Have you ever had the feeling of travelling but you do not have any ideas where to go?

Have you ever wanted just to drive the car without having the precise idea of where to go?

For this trip, we will go to indulge with the nature , then it will be the trip to the beach afterwards. This is the reason that we have driven from Bangkok to Pranburi National Park.

In the former time, the mangrove in this area was decadent. But it becomes greenery again after His Majesty King Bhumiphol and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit visited this area.

Let's discover the mangrove forest together.

Pranburi Forest Park is in Tambon Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. It is far from Bangkok about 220 kilometers and it takes about 2 and half hours to reach here.

We have arrived here at 16.00 hrs, the weather is not hot. It is the good time to chill out. Furthermore, we also have the plan to take a walk at the beach in the evening.

Let's go ...In addition,we will focus more on the photos rather than the details because we would like to let you enjoy seeing the atmosphere presenting on the photos, which would be more amusement

At the beginning, it might not be very beautiful but you will be surprised and say wow! once we have discovered the rest.

The wooden pathway is built along the way around 1 kilometers in order to make travellers feel comfortable while walking. We have taken many photos along the way.

We continue walking along the way till the highlight point, it is where we can see the mountain from this far end. Furthermore, there is the tower that we can see the mountain even closer.

There are only 2 of us for this trip, we have done an auto setting for taking the photos and connect with Wifi on the mobile phone.

Below photo is taken once she is reckless but it is still beautiful. For those who like to take the photos should not miss to visit this place.

Below photos are taken from the tower

So we are going to discover whether the atmosphere that we have in the tower is nice or not.

And we have noticed that the atmosphere is extremely nice especially during sunset.

The view from the tower angle

Are you interested in this trip? Please do not forget to visit with your love one.

Below is one of the photo which is taken at the tower, it is very beautiful.

Is the pathway beautiful?

The real question is that would you imagine how nice it is if you hold the hand of your love one and walk along the pathway together. You will discover it by yourself if you go with your love one.

There are many trees, it is very shady. It seems like the tree tunnel.

We have passed the small canal on the way back. It is also nice.

We really enjoy taking the photos, we get out from here in the evening. Then we will take a walk on the beach.

To continue at the beach of Pranburi National Park

This place is very suitable for those who like to relax and chill out.

If you would like to experience this wonderful, we highly recommend you to visit this place once in the life time.

No entrance fee, no parking fee. You will never regret to come here.

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See you soon: )


 Wednesday, June 7, 2017 12:18 AM