Hi there!!!

I would like to name this trip as Flight of Gibbon with Thai Air Asia for 2 days and 1 night.

Enjoying the nature at Mae Kampong, Mae On District.

... After landed at the airport, we take a van to Mae Kampong. We stop to buy something at the market for our dinner, take a break at coffee shops and take photos at Tharnthong Lodge which a famous restaurant and resort.

Stop by Chom Nok Chom Mai coffee shop :)

"The King of Thailand"

Sunshine >*<

In front of the coffee shop

After that, we continue to Ban Him Huay Lung Pud Pa Peng which is another famous coffee shop here.

While walking around the village, one of our friends meet her old friend who is working at Sky Ranger where we are going tomorrow for Flight of Gibbon.

Finally, we are at Pang Soong Lodge Mae Lai Village. As there are only us here and nothing seem to be ready both room and dinner so we prepare everything by ourselves both cooking dinner and making bed (because it is a very cheap room).^^.

Fire place for chasing mosquitoes

Evening moment with cold weather

End our first night with food party, go to bed and get ready for tomorrow.

Good morning, wake up early and get ready to Flight Gibbon!!!

Let's Go!!!

Arrive there at 9.00am. and preparing ourselves, we bring only needed stuffs. But it is so funny that we keep going back to the van because we are not sure what to bring or what keep in the van hahahaha....:)

For your safety, put on safety equipment and follow instruction of staff.

Safety Hat is in tight position.

Still fresh and so exciting^^

we are still happy in group photo even someone is afraid of height.

go go go ....

A little nervous but we are already here so let try.

Walking to the starting point

Training how to use the equipment and how to unlock it before jumping

Fear is all around now ^^ .

Let's go!!! Scream it out loud hahahahaha

Look how heavy she is ^^

The length of each wire rope is different so they have special technique to slide faster and does not stuck between.

"Come with me babe"

You will see that we hook ourselves with handrail while walking over the bridge so you do not have to be afraid of falling down, just do not unlock yourself before you reach to the end.

Please mind your step!!!

Walking up :)

Enjoy natural atmosphere

Let's continue to the scarcely part

This station is rappelling down.

Which is quite high.

It is time for her...look when she get down hahahaha "We survive"

We cannot go back now...just have to go forward T_T....hahahah^^

Let's go together

Stair around the big tree

Just jump, it is so thrilled.

Climbing on the net

Animal information in the forest

Still have happy

Intend and fear

Next station, wire rope 800 meters and there is always someone stuck in the middle.

And she is the one...staff have to come and help her to move on.

She almost cries T_T... many thanks to Yai, staff who go to help from the middle which is quite far.

Let's move on... Fighting... !@#$%


Rappelling and taking photos

Smile to the camera ^^


Photographer is coming.

All equipment guarantees your safety.

Good Good Good :)

Fly as Gibbon and Yai (staff)

And him.. Tueng or Timmy who takes care of us. He is a funny person. If you come here, you can request him.

And this our final stage... Tueng is the one who take this photo for us while he is hanging in the wire rope.

Yeah!!! we all survive and get the certificate. ^^

Finally, rappelling down to the ground and our photographer is the last one.

It is fantastic...everyone survives..."Flight of the Gibbon"

Thank you Tueng and Yai who take care of us the whole day and made our day. If anyone has a chance to come to Mae Kampong, do no forget to come here.

... Rappelling in the mountain of nature of Mae Kampong and screaming as Gibbon in the forest to reduce your stress... And you will understand the feeling when "The life hanging on a thread" so just keep your consciousness and fight...

Story by LingPle : [email protected]

Photo by LingPle, Puffin Coral , Marut Mailuemyat (มารุต ไม่ลืมญาติ)

Facebook : www.facebook.com/welikejourney

IG : lingple


 Tuesday, August 25, 2015 10:20 AM