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After my last journey in New Zealand ( North to south island the Road trip 21 day in New zealand), it is time to start a new journey. My next destination is India, this trip happen after I have read about Leh. I have never heard about this city and never thought that there would be a beautiful city like this in India. It really make me want to go there. If talking about India, everyone knows about "Taj Mahal", but how many people know about Leh even myself. Until I have read the review of Khun Pun walking backpack, it really make want to get to know more about this city and I actually would like trekking here. By the time I visit, the weather is still very cold and have some snows so this is all about India that I could get from this period of visiting.


After landing we take the train to Delhi Station. From the airport to the station, everything was seem nice and quiet but once we get of the station we see the real Indian style "Hello my friend" greeting from everywhere (they try to get something from us). But we ignore them and just walk cross the station to the hotel. We have a plan to visit these three places : Gandhi Memorial Museum, Red Fort and Jama Masjid.

The traffic in Delhi is very busy, sound of horn is everywhere and the weather is similar to Thailand.

Gandhi Memorial Museum

It does not take us that long to get to the museum by Tuk Tuk. (When you negotiate with the driver, you have to talk to them clearly how much for the drive for all not per person)

At the Gandhi Memorial Museum is the exhibition about his life and I would say that here is the best place in Delhi.

Red Fort

Next destination is Red Fort which look like the city gate.

The weather is the same all over the city, do not expect for blue sky because you will not see it -_-!! Air cannot make you feel fresh because of dust and sand all over the place.

There are a lot of people in front of Red Fort, they come to take photos and I do not understand why do they would like to take a photo with foreigners and look at us like we are some kind of creatures. Then we walk to Jama Masjid suddenly there is someone would like to threaten us so we decide to go to the hotel.


Today we are heading to Agra where Taj mahal the love monument is located. We take the train Shatabdi in an early morning (This ticket can be booked in advance only). The booking is quite confusing so I buy it from Travel Agent (150 THB per Person)

Breakfast set is served on the train as well as dinner on the way back. The train is on time and does not take that long only about 2-3 hours

Taj Mahal

Arriving at Agra Cant Station and heading to Taj Mahal, during the way there, there is a local guild jump in to the taxi that we take. He said that he can take us into the Taj Mahal for free but actually there is no entrance fee on that day because it is some kind of festival day... Feeling so fail T_T

Everyone has to stop and take a photo of this corner.

Taj mahal is really beautiful as it known...but my unwanted guild is always in hurry...we should not let him fool us.

It is even more beautiful when we have a closer look ... it makes of marble

View from the back

From Agra Fort we can see the Taj Mahal through the wall... They said that this is the same corner that King Shah Jahan see everyday when he was in jail.

If you want to go there, please clearly tell them that you do not need a tour guild. During the time with the local, he always convinces us to shopping and buying souvenir. So be careful and clearly talk to them what you really want.

After that we walk back to the station and wait for the train back to Delhi.

Flight to Leh

Today I ask hotel staff to book a taxi to the airport for us because our flight is quite early 5.50 am. in the morning the train service is not start yet.

If you fly to Leh, one thing that you should not miss is the view below. It is so amazing to see.

Landing at Leh Airport... It is a small airport with only one passenger terminal and we have to take the bus from the bay to the terminal. Inside the terminal, there is only two baggage claims and people are not on the line so it takes a while to get our baggage. Here!!! You have to be careful when taking photos because it is located in military camp, there are some places that they do not allow to take a photo. After passing the immigration, there is taxi service our with fix rate, just tell them the name of the hotel. When we arrive the drive will always ask if you would like him to service you again tomorrow, I would suggest you contact the hotel for the next day transportation.

Main bazaar

Once we get to the hotel, we take a nap first then come out to have some walks at Main bazaar which is the market in the city center of Leh. There are selling a lot of things such as fresh product, clothes, groceries, travel agents, Internet cafe and so on. Actually we come here to stamp our passport for going out Leh.(We did not know that the hotel that we stay also can do it for us so we failed again).

The flags is not that expensive depend on the size (25-50INR).

Leh Palace

After discover the market we are heading to Leh palace and Shanti Stupa.

We also can see Shanti Stupa from where we stand at Leh Palace...Our next destination.

We can see the flags everywhere.

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa Or Stupa of Liberty...We have to wait for so long to get the twilight moment of the stupa. There is no one have seen this moment because all tourists always leave the place before it gets dark.

I like this photo the most...the photo of the priest

Julleyyyy little cute one^^ (Julley is hello in local)

We also can Leh palace from here.

The last light of the day at Leh

Siala Guesthouse

The hotel that we stay is including breakfast. I am so impressive with this hotel, the owner is very nice and the staffs are very helpful. Siala Guesthouse is well known in many reviews. We will get 10% discount for taxi if we contact the hotel because the own is the relative of the staff in taxi company. Also do not forget to get the permit to go out the city which you can do at the hotel and make copies (minimum 10 sets) because there are many border that we need to submit these document.


Next day, we discover around the city of Leh, our main destination is Lamayuru Temple. Moreover there are historic sites that we can visit along the way to the temple.

The two colors river which I cannot remember the name...hahahaha

Basgo one of historic sites...In my opinion, all historic sites are mostly the same.

Spin the bells before entering Lamayuru Temple

There are houses and guesthouses up on the hills near by Lamayuru Temple. After that we are heading back to the hotel and stop by Likir Monastery to worship to Goddess of Mercy.

Our last destination of the day... Likir monastery

A very big the Goddess of Mercy

Then we also stop by Magnetic hill...I do know what is it but everyone stop by to take photos here. They call Magnetic hill because there is a magnet that could pull a car up to the hill...which is really amazing!!!

Nubra valley

Next destinations are Nubra valley and Pangong Lake which we plan to stay one night at each place. This time will be focus on the wonderful landscape that we will see on both side of the road.

The background of Himalaya Range and Leh is down there...

Look on the other side...those trucks are going up the mountain.

And we are now arriving at the highest road in the wolrd Khardungla pass. I would suggest that you take photos quickly and go otherwise you might feel sick of height.

We are close to Nubra valley as we can see those villages down there but it actually takes more time than expected.

Our vehicles

Diskit Monastery

Next is Hunder..We really want to ride on camel but unfortunately we arrive too early, the service start from 17.00hrs. So we only get a photos of them T_T...

Eye contact is good communication.

After that we are heading to hotel.

This is Nubra ecolodge where we are going to stay tonight. The area around the hotel is wide and has a very good view. The price is quite expensive 5000 INR per night (booked through Booking.com) with five star service.

Meal is including in room rate...this fired noodle which is very delicious.

3 photos above was taken from the same corner but different time. I took it from the hotel. For the second photo is adding some effects and photoshopping.

Pangong lake

During the way to Pangong Lake, we will these animal living on both side of the road.

This is the last destination of the trip with the highest lake in the world Pangong Lake. It is really wonderful and amazing as expected. The reflaxion of the sky on the water make the lake so beautiful in blue. It is still very cold, we come when the water in the lake is all malted. One of my friend came here when the water in the lake became ice and he came walk the ice...I am so jealous >_<.

The water is so clear and blue and it is really beautiful^^.

The twilight moment that we are waiting for!!!!....

View from the hotel

The hotel tonight is a tent with 1 bathroom inside. The price is quite expensive even we have booked from Booking.com in advance. But people who walk-in get a cheaper rate than us. Everything is similar to other hotels but this one is much more expensive (I am not quite okay with this one).

This monk is also Thai, he came here to study language with other monks. He also likes to take a photo. And he is the one who tell me about the hotel price. There are 2 types of rooms; tent or homestay. Tent will be more private and at night will be very cold but homestay you have to stay with the others like dorm.

That is the tent that I am talking about.

In the morning we are heading back to Leh but we take different route from when we came. This time we also pass the third highest road in the world, Changla pass.

Here we are Changla pass where is the stop point, there are toilets and shops. For the toilets, if you do not really need to use it, I would suggest you to go somewhere else because it is not clean with a very strong smell.

The drivers are very talented that can drive pass each other on the road like this.

The last view before arriving to Leh... The Z road on the cliff...

After that we get back to Leh and buy some souvenirs such as flag and T-shirt then pack everything for an early morning flight on the next day. Unexpectedly, my flight with Air India from Leh is delayed and that makes me missed the connecting flight back to Bangkok. So I have to buy a new ticket back...T_T...

Conclusion and Ideas

Leh and other city in India

Delhi + Agra

- If you are going to any part of India that is not Leh, I would suggest you to read a lot of reviews because there are different kind of cheating such as Tuk Tuk 100 INR for all or per person, we have to talk clearly with them what exactly they mean.

- If they said they want to take you to Information Center and said that your ticket cannot be used you have to by a new one; Do not believe them!!!

- Those people who come to talk to us, especially "Hello my friend", you have to be careful do not talk to them.

- Be careful pick pocket

- Book the hotel in advance

- Bring your own food as you might not be able to eat Indian food

- Try to buy the ticket from ticket office, do not pay anything to anyone on the street

- If taxi driver or guild convinces you to shopping, just tell them that you do not like

- Do not use tour guild, if they jump in just tell them that you do not want (Download map and all plans on your mobile)

- Bring your own mask because the air in Delhi and Agra is not clean

- Do not forget sunblock

- Be well-prepared for booking the flight and connecting flight especially with Air India

- There is no WiFi at the airport, restaurants at check-in count sell only sandwiches and breads, and meals are selling inside


- Before going to Leh you should take Diamox medicine to prevent High Altitude Sickness

- When we arrive to Leh, take a rest to adjust yourself with the height

- Leh is different from other Indian, both physical and behavior, people here are similar to Tibet

- Recommended restaurant Main Bazaar

- If you have a motion sickness, do not forget to take medicine when driving up the mountain.

- If Internet down, it means down the whole city

- The flag is a souvenir that you should by because you will not find it anywhere

- Flight from Leh is easily to delay and if you have a flight form Leh to Delhi do not should Air India

Lastly, thank you all for visiting my page, if there is any mistakes please accept my apology.

See you on the next review

Thank you and goodbye


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