When raining season approaches, my body needs mist. I then take my body to charge at the 2 days 1 day by conquering the Khao Thevada or Angle Mountain at Phu Toei National Park, Suphan Buri Province. It is quite close to Bangkok. My friend from Facebook said there's a person suddenly drop out from the trip, so I join immediately. This is a trip formed by strangers for me because I come alone. Several of us are from Facebook and we share the cost together, all of us fit in 2 vans.

Phu Toei National Park is located in Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri Province. It covers the conserved forest area like Ong Phra Forest, Khao Phurakam Forest, and Khao Huai Phru Forest. It also covers three provinces including Suphan Buri, Uthai Thani, and Kanchanaburi. It is the last forest of Huai Kha Khaeng Forest. It is a perfect place for those who fall for nature, tranquility, mountains, waterfalls, beautiful mist, morning sun and the cold.

5.30-6.00 : Meet at Dindaeng Thai Chamber of Commerce PTT gas station and leave
7.30-8.00 : Arrive Suphan Buri and enjoy breakfast
8.30-9.00 : Heading towards Phu Toei National Park, Dan Chang District, taking about 3-4 hours including resting and shopping time
12.00 : Arrive at the National Park, have lunch, register, pay services fees, and get the on the car up to Taphoenkhi Protection Unit

After lunch, we put all our luggage at the car in order to move forwards to the tenting area at Taphoenkhi Protection unit. There are 2 options of going up to this tenting area. The first choice is to sit on the back of the car and the second option is to walk along the Phu Toei-Taphoenkhi national trail which takes about 3-4 hours. We wouldn't have to take any luggage as we already put it at the car, so some of us (4-5 people) go with the car and the majority of us decided to walk.

Once we reach the walking point towards the Taphoenkhiyai Waterfall, we each carry a bottle of water and start the journey right away. Some people just decided to take this route so their shoes are not ready, causing them some blood stabbing by the bamboo. Most of the road is along the bamboo forest and water which is quite an easy walk. But once we reach the waterfall, it's too bad that the water is so few.

The water here is not that much because the rain hasn't been fallen for a while.

Now, it's also too late to change our minds to go with the car, haha. Well, then, let's just keep walking and enjoying the surrounding. Soon, the rain start to form up and finally it falls so the staff told us that it'd be too dangerous to walk along the water in case heavy rain happens. Therefore, we need to change our route by going back to the same route and walk along the mountains instead. From one of the first people in the group, now we, 6-7 people, are in the last. Then, the rain gets heavier so we have to stop and wear the raincoat. This makes us even further from the other groups and the staff. After a while, we find no one around (did they already go up?) We try to shout out their names in the midst of the heavy rain but no response. OMG! this is the most scary lost for me. We then choose to stay still and wait for the staff to find us. After the rain stops. we call out their names again. When the staff hears us, he comes to pick us up (he was so shocked that he lost us, he ran down to get us without the shirt on, what a cute guy!). It's quite tiring actually walking up the hill. Then, we stop and make fun about the lost story, haha.

Here is the members of the lost ones.

After that, we walk along the corn field and soon we reach the tenting area. We then rest for a while and sipping the cold soft drink. Soon, the rain seems to start again, we hurriedly set up our tents. Some bring their personal tents while some are renting with the national park where the staff has already set up for them. Then, we go to take a shower (the bathroom is here), have dinner (we order the food with the national park, it's delicious and come in big quantity), and also just chitchat. We exchange our experiences elsewhere, it's full of laughter and fun. In the rain, we all agree that tomorrow we are going to see beautiful mist while some still worry that the rain might not stop. Anyhow, we are to meet up tomorrow at 4.30 a.m. in order to walk up to Khao Thevada.

I sleep on the edge and get scared a bit as I heard the story of the plane crash here. Next time, I probably need to bring someone with me ;)

Here is our accommodation atmosphere, feeling just like a 5 stars hotel.

At 4.30 a.m. that rain is still falling. I and P'George insist to go up to Khao Thevada even we have to carry the umbrella and regardless of we will see. Well, since I'm already here, I wanted to go to the peak and feel it. Then I go around 3 times to wake people up and ask them whether they would want to go or not. The ones who want to go get on the staff car and it drops us at the walking point at the foot of the hill and we have to walk up. Now it's light and the rain stops. When looking around, the red starts to shine herself and I get hope. The road is less then a kilometer but it's steep and stairs. We can't walk really fast and need to rest from time to time. I wanted to go up early to catch the red light but this is all I can do, haha. Once I reach the peak, I'm speechless. Is this Suphan Buri? It has such a beautiful mountains and mist. "Khao Thevada" is a peak in Suphan Buri Province, it is 1,123 meter above from the sea level. After taking photos, we go back to have breakfast and get ready to go down.

The first light, the beautiful mountains, and the mist at "Khao Thevada Peak" which is the highest mountain in Suphan Buri Province.

Everyone is so impressed about this place, capturing this moment and totally forgetting about the hardship we just endured along the way.

The mist might not be that much but it's already beyond our expectation. Thank you so much the rain for falling and stopping, allowing us to get a chance to enjoy this view.

Mountains and the mist, and I just forgot all about the time, it's so enjoying and I just love it.

Watching the mountains from afar

When looking down, we could see our tenting area too.

When zooming in, we can see our tents.

A dog also comes up here to enjoy this view.

Cool models alongside a sign

With the mountain and the mist, it's just so good for our hearts.

Another cool model's background with a sign, haha

Here is our shoes' conditions, it's quite dirty from the dirt along the road.


-For those who didn't prepare your own tent, you can rent one for 250 THB (including sleeping bag and a pillow).
-Food, depends on how many meals, days, and dishes you want the national park to prepare for you.
-The entrance fee to the national park is 20 THB.
If you drive your own car up, the parking fee is 30 THB per day.
If you didn't drive your own car, you can take the national park service, each car is 2,000 THB (a round trip price, it's very worthy if you are going in a group).
-The transportation fee depends on whether you come in a group or in private.
-Snack and beverages are varied.

For more information about Phu Toei National Park, please call 035 446 237.

Thank you so much P'George, our tour leader for this trip.
Thank you so much friends and strangers who got lost together, and thank you for the great friendship we share.
Lastly, thank you so much to the staff who came find us when we were lost, haha. Also, thank you for the delicious food and it's so much that we couldn't finish, our apologies here.

We will come back again, see you guys later!

Thailand still has many more great and beautiful places waiting for us to discover.
"New experiences, not going our for exploring, you won't find it". Life is a journey, by #ดีแต่เที่ยว#Thailand

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