Normally, October is rainny season in Thailand, the drought mountains become greenery and be ready to welcome the tourists in indulge with its freshness.

Loei is one of the province in the North Eastern part (E-Sarn) of Thailand. According to its outstanding geography, there are variously important attractions especially Phu Ruea District.

Today, Ai Kuem will take you to the adventure in Phu Ruea District, it is

"Phu Bak Dai"

" Phu Bak Dai" this name has impressed me a lot, it really catches my attention to visit this place. Phu Bak Dai is the local language meaning whose hill is this?

Phu Bak Dai is located in Phu Luang Natural Preservation CenterTha Sa La Sub District Phu Rua District Loei Province. You ar able to contact Tel: 095 658 7113 and 087 866 8647 for further information.

Apart from Phu Rua district, there are also other tourist attractions such as Tad waterfall, Song Kon waterfall and Pla Ba waterfall. And once again you are able to contact for further information as per given contact number, the staffs are very kind and they are willing to give the information.

The service fees are as below;

- Travel costs THB 3000 / car which can accommodate 6 passengers per trip and Natural Preservative Fee costs THB 1000 / group.

- Local public bus (round trip)

- Miscellaneous service fee

- Service fee to ignite fire for cooking food.

- Service fee for preparing the kindling

- Service fee for having tour guide

- Service fee for guardianship

If you are ready, let discover our review and enjoy seeing the beautiful photos.

My trip has been initiated since I contact with at Pla Ba Tourist Foundation Office, I asked the staff if I can travel alone or not, and been informed that it was possible but it is necessary to pay with the same amount of fee as coming with group. This means I need to find other trip joiners to share the service fees with me. Luckily, the staff has checked and it seems that there is a travel group which is still some place left for me. Finally, they accept me to join their trip. How lucky I am, I then drive my car to Phu Rua district.

Once I arrive at the city center of Phu Rua district, I will need to drive passing the market. Then, I need to U-turn and observe the sign of Phu Rua school. Then, I turn left, there will be the sign indicating Pla Ba Tourist Foundation Office, Then, continue riding about 20 kms till I find Klang village, the foundation will be on the left hand side. It is not difficult to reach here.

While driving the car, you are also observe the mountain on the left hand side and here it is Phu Bak Dai, it looks alike Phu Kra Dueng. We will take the public bus to point A and then climb on to point B and continue walking to point C

The journey to our destination is easier than what we expect, we take the local transport like in the photo, it is capable to accept the passengers maximum 6 people. We begin our trip by riding on the flat concrete till the rough road, the highlight of the trip is when we pass on the rough road, we could not sit stably, we have been shaking throughout our bodies but we can still see the spectacular view along the way.

Furthermore, we have been informed by the driver to be aware of our feet because it might hit with the road.

Since the weather is not hot, it makes some our trip joiners fall asleep, they are almost fell down. It is such an exciting trip. We need to walk at some points, please be aware of slug.

The crucial journey has passed very fast (it takes around 2 hours). Once we arrive at the parking area, We need to take our bags and climb on the hill about 200 - 300 meters. As we mentioned earlier, please be aware of slugs along the way.

In our point of view, it is quite far from the village to this point

Once we arrive here, we are so hungry, it is because our digestion system has worked very efficiently during the journey to this point.

Even it is very high but we are not afraid of reaching to the top point. Some of the trip joiners also bring the guitars while walking up to the point ( the way to the top is quite steep, it is about 300 meters, it takes about 15-20 minutes).

Finally, we reach Lhung Pae zone, we are able to enjoy seeing the wonderful view and inhale the fresh air over here.

It also rains but it does not obstruct our journey at all. On the other hand, we can see the beautiful fog.

If we are tired, we can take some rest and take some photos. Indeed, we are afraid of slugs because there are a lot of slugs.

We almost reach our accommodation. We keep fighting.

We have to pass to the big greenery forest, we really like it.

It takes around 1.30 - 2 hours to reach here.

Once we arrived, the sky is still cloudy.

After we arrange our stuffs and we are ready to go to the green field. Some of trip joiners are searching for the place to tight the hammock.

After setting up the tent, the fog is disappeared which is almost 7 pm, we are not reluctant to run to the cliff to take some photos.

The sky starts opening in the evening even though, it is not so clear but it is still nice.However, we might have a chance tomorrow.

We have eaten instant noodle. Since we have nothing to do after finish eating, we then go to lay down on the cliff and enjoy seeing the wonderful stars.

We listen to the guitar and songs which are sung by another group of tourist. It is really enjoyable. It is time to say goodnight and it is also time to stay in the luxurious hotel.

Good morning Phu Bak Dai, we woke up at 5 am, we wash our face and brush our teeth while seeing the wonderful at the same time.

There are many rocks which you are able to sit.

The stunning views are from various angles, we really relax once we see it. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the foggy curtain once it rains. Unfortunately, there is no obvious viewpoint for viewing sunset but there is also another solution in case you really want to see the sunset, we suggest to climb up the rock in order to have a chance to see the sunset.

Above photo is taken from the far end, it is better to take the photo at the far end because it will be too scary if this photo is taken too close.

The various types of rock are the highlight here which should not be missed to take the photos. Otherwise, it can be easily referred that you have not reached Phu Bak Dai yet.

Below photo is the place where you are able to enjoy seeing sunset and it is also the place where you are able to see the beautiful stars in the night time, it is really romantic.

Unfortunately, it is so cloudy once we arrive. So, we really hope that we will get the better chance tomorrow.

We have seen some couples, they have embraced each other while enjoy seeing the wonderful atmosphere, it is so sweet moment.

Apart from enjoying the wonderful trip, we also have got the excellent friendship. Please do not hesite to invite your close friends or colleagues to visit Phu Bak Dai.

Below is the photo of the trip joiners.

After finishing meal, we start packing the stuffs. But, it rains again on the way back.

We have listed some cautions for you in order to prepare yourself for doing trips in rainny season.

1. Please be aware of the slugs.
2. Please do health check before starting the journey

3. The expanded stone is the popular where the tourists like to stand and take some photos there. Please make away for other tourist right away after finish taking the photos.

4. To wander around the tent, we recommend to wander on green field not in the nook because it is dangerous.
5. Please do not litter any rubbish there, please bring them with you on the way and litter in the proper place.

6.There is no bathroom and toilet available at Phu Bak Dai, it is necessary to walk in the forest.

Thank you very much to everybody who has made this trip happen.


Thank you very much for your attention to this review.

Life is a journey


 Tuesday, December 27, 2016 12:45 PM