【Khao Phitsadong】or 【Lion Mountain】@ Wangdong Sub-District, Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province written by I'm Che

It's so good for heart, thank you so much everyone at the Canary Group. This trip simply happens because we wanted to go. How would we be without the eyes to see the sky and the sea? When the sky we look is indigo, is it really its truest color? Or simply because

【Khao Phitsadong】or 【Lion Mountain】@ Wangdong Sub-District, Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province

【Khao Phitsadong】or 【Lion Mountain】@ Wangdong Sub-District, Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province

It's so good for heart, thank you so much everyone at the Canary Group. This trip simply happens because we wanted to go.

How would we be without the eyes to see the sky and the sea? When the sky we look is indigo, is it really its truest color? Or simply because it's such a far distance, and from here looking from our eyes, and we see so.

The starting point of this trip is just that every time we drive pass this road, we must take a look at this mountain until it's no longer in our sight view. Then, we wonder what if we can stand at the peak of this mountain and look down, what the view would look like? But then, that's just the thought. Again, when we were driving back from Khao Changphuak, again, we passed Khao Phitsadong. This time, I talked to Nage Sai that we should really hike to this mountain. But again, it's just a word and we didn't start to search for any information like usual.

Until one day, Uncle Thong Sifa, Khun Mai, and Phloenphrai Gang went of this mountain. I then asked for information from Uncle Thong Sifa and then went on talking in the Canary group that, let's go hike to this mountain this week. Everyone agrees. At first, we were thinking to have about 12 members but at the end we have 20 members including, Thun, P'Tee, P'Sun, Jinny, Team, Miw, Aun, Ann, P'Chet, Non, Oil, Mu, P'Kaem, P'Khiang, P'Wut, P'Tong, P'Go, Che, Saen, and Taen. Again ,this is a sudden trip but the story along the way is so much fun. This trip, our tour guide is Uncle Nu who is very specialize in this mountain's route. But he's quite old and have lots of work at his farm, he probably isn't always free. But if you want to travel here, he can find a tour guide for you.

Let's now follow our story but before anything else, let's enjoy these photos.

14.01.2017 - 15.01.2017

OMG! Are we really going to hike to the mountain that we've been talking about for so long?

Khao Phitsadong or Lion Mountain is located at Wangdang Sub-District, Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province. It is 30 km off the downtown towards Saiyok District where it would situate on the left side. It has such a beautiful scenery. It lays along side with the Highway no.323 (Kanchanaburi - Saiyok) where it's only about a km away from the main road. The front is sugarcane and cassava farm. When looking from the road, this mountain is very outstanding. It is 474 meter above the sea level.

Here are some tips for this mountain.

1. There're several routes to walk on foot towards this mountain, the way I used is around 6.5 km for a round trip.

2. There's no water at the top.

3. We could tent or put up sleeping cradle up there..

4. The highest peak is on the east and when we are standing there, we could see the road view. The west peak is just a few meters lower.

5. We must be very careful in lighting up a fire because there're lots of dried leaves that may cause a forest fire.

6. We should not go up without a tour guide.

7. We should not park at the foot of the mountain.


The atmosphere at the farm is so beautiful.

We gather at my friend's farm, Bom, which is not so far from the starting point. Within 15 minutes drive, we will reach there. Bom's farm is located at Phloen Yang Khemarat where he plans to open agricultural equipment shop as well as restaurants and coffee shop, you are most welcome to visit here.

The morning atmosphere is very chill, no rush.


The food at this restaurant is so yummy. We have our breakfast here and pack for lunch as well.

We stop by to take photos at Malika R.E.124, the Siamese Living Heritage Town first.

We got to take free photos and these complimentary 3 horses. The people in this town is so kind.

Uncle Nu calls us since 07.00 a.m. but we just enjoy our time. Then, he asked us to meet him 10 a.m. at Kao Saen Maleekam Resort. He will take us to park at his friend's house (we can't simply just park there, otherwise, it could be stolen). The road is quite rough so the low wheels cars won't be able to make it.

Once we are at his friend's house, we immediately take some tamarind that the entire tree is almost gone. I think if the leaves and roots can be eaten then probably it's already in our stomach too. After that, it's time to go to the starting point and he drives us there. He said it's not far but in fact, it's very far.

The back of Khao Phitsadong looks just like a frog.

The uncle is taking us up from the back side. He said it's not so far but just a bit steep on this side. From his friend's house to here is quite far, it's about half an hour by car and the road is quite bad.

(You should not park your car at the foot of this mountain because it has a high chance of being stolen.)

We start to walk at half past noon. Since there's no water up there, we each carry about 4-5 liters of drinking water as we as food.

The road at the beginning is still a driving track. It's quite steep from the beginning and the sun is extremely strong. It is about 2.5 km from the starting point to the camping area.

It's very difficult walking at this point of road as the weather is very hot and the road is slippery.

After some sweat, I take a photo with P'Tong.

It keeps on being steep, didn't he said that it's not so steep?

After that steep road, it is much easier and shady.

We easily walk on the driving track. It's too bad that there're some trash here from those who come up to cut bamboos.

Let's take some rest.

Some area is quite dry.

While taking rest, let's take a look at some fun photos.

People are walking nicely, but I don't know why Oil is crawling.....

Let me talk something about him. He is known as having a golden shutter. It's so rare that he would take a photo and even more rare if you can get a photo from him. Some trip, after a year, you still didn't get it. Some trip, he carries his camera but will only have 4-5 photos, Oh my. But he's good. He snores loudly and eats a lot. He wakes up late, walks slow and likes to call out our names so much even though we are just a few hundred meters away....

Most of the trees here are bamboo. At the camping area that we are going to spend our night, the local people call it Dong Mai Nuan.

We moved three times. The first place is in the bamboo forest which is unfortunately lack of the air flow. We also didn't like the second stop. We finally settle at this place near the cliff where you can clearly see the stars on the earth at night.

Once we arrive, I quickly run to take some photos before coming back to arrange our bed.

Here is the food and how we tent atmosphere.

Here is the area where we would use to shoot the stars at night..

Here, we could both tent and put up a sleeping cradle. The mobile signal is here, the internet is here, the KFC is here, the 7-11 is also here, oh no, the latter two wasn't here.

We start to cook with a fire.

We cook from whatever we have, it's about 6-7 dishes of food.

Here is the atmosphere of cooking.

The view at the camp

Here are our journey photos.


The peak on the east side is 470 meter, measured this height by Khun Chet.

At nights, we are out for the stars on the ground.

Then, we walk to see the stars on the sky.

The first picture was when we had our dinner. The weather wasn't cold, there's no mosquitoes and ants around, so good.

The second picture was taken on the following morning.

After waking up, the first thing we do is to enjoy the view from the highest peak.

It's not so far walking from the camping area towards the highest peak but we must be very careful because the road is quite bad accompanied by sharp rocks along the way.

There're lots of strange shapes rocks.

There're lots of photography shorts along the way up.

There're not many standing area but also not too few for 20 people on the lion's head at the height of 472 meter above the sea level. The rocks at this area are quite sharp.

We simply enjoy our times here.

Let me also have some shots, these photos were taken by Khun Aun.

Here follows beautiful photos.

After that, we go back to the camp, eat, pack, and go back on the same way which takes less than an hour.

This trip, I'd really like to thank everyone for joining this sudden trip. Thank you for coming together. Thank you for sharing this happy time together. Although everyone comes from different place, everyone is so willing to help one another. Because of everyone, this trip is perfect.

This trip is not expensive. The tour guide is 1,5000 THB per two days.

Before leaving, we put Thai flag at the lion's head. If you guys are next to go to this mountain, please help take care of it in case it's fallen or ripped.