This review is going to take you to Hua Hin and have a nice time staying in a brand new resort called "The by name"> Blue Sky Resort @ Hua-Hin

Mae Pranom is hornored by the resort to be with them for a couple days and come back to tell you how the rooms look like.

I stay in the resort for 2 nights in two room types which are a suite and a villa. We will see how nice comfortable they are.

And also I'm going to take you to have lunch at a good seafood restaurant with moderate price called "Lucky Seafood".

We shall try mangoes with sweet sticky rice (Mae Nongnut), a locally famous dessert. It has been believed to be one of the most delicious sweet sticky rice ever. Let's see whether it is just a rumor.

Gusto et Cosy, a nice seafront restaurant in the resort, is usually visited by customers outside the by name"> hotel.

Due to the nice and friendly atmosphere with inexpensive tasty food, the restaurant is quite popular among local people. There is also a band playing live music on Friday and Saturday night.

Euro Bakery & Café, a small bakery owned by Cinnamon Girl (a well-known beauty blogger), is located in Hua Hin Market.

Buffy's Billy is another seafront restaurant situated next to Pla Too Restaurant in Cha-um.

Stopping to buy Bang Tan roasted chicken at Phet Pinkaeo (Petchaburi) on the way back home.

All of these are reviewed in detail as following. Let's go.

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Many thanks to The Blue Sky Resort @ Hua-Hin for the accommodation located a few minutes from Hua Hin just before we reach to Pranburi. We drive throughtSoi Hua Hin 112 at Khao Tao not so far away. We will see a nice resort on the beach as the map shows below.

Before we get to the resort, we stop by a restaurant to have lunch, Lucky Seafood Restaurant.

The restaurant is situated at the Sapan Pla in Cha-um as you can see from the map.

There are also indoor parking spaces.

You can order the food in kilograms in front of the restaurant and they will take the food to cook for you.

They show you all the prices of the food and put whatever you choose on a scale right in front of you.

After we finish ordering the food, we go inside the restaurant to have a seat.

Now the Khathung are ready for the food. (This is my another family. I always visit this restaurant every time I come to Hua Hin.)

Enjoy the relaxing ambience of the sea view.

These all are what we have ordered.

This is salted shrimps

Baked scallops with butter

Stir-fried crams with roasted chilli paste

Stir-fried crab eggs in yellow curry with coconut milk. This dish doesn't seem right. I call it average.

But the crab eggs are really yummy.

The last dish is steamed crabs eaten with special sauce. They can perfectly go well together.

We all, a whole family, are completely full. This meal costs about 2 thousand baht as I remember. This is another trip coming with Mae Pranom, just two of us together.

I take a photo of the owner of the restaurant. He is pretty shy.

Like before, we make a decision for our food and then go to have a seat.

This time we come here 2 persons, so things go faster than the last time. I spend time taking photos of the dishes as I wish.

Let's have a look at the menu for 2 persons. The first dish is a kilo of 2 steamed crabs costing 650 baht plus 20 baht for cooking.

The crab claws are average in size to tease Mae Pranom.

This one is fried prawn with garlic. We choose the size of 580 baht a kilo since it isn't delicious if it's too big. It is a kilo weigh plus 50 baht for cooking.

Even though we choose a small size, it is still bigger than a spoon.

Omelet with oysters costs 80 baht. It is fried properly until it looks spongy and crispy.

Fried rice with crab meat, 50 baht, is ordered to eat with greasy food. However, you'd better order normal steamed rice to eat with seafood. It tastes better that way.

Two of us are absolutely full and satisfied with the food. Then, we pay and leave.

On the way to the hotel, we stop to find something to eat at night in case we are hungry so that we don't have to go out again.

We buy mangoes with sweet sticky rice and stuffed dough pyramid. It has been said that they delivered the desserts to be consumed by the royals in palaces.

The shop is called Me Chai or we know as mangoes with sweet sticky rice Mae Nongnut. It is opposite to Chatchai Market and next to Ji An Tueng Drug Store.

You can look for a sign "Mae Nongnut"

You will see Mae Nongnut preparing the dessert all the time.

This is the menu lists and their prices.

You also can't miss this one too. It is really delicious.

I myself buy a few desserts for tonight and I am thinking to buy them more on the way back for my children at home.

They set a package of a proper portion for the dessert.

I take a photo of Mae Nongnut's daughter before we leave.

Finally, we are here at the hotel. The man in the middle is the general manager, Mr. Mee. He seems very happy and welcoming. Staying here, you will see him all around the resort taking care of guests, just like the slogan of the resort "Best Friend by the Sea".

Let's check in.

We walk directly to the room after we gets the key card.

For the first night, we are provided a nice suite, Retro Suite. We are moving to another room type on the next day. Here is a cute boy leading us to our room. We find him in the resort. He is so adorable.

He would say "Follow me this way".

"But let me enjoy swimming in your nice pool".

It's a three-storey building with a suite in each floor. The suite in the first floor comes with a great private swimming pool.

And it is also our room for tonight.

Let's take a look closely.

This room is quite huge. We, however, mostly spend time eating and enjoying ourselves outside the room.

Let's see how nice the bedroom is.

There is another television set in the bedroom.

They've got an extremely comfortable large bed.

And the room is pretty huge.

The bathroom is right next to the pool.

I should have a nice time soaking myself in the big bathtub before jumping in the large pool or the other way around. What would you do first if you were me?

There are two basins, so we can brush our teeth in the same time.

The shower is just behind the shelf and the toilet is on the other side.

There is also a small kitchen corner.

A number of chairs are placed around the room. It's pretty hard to choose which one to sit on.

Now it is late in the afternoon, shall we find something to eat? The restaurant of the resort is called "Gusto et Cosy"

A dramatic number of people outside the resort usually come here for a meal since they provide good and inexpensive food. The resort staff, moreover, is very friendly and welcoming.

We have plenty of choices of snacks and desserts to choose.

But first, let's find a couple of available seats by the sea to sit down.

We are having such a great time enjoying the sea view and having a one-hundred-baht piece of cake. If you don't know what to have, we will show you. This is a tiramisu, a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert.

Next is a crepe cake.

The last one is a chocolate fudge.

The staffs at the restaurant give me a very good cooperation in taking photos. So cute!

This piece of cake is really impressive. Now we are totally full. It's time to take a short leisure walk around the resort.

The beach at the resort is so inviting to swim as the walkway lies down seaward.

In term of the swimming pool, we totally fall into with it.

Mae Pranom seems so happier than any others.

Suddenly, we see a cute little boy right at the pool. He is one of the guests in the resort and soon becomes the favorite among hotel guests and staffs.

A few more photos show the surroundings of the pool.

The lighting at night is absolutely beautiful. It's time to have dinner. Let's have a seat and order the food.

I take a picture of the menu lists, so you can see that they are not expensive at all. Making a reservation in advance is recommended as it is always busy on Friday and Saturday night.

So you can sit right at the terrace to enjoy the great view of the sea as you wish.


We see Mr. Mee (the general manager) is helping his guys taking order and getting the food from the kitchen. He also walks around to talk with guests to make sure everyone is satisfied with the food and services.

He is holding a glass of wine and greeting all the customers one by one.

There is a band coming to create relaxing atmosphere while we are having dinner.

For those who are not sitting on the tables with sea view can also enjoy the food in other nice corners of the restaurant. Here the food comes.

This is the roti (southern flat bread) with green curry. It tastes wonderful.

It is seafood spaghetti. You can have a look at the prices in the menu lists.

We completely enjoy tonight.

Mr. Mee also comes to talk to us for a while before leaving to greet another table after another.

After the big meal, we walk around the resort to enjoy the environment at night.

It is nice and quiet here since there are not so many rooms in the resort. So, the resort perfectly meets the couple requirements for the romantic surroundings.

Here comes the next day, breakfast is served in sets as it can't be offered in buffet due to the small number of guests.

While we are looking for seats available, I see young couples. They looks so happy together. A little envious!

This morning Mr. Mee is working as a chef cooking breakfast for us. Although it is just typical breakfast, we are so full, enjoying the food as well as the fresh environment in the morning.

Once we finish the meal, we have to go back to our room to start packing as we are going to move to another type of room, Retro Villa.

This room is right at the resort swimming pool. It is a two-storey room including a bedroom on the second floor and a living room and bathroom are on the first floor.

There are only 2 villas here and they are decorated in 2 different styles.

Let's have a look closely.

This is the bathroom.

I'll take you to the bedroom upstairs.

Here is our bedroom for tonight.

May I take a break? I'd like to have a shower and a meal before I come back again. I have been writing since 2 p.m. without a break.

I still have 2 hours left and I'll come back at 8 p.m.

Let's continue.

After we've done unpacking, it's time for lunch. We are willing to have a meal here.

We ask the restaurant to prepare something that is fairly enough for both of us with good taste, of course, and more importantly, not excess 500 baht.

The first dish is Prosciutto di Parma Pizza, 150 baht.

The second one is fried rice whatever I can't remember its name, but its taste is really adorable.

Peace and relax is all around us.

The last dish is spaghetti carbonara coming with a can of coca cola.

This meal doesn't cost more than 500. No need to drive to other places, just stay here for all day long.

Moreover, there are some other people driving to have meals here. So, we have no point going out for another nice restaurant.

After lunch, we just lie down right there along the beach and relax.

We haven't ordered this crepe cake but Mr. Mee persuades us to try and give him a comment.

It is incredibly delicious and not expensive at all. As I can remember it is only 100 baht/piece.

Now, shall we go to have a look the lowest-rate room type, Retro Deluxe?

There are only six deluxe rooms with six different furnishing styles. You can enter to check the room rates again. It should be varied from 4,000 to 6,000 baht.

Three rooms are on downstairs and the others are on upstairs.

The first room we are going to take a look is D5.

It's got a large bathroom. Here is another deluxe room, D6

It has a similar bathroom compared to the others. This is the last room I'll show you. For the rest I'll leave them as a surprise for you. You should see how nice they are with your eyes.

This room is D7, decorated in Beatles Theme. The band groupies will definitely fall in love with this room. Next time we come here, we will surely ask for this room.

Let's go for dinner.

Where shall we sit on?

The tables on the terrace are fully booked tonight. If you would like to come here, you should make a reservation in advance.

The restaurant here is pretty famous among the local. Here you are, a glass of punch.

The signature drink of the restaurant is gusto et cosy.

Following by pizza, I don't order this. It is Mr. Mee who offers this to us because he doesn't know we had it before at lunch time.

The next dish contains pork or beef, I can't remember what it's called. It tastes really good.

The darker the sky is getting, the more romantic it is.

As I look around, I don't know whether I feel envious to the others.

Tonight Mr.Mee helps in the kitchen as the restaurant is always crowded and busy on Saturday night.

He proudly presents the black spaghetti fried with salted fish. It tastes excellent. It is one of the food recommendations.

Another dish is also recommended. It is stir fried clam with butter. It's very difficult to explain through letters to describe how tasty it is.

We also enjoy the live music played by the band.

When our general manager has some time, he keeps walking from one table to another to talk with everyone like he always does. It's just like the slogan of the restaurant "Best friend by the sea"

For us, we really have a good time enjoying the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant.

For many people, they choose to enjoy themselves in their favorite corners.

After our dinner, we go back to our room to have a rest. This is how it looks like on the way back to the room.

Our room is at the two-storey building on the right. On the next day, we check out after we have done with the breakfast.

After we leave the hotel, we go back to Mae Nongnut again for the sweet sticky rice with mangoes and stop at the Cinnamon Girl (owned by Nong Mod)

Let's see how it looks like.

The shop is on Hua Hin Soi 74, on the same side as Chatchai Market.

It is located before we get to the market. After we go into the soi, we take the first left and it's right there.

The drinks are not expensive. You can come here to enjoy it whenever you have time.

This shop also has a reward to guarantee its quality. They also provide some desserts cooked by Ms. Mod's mother.

There are a large number of foreigners since they provide accommodations as a guesthouse upstairs. The tasty desserts are sent to some hotels in Hua Hin also.

Today, Nong Mod is not here. So we take a picture with her mother instead. Is she as beautiful as Nong Mod? Another shop I'd like to recommend is Buffy's Billy.

We go to this restaurant because it is located next to the Novotel, the hotel we are going to stay tonight. Actually, we were willing to go to Platoo Restaurant but we see the Buffy's Billy and recognize that a friend of us recommended this restaurant.

We keep walking along the beach on the right of the hotel about 300 meters. We see it right there next to the Platoo Restaurant.

We see the restaurant sign. It is next to the Cher Resort. Actually, it belongs to the resort.

Or you can go there by car by driving to the Cher Resort.

I walk to the restaurant. For Mae Pranom and our children, they ride the buffalo to come here.

They are providing a promotion buy 1 get 1 free.

Let's have a seat and have a look at the menu.

The price of the food is not very expensive. It's similar to the Platoo Restaurant but the environment and atmosphere are far better.

We drink smoothie before having a meal.

Here is our first dish, cesar salad with soft-shelled crab. It is confirmed that the crab is really good by my little daughter, a specialist in crab eating.

The second dish is spicy stir fried spaghetti with shrimps. It is so yummy.

The third one is fried mixed vegetables and meat as you can see from the photos. They are very good.

The last one is chicken rolls with green curry sauce. It is new and very special.

And again, they've got romantic surroundings.

The last spot we are going to talk about is Bang Tan roasted chicken. Let's try some typical food along the road.

Its sauce is very spectacular. It is sold only on weekends.

We always visit here as their chicken is provided in the way that can be consumed easily during the way back home.

It's located at Phet Pinkaeo.

I really like the sauce.

If you pass this way, try it. It's one of the most preferable dishes of my family.

Three sticks of roasted chicken costs only 200 baht as I remember.

Here comes the last part of the review.

Many thanks to everyone following this review. I hope it will be beneficial to you even though it seems too long to put every interesting place in one topic.

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