It's beautiful, spectacular, cool, and mysterious.

This is what make our Leh Ladakh trip so worthy.......

>> Tso Moriri <<

I think Pangong Lake is still beautiful but can't be compared with this place.

And all of this is my own judgement from what I see ^^

But do not believe me yet....wait until you get to experience it yourself.

Last April in 2016 during Songkran Festival, I got to travel to Leh Ladakh, India.

I was so impressed with Tso Moriri Lake that I wanted to tell you guys about the beauty of this place.

If you plan to travel to Leh Ladakh during Songkran Festival, do not miss this place.

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Ok, now....let's get to know more about Tso Moriri.

Tso Moriri is the sister of Baikal Lake.

She's beautiful, call for discovery just like the number one Hollywood actress.

But I wonder....why not many people come to appreciate her beauty?

There're only 4 people on the day we visited.

We could take photos anywhere we wanted, it's like the entire lake is ours.

Tso Moriri is a completely iced lake that we could run around.

It's located in the middle of snow mountains and endless deserts.

Tso Moriri

We could take the ride from Pangong Lake without having to go back to downtown Leh Ladakh.

It takes about 6-8 hours ride which is such an enjoyable ride, not even a bit bored.

Because the view along the way is so amazing.

Here is the view along the way, the local people are feeding their goats which is right in the middle of sand dunes and snowy mountains.

The frozen stream that has the Tso Moriri and Himalaya as a far background.

Small villages surrounded Tso Moriri.

Himalaya along the way

We spend a night at Tso Moriri.

We didn't book the room in advance but find it upon arrival.

It is a no name home stay. We asked our driver to help us ask the local people to see what house is willing to host the tourists.

Here is the view from the deck of our house that day.

Tso Moriri

For me, it's the best of the best. It makes our trip so worthy. It's just so super amazing.

So if you are traveling to Leh Ladakh during Songkran Festival, you must not miss the Tso Moriri.

I think during this time, Pangong Lake is still secondary to Tso Moriri.

Seeing 100 photos cannot give you the same feeling as seeing it with your own eyes.

A Brief Info about Tso Moriri

  • It is about 230 km away from downtown Leh Ladakh which takes about 6-8 hours and the view along the way is just beyond words.
  • We can directly travel to here from Pangong Lake without having to go back to downtown Leh Ladakh.
  • Let's spend a night here as the ride is quite long.
  • There's no high standard accommodation around, it's just local home stay. If you are up for local lifestyle then you are most welcome, otherwise, it's not recommended.
  • Bring some instant noodle cup as the restaurants are not available here.
  • You need to hire the car there.
  • It's so super cold, you must get your body ready.
  • This is a high land with low weather pressure and less oxygen so we must do everything slowly.
  • There're lots of soldier camp around Tso Moriri of which we must be careful not to take photos of soldiers, it's strictly forbidden.
  • Please make sure the driver have the Permit ready as the soldiers check it all along the way.

Repeat again...You Must Not Miss this Place.

Because just simply riding along the way is already worth the trip.

Thank you so much,

It's me Fai ^__^

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**All these photos were taken on 14th April 2016**

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