Totally Love You!!! ...SIMILAN ISLAND!!!

Have you ever fall in love with the place at the first time you visit????

For us, "Simalan" can make us fall in love since the first met.

Stay overnight if you would like to get a very peaceful moment.

There are both bungalows and tents which you can book in advance through the national park website.

For direction, we have to the boat there...

The ticket for overnight is more expensive than day trip.

But if you would like a peaceful moment and feel your Private Island, you will willing to pay.

Similan is so amazing all day and night, we would like you enjoy your moment here.

In the afternoon, all other tourists are heading back to the main land but we still here with the peaceful moment.

At the other side of Koh Si (Four Island)...we are still here^^

Clear sea water of Andaman Sea is no where can even compared!!!

Koh Mieng, Similan

Lan Khaluang View Point, Koh Si

From Lan Khaluang View Point see a very clear water down there...

If you stay overnight, Lek beach is another place that you see a very beautiful sunrise in the morning.

This is the most famous corner that every comes to visit. When the water rise up and no tour group, it is such a good moment....

It is so amazing in every corner....Amazing Andaman Sea, Amazing Thailand!!!

At Koh Pad (Eight Island) where every one must come for Sailing Stone up there.

This viewpoint is only 5 minutes walk from the beach front....

If you stay overnight here, wait for the sunset before leaving the viewpoint. And you will see what see>>>^_^

If you still have no idea for this summer, we suggest you to stay overnight at Similan either Koh si or Koh Pad. We guarantee that it is so great. Or stay 2 nights so that you can spend a night on each island and enjoy the best moment ever on both islands.

Thank you for reading...See you on the next journey of love>>>>


Loveaholic Journey

 Sunday, March 26, 2017 5:46 PM