12 Months 12 Routes

Let's go out to embrace Thailand and get fresh!

It's the end of the year again when I look at my calendar!! Oh wow, it's December again. I feel like the world went on so fast, the 365 days went by just like a blink of an eye.

One of my seniors used to tell me, the balance of good life is where we work as well as well taken care of ourselves. Each of us has different way of taking care of oneself with the same ends of "happiness". For me, when I look back at myself, I found that after all the hard work, the best way to take care of myself is to travel. Every time I'm out there, the sea, the mountain, the ozone have special energy that can heal all of my exhaustion. Also, I learn that "nowhere is as happy as our home".

This review, I'd like to collect 12 places for 12 months to invite everyone to relax your body and mind. "Let's go out to embrace Thailand and get fresh!' like the slogan of Tourism Authority of Thailand.


มกราคม I JANUARY

Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang),

Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province

Travel Time :

Throughout January (subject to the climate change in each year too)

The peak of tourism in January has to be the beauty of Thai Sakura or Dok Phaya Suakhrong. They are all pink blossoming in the embrace of winter. There're several viewpoint of this flower like Ban Khun Chang Khien, Khun Maeya, Phulomlo. But for me, the peak destination of appreciating its beauty is " Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang). It's truly beautiful and you just can't get enough of it. It offers the endless pink tunnel that you can walk along. The flower is perfectly bloom. Here is the time when they are most blossomed from 2014-2016 in case you guys want to plan to travel to this amazing place.

2014, from 9-18 January, it's fully blossoming in a regular period of time, looking very beautiful.

2015, from 14-23 January, it's so super fully blossoming in a regular period of time, looking very beautiful.

2016, from 4-11 February, it's blossoming quite late that people thought it wouldn't do its job, also it doesn't fully blossoming.


กุมภาพันธ์ I FEBRUARY

Chiang Rai Flower Festival, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province

Travel Time:

End of December - Beginning of February

(For 2017, the festival lasts from 24th December 2015 - 31st January 2017.)

There's still cold breeze in February and that Northern Thai is still a worth to visit destination. Who would think that we could also enjoy Tulip field in Thailand as well as some winter flowers that we never heard of. They are all beautiful blossoming in "Chiang Rai Flower Festival". It is a festival held every winter at Chiang Rai by Chiang Rai Municipality's effort to make it another highlight of Chiang Rai. It 's meant to greatly promote and drive tourism economy of Chiang Rai at the beginning of the year. It has been organized successfully for several years. The public park at the heart of the city or as we know as Suan Tung and Khom Chaloemphrakiat was transformed into a spectacular winter flower garden.


มีนาคม I MARCH

Krateng Chaolay Bang Tabun and Na Klua, Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi Province

Travel Time :

You can travel to Krateng Chaolay throughout the year but at Na Klua, the salt will be the most in March (without rain).

March is the time to chill where we can travel to someplace near Bangkok. I must say that Phetchaburi Province has much to offer other than beautiful beach. If you used to travel to Phetchaburi using the shortcut along the sea route which is Phraram 2 - Khlong Khon where we can reach Cha-Am beach, then we see another angle of Phetchaburi. "Ban Laem District" is a main bypass where it makes us very much exciting. I heard that Ban Laem is a major huge place for making salt and not until recently that I got to experience it myself. I go in at Ban Khlong Khon. Along the way, I see mangrove forest from time to time. I then see wide sea creek with Krateng scattering around, making it look so beautiful. This place is called "Bang Tabun" which is located before we reach downtown Ban Laem District. After that, we got excited again when seeing salt farming on both sides of road for some km. We see the salt mountains standing next to one another, looking like white snow mountain if we forgot that we are actually sweating, haha. If chances allow, I highly recommend this locals's lifestyle tourism to see that in addition to fishing, people near the sea also do many other occupations for livings. Of course, you wouldn't know it until you go out to explore.

Additional travel route :

We can take Phraram 2 Route heading towards the south, passing Samut Songkhram Province and Rama 2 Bridge. Then, look to the left towards the 72 km where you will see the PTT gas station on the left side of the Khlong Khon entrance, then there's a sign reads "short cut to Cha-Am beach", you now turn left and follow the sign reads "Chao Samran Beach, Piktien Cha-Am".


เมษายน I APRIL

Koh Lipe, Muang District, Satun Province

Travel Time :

December to May which is not the monsoon season

April is a summer on the beach season. The beach is one of the best choices. "Koh Lipe" is a great island located in Satun Province. We can take the boat towards Koh Lipe at Pakbara Pier, Satun Province which takes about 2 hours. When the boat is approaching the beach, I was exclaiming 'wow, is this all natural blue water that no one put in any chlorine?' Because the water is extremely emerald blue, ranging from light blue to dark blue. There're 4 beaches on Koh Lipe including Phatthaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, Karma Beach, Sunset Beach. The nearest place is Tarutao National Marine Park including Koh A-Dang, Koh Rawi where the tourists love to go for diving and see the beauty of corals.


พฤษภาคม I MAY

Phi Phi Islands, Koh Hong, Muang District, Krabi Province

Travel time :

December to May which is not the monsoon season

May is still the time for summer on the beach season. "Krabi sea, Andaman paradise", Talay Waek, Railay Beach, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Hong and several other islands are such the beauty of the sea given by the nature, just like the slogan that says 'Amazing Thailand'. Krabi sea is therefore a destination that the sea lover and diving lover must not miss for any reasons. For me, I like every islands that I've been to. The nature is still abundant. But if I have to pick just one, my choice is Phi Phi Islands which consist of Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Lay. Koh Phi Phi Don is especially hot where it put itself in the middle of mountain with the blue to bluest water ever. I have no doubt why Koh Phi Phi Don was ranked as one of top ten most beautiful islands in the world. And Koh Hong is another island I really like. It is located in the Than Bok Khorani National Park. It has such a beautiful beach, white and clean, the water is also beautifully blue. Its highlight lays at the abundant corals and it is also ranked as one of the top ten most beautiful and cleanliest beaches in the world.


มิถุนายน I JUNE

Erawan Waterfall, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province

Travel Time :

December to June (the national park wouldn't allow the visit during the hard rainy season)

June is still considered a hot month. I recommend to ease the hot by appreciating the nature beauty and enjoying the cool waterfall. Erawan Waterfall is a 7 layers paradise of tourists visiting the west of Thailand. It is another grand and beautiful waterfalls of Kanchanaburi Province. Along the trail to conquer this 7 layers waterfall lies a beautiful natural trail. Erawan Waterfall is well known for its clear water. Probably due to the limestone mountain, lots of shells, crabs, and corals are stacking, making the water is so emerald blue that we can clearly see the fish swimming underneath it.


กรกฎาคม I JULY

Phayao Lake, Muang District, Phayao District and Roaming around Nan Province

Travel Time :

Throughout the year

For July, we can travel to Nan and Phayao Province before the weather gets cold. We start this journey at Nan and then going to Phayao. Well, because I saw many people were traveling to Nan last year so I and my friends also wanted to visit Nan before it gets cold in order to avoid a big crowd. I like Nan a lot, it's really a slow life city and full of natural abundance and their cultural identity. You see smiles everywhere you walk. It's easy to travel and eat. Well, life is so simple and happy. I roam around downtown area and several other major temples as well as Phrathat Chohae. After that, we hire the entire car to Bua District in order to travel to Boklua. The road is quite steep and curvy. It's a small and chic town like Pai, Mae Hong Son Province. Here, people make salt on the mountain which is a career ever since the ancient time. If you fancy slow life, you would love it here.

The first thing we think of when talking about Phayao is "Phayao Lake". I have long heard this name, but it's my first time visit. It is the lake for Buddhist believer which is surrounding by Doi Mae Chai. In the morning, we see the beautiful light painting at the sky just like the one fine picture. On the three main religious festivals, there also perform water circular tradition (Wian Thian) at Wat Diloka Aram in the middle of Phayao Lake which is quite unique that I'd really love you guys to visit.


สิงหาคม I AUGUST

Sukhothai Historical Park, Muang District, Sukhothai Province

Travel Time :

Throughout the year, especially during Loy Krathong Festival because the province holds an activity here

August is a chill month where we can travel to anywhere. Since Bangkok Airways were doing a promotional flight on Bangkok to Sukhothai route, let's travel to Sukhothai. At first, I invited my mom but she wasn't free so I had my friend with me. We rent a bicycle and cycling around "Sukhothai Historical Park". It's very shady. I think this place is as beautiful as Ayuthaya. Inside the park, there situated old palaces, ancient religious places, surrounding canal, city wall which greatly reflect their traditions and culture of that specific time. Since it has historical values, beautiful and memorable history, the UNESCO listed as a world's heritage together with historical park at Kamphaengphet and Si Satchanalai under the name of "Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns".



Phu Thap Boek, Lomkao District, Phetchabun Province

Travel time :

Throughout the year, especially from September-January is considered a peak travel time with cold weather and sea fog

In September, my heart is at "Phu Thap Boek". I'm thinking about green cabbage field, fresh strawberry and sea fog. Phu Thap Boek is the highest peak in Phetchabun Province. It's closed to Khao Kho. It's quite steep going up this mountain, it's like we are floating above the clouds. Another charm of Phu Thap Boek is cabbage farm of Hmong hill tribe and beautiful sea fog viewpoint which is one of the best places in Thailand. I'm not surprised why this place is so popular because I do think that "Phu Thap Boek is like a small paradise on the earth". I'm simply happy every time I'm here.


ตุลาคม I OCTOBER

Rice Terrace at Ban Pa Bong Piang and Ban Mae Kong Kan, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province

Travel time :

Approximately June - July when they start to plant rice

Approximately September - mid of October when the rice start to turn lush green

Approximately end of October - beginning of November when the rice start to turn gold and harvest time afterwards

October is calling for Chiang Mai again. We are going for "Rice Terrace". My travel style is to see beautiful scenery and close to local people's way of lives. So I'm very excited to see the rice terrace at "Ban Pa Bong Piang and Ban Mae Kong Kan" which are located at Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province. Mae Chaem Distirct is located on Doi Inthanon. It's quite difficult traveling to Ban Pa Bong Piang as the road is still rough and especially tough when it rains. So we hire a 4WD car to go up. Once we reach there, we almost forgot all about our exhaustion because this view in front of us is just so spectacular. This green rice terrace is beautifully standing there and at night it's like we are standing right next to stars, it's just so amazingly beautiful. Home stay service is also available here for 500 THB each with a home made breakfast and dinner. The balcony at the house are stretching right into the rice field, it's just so fabulous. You must spend a night when you are here.

Another rice terrace is Ban Mae Kong Kan which is located near downtown Mae Chaem District so we can drive there. The rice terrace here is also very beautiful. It's very spacious. It harvests after Ban Pa Bong Piang. If you miss Ban Pa Bong Piang, you can always come to Ban Mae Kong Kan which is also incredible.


พฤศจิกายน I NOVEMBER

Thung Dok Buatong, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province

Travel time :

November - beginning of December

November is when Dok Buatong are blossoming on the mountains....Well, I can't describe how beautiful it is. We can view sunflower from different area. I used to see at Muser mountain at Tak province. But in the picture is "Tung Dok Buatong at Doi Mae U-Kho", Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province. It is the largest sunflower field in Thailand, with more than 1,000 rai. Even I stay at the below villages, when I look up, I can see the entire beautiful golden mountains. When we drive in the middle of the mountain, we can view the sunflower field in 360 degree. It's just so beautiful beyond words can explain. I really recommend this beautiful natural destination that I'm very much impressed.


ธันวาคม I DECEMBER

Jim Thomson Farm, Pakthongchai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Travel time :

December - January

( In 2017, the festival is held from 3rd December 2016-8th January 2017)

December is the month where everyone is looking for because there's a long holidays, bonuses, and good weather. Such a good month, isn't it? And if you don't want to go anywhere far from Bangkok, I recommend you to go to "Jim Thomson Farm". You can have a good relax time with nature as well as learning E-san culture. It's the end of the year highlight that everyone's waiting for. What can be happier than standing and taking photo in the midst of endless cosmos and other different flower fields. It's really a happy area for flower lover. The weather is also cool at the end of the year so it's a perfect time to walk in these flower fields.

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