This trip was decided within 2 minutes ... Hua Takhe Station is our destination>>>

We try to check for a free train on so many sites but we could not find the information so we go to ask at the information counter at Hua Lampong Station. It shows that there are free trains to Hua Takhe from 4.15am to 6.25pm. everyday.

And the train from Hua Takhe to Hua Lampong starts from 6.00am. to 6.55pm. which will take about an hour. Or you can call 1690 to ensure the information.

About time to leave...

Taking a free train to Hua Takhe...

It is about 13 stops from the start so we cannot miss >>>Hua Takhe<<< Station.

For a free ticket, we can just show the officer our ID card at the ticket counter (We are not quite sure for foreigners you might need to ask them for more information)

After the train departure from the station, the officer will come to check the ticket of each passenger so make that you have your ticket with you at that time.

Once we arrive!!!, first thing to do is to take a photo with station label.>>>

Our destination is Na Ladkrabang Restaurant and Hua Takhe intersection. (We have got nothing into our stomach today, so it should be the right time).

From the train station, we turn left and walk along the canal on the right side.

Enjoying the promenade under the shady pathway^^.

Continue walking along the canal (Do not cross the bridge!!!)

And we will see this school which we are not sure how to pronounce it^^.

Here we are!!!

" Si Yaek Huatakhe Cafe & Guesthouse "

Tel. : 081 514 6636
Opens :
Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location : Hua Takhe community, Ladkrabang Soi 17

As we already here, let find out what is inside....

It should be a great time if you have a chance to visit...

These photos below are what we ordered>>> ^_^.

Signature dish : Tomyum Seafood Noodle....(Very tasty^^)

Actually we also would like to have some toasts but we are too full so total expense today is 190 THB only^^.

" Si Yaek Huatakhe Cafe & Guesthouse " is located in the area of Hua Takhe ancient market (Over 100 years) beside Pravetburirom Canal. It is an old wooden house which is renovated by Khun Pao (The owner) who still keep it as original and try to preserve the traditional way of life of people in the community. There are 3 rooms for rental on the second floor and cafe on the first.

From the cafe, we turn right and cross the bridge to the viewpoint of Hua Takhe Graffiti.


We are so interested in graffiti that hidden everywhere that we walk pass. It is so cute as you can see at the door....

It is so amazing and well matched between the art of teenagers and ancient art....

Crossing the bridge to find another graffiti.....

After we find the graffiti that we are looking for, we walk back the same way and see the name of the community. So we find the story of the community to share on this review (Thank you for information from every source that we take to put on this review.)

Luang Prot - Tan Liam Community

This community is over 100 years and it was very energetic village because it is located beside Pravetburirom canal. This canal was ordered to build by King Rama 5 with 46 KM. long. The canal start from Phrakanong Canal to Bang Prakong River. Nowadays, people are travelling by car more than boat so it makes the market so quiet. Later on, people in the community and government try to renovate and improve the market. Moreover, it is to preserve an old community beside the canal of Bangkok.

We would like to support and try to preserve traditional way of life and old community to be with us as long as possible. We hope that you would enjoy coming here!!!.

It is time to leave....

Enjoying the view and traditional way of life of people here while walking back the train station.

If we go to the mall, we will not see anything like this.....

Heading back to Hua Lampong Station...

We guarantee that once you come here, you will not be disappointed....

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Last but not least, VDO of the trip!!!


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