For the adventure lover, when talking about beautiful high mountain in Thong Pha Phum District, everyone would think of Khao Changphuak. But since this place has been closed by the national park for several years, we have to look for other place. Finally, we found one interesting and equally beautiful mountain, which is Khao San Nok Wua. My friend used to visit there and came back with good story about it as well as many beautiful sea fog photos. Therefore, this year, we five people, are decided to start the journey on the night of 11th November 2016. We leave at 21.00 p.m. with our personal car towards Pompi, Khao Laem National Park. We reach there around 02.00 a.m. some of us sleep in the tent (I sleep in the car) to get ready for the hike in the next day. If you are ready, let's go!!!!

"Khao San Nok Wua" is located in Khao Laem National Park, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi Province. It is the highest mountain in Kanchanaburi Province. It is 1,767 m. above sea level. It is about 9 km from the starting point to the camping area (we have to cross about 3-4 mountains) which takes about 5-6 hours. I didn't take any photos but I can say that my sweat is all over my body and quite exhausting. On the way down, it only took us 3 hours. Some area is steep and some also has snails. But well, when we reach San Nok Wua Peak, I must say that all of our tiring is washed away. The weather is so nice and relax though it does get cold at night. I go to San Nok Wua Yai both morning and evening. If you are ready, let's go see the photos because I'm not the best storyteller, haha.

Start the journey and meet new friendship of which only when you are willing to open your mind and search for, you will find.

We reach the camp around 15.00 p.m.. Then we help setting up the tent. The staff and Luk Hap make the fire and carry the water from the well for us to wash vegetable, cook rice and wash our faces (If you don't want to drink this water, you could either bring the portable water filter or drinking water from below. I and my friends carry a portable water filter and filtering the water for drinking here and on the way down). Today the sky is on and off, the fog dances here and there. When it's about 17.00 p.m. the golden light starts to beautifully dance so we are going to Khao San Nok Wua for photo shooting. You guys can go up too as it's not that far. We will see the San Nok Wua Lek mountain first and can look back to see San Nok Wua Yai like below photo.

If you have energy left like us, you could also go enjoy the viewpoint at the peak of San Nok Wua Yai. You could bypass it a bit so it won't be too steep. The Khao Redar is also seen from here.

Looking at San Nok Wua Yai back to San Nok Wua Lek is also beautiful (though we are quite exhausting, haha).

The fog dances here and there which gives us a different beauty. The weather is so chill.

P.S Please wear long sleeves pants and bring the insects spray if you don't want to feel itchy when coming back, haha.

We are so lucky. Not only the weather is without rain, but we are also lucky enough to see the fog in the evening. Our exhaustion is now all disappeared. Everyone is so happy and wearing smiles on their faces.

It's almost dark after finishing photo taking (please do not forget to bring a flashlight along). We go back to our tent, cook food and enjoy it happily. Tonight the wind is not strong, I say that we will see a beautiful sea fog tomorrow, haha. Good Night.

At late night, I need to pee so I come out from the tent. Actually, I'm a bit scared of the ghost too, haha. When looking up the sky, I can clearly see the stars. When looking down, I can see the sea fog. I'm so excited that I can't sleep. That my friends are snoring, so I decided to take stars shots.

Our alarm wakes us up at 05.45 a.m. We then wash our faces and get ready to enjoy the view at San Nok Wua Lek again. Looking at the East side, the light starts to shine so we also must be hurry...

If you are ready, let's go enjoy the view together at Khao San Nok Wua Lek. Actually, some people are already here before us, haha.

Oh wow, the sea fog is so beautiful today, so I must also go up to San Nok Wua Yai and take San Nok Wua Lek as a background shot. I'm sure it'd be a very beautiful shot (but when I look around, I couldn't find my friends. Also because it's quite dark so I couldn't tell who is who). Anyhow, I decided to walk alone. When looking back, my friends are so small, just like ants.

Now I'm just waiting for beautiful warm light to shine and the sea fog in front of me. I just love it!

Everywhere I look is fog, I'm so in love with it now.

Yesterday, we couldn't see Redar Mountain clearly due to the fog. But this morning, "Khao Redar", the military base which is not allowed for visitors, is vivid in front of me (it's such a pity that it's now accessible by car, it could have been a very beautiful viewpoint).

It's such a happy morning. I didn't realize that the fog could give us this much energy. I forgot how far I walked or how exhausted I was. The wind is also very still that the fog stays with us quite a long time.

All I have for you now is photos.

I see my friends now, let's zoom in more...

Ok, it's time to get down from San Nok Wua Yai now. Let's look back to the peak I just climbed.

Then, I go to take more photos at San Nok Wua Lek before going down to cook and getting ready to walk down.

Even if it's late morning, the sea fog view is just so breathtaking.

Looking back to our tenting area, it's such a nice atmosphere as it's very near to the cliff.

It's time for breakfast, coffee and packing stuff. It's also time to say goodbye to Khao San Wua Nok, I would definitely see you again when chances allow.

Here is more information about this place.

The number to book for hiking at Khao San Wua Nok, Khao Laem National Park is 034-510431 093-2877113 during office hours.

Expenses for Khao San Nok Wua natural trail is as follow:

1. The national park entrance fee is 40 THB each.

2. The location fee is 30 THB each.

3. The tour guide fee is 1,000 THB per group.

4. Luk Hap fee is 1,400 per person and each would carry no more than 30 kg.

5. Pick up and drop up services from and to the starting point before hiking up is 1,000 THB.

"New experience only comes when you are going out and seek for it."

Life is a journey.

Thank you everyone for stopping by at Khao San Wua Nok. I wish everyone a happy journey and see you again/ Ai Kum.

I hope you guys enjoy your journey as much as I enjoy my first trip to this place. I might not be the best storyteller, so I give you guys lots of photos instead. I also didn't have the atmosphere along the walk because it was too tiring to take them, haha.

Thank you very much ^___^


 Sunday, February 26, 2017 6:07 PM