caption is just right for this photo)

Let's go and have a look at the breakfast!

The food variety is pretty international. You have all Western, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. There are Chinese Bun, Green Curry, Roti, Clear Soup, Noodle, etc. What I want to tell you is that everything is authentic and delicious!!!

I don't eat much, only these three plates. ; p

We ask for the transfer to Beach Pool after breakfast. Actually it is not far from the breakfast venue and from there, you can walk to the beach.

Beach Pool

I guess you have seen this spot a lot from social media. No matter which zone you stay, you can come and enjoy this pool as well. There is also a wooden bridge from here leading you down to the beach but it might take a while.

We have got only 2 photos from here before it starts to rain heavily. Therefore, those who stay here in Sri panwa and have a chance, don't forget to walk down to the beach! It is very popular especially for Thai actor and actress. We don't have that chance so we miss it and we hope to be able to do that next time. : )))

It is finally a checking-out time but the time of happiness won't stop here. We will explore Phuket more. ^_^ Let's make this trip even more worthwhile.

For more information please go to www.sripanwa.com or call 076371000

After we checked out from Sri panwa, we drive around seeing this and that. Then we arrive at Phuket Walking Street around 4 PM. We have planned to take some photos and look for something light to eat here before heading to Phromthep Cape. If you have plenty of time, I would recommend you to go to Phromthep Cape first before coming here because you will find more shops opened this way. We have limited time so we can't do that. We can only take photos and admire the old town.

Phuket Walking Street

The Walking Street is about 13 kilometers from Sri panwa and the rain keeps pouring down when we arrive. Anyway, let's go out and walk around since we are here already. This is the general ambiance but it would be very crowded at night!!! It would be much lively at night, the locals have confirmed on that. Moreover, this area is also known for its street art.

Even though we have heard that the storm will approach around 6 PM, we will go to watch the sunset at Phromthep Cape anyway. At least we can see the storm instead. hahaha We saw the beautiful sunset yesterday already anyway.

The weather right before the storm approaches is so nice so we sit and chill for a bit.

Last but not least, this marks the end of our trip. There is no such a sunset shot because the rain comes earlier so we run. hahaha We will drive to the airport directly and it will be about 49 kilometers from here. This trip has been nothing but full with happiness and fun.

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