We finally find occasion to bring ourselves close to nature experiencing Songkhla lake's atmosphere and historical territory. It is slogan of the province ...

Khao Chan Resort, Pak Phayun, Phatthalung ... This trip still maintains concept of traveling in Thai way, uniquely cool and chic.

Before entering into Thai mode, we drop by Hadyai downtown. With promotion ticket, we choose to fly with Thai Lion Air and land at Hadyai. According to our financial status, we always wait for promotion ticket in evening flight. Once we arrive, my junior, who studies here, brings us to milk cafe, non alcohol, like adolescence ^^ And tonight we stay at Red Planet Hotel or originally called Tune Hotel which might sound familiar. The hotel has changed the name and logo, www.redplanethotels.com. It is located in center of Muang Hadyai on Nipat-Utid 2 road. It is easy to find. Just search in Google Map with the word " Red Planet Hat Yai "

Junction with Thai Military Bank at corner.

The renovation males it look much greater than before. There are 8 floors in total.

There are security cameras in front of the hotel and security guard taking care of safety and facilitating in parking.

Area in front of elevator is equipped with something fun. A television that you can take photo of yourself and send via e-mail. I have tried already, haha.

Say hi in Thai way :)

The room is furnished with air condition, fan (choose what you prefer) and cable TV. But water is not provided. You have to buy at lobby. Anyway, the price is equal to other convenient stores.

Next morning is time to continue eating and traveling. A must activity is eating Dim Sum. We choose Chokdee Dim Sum where uses pork from Betagro Company, clean and safe for sure. ^_^ We arrive at 9.00AM which is quite late but there are still lots of queues. However, we wait not too long since most of customers are eat-and -go.

Smile ^^ We can finish them all.

Now we are full. A shop beside sells handmade products from aluminum and brass. Designing idea is based on function including kitchen activities, gardening or decoration. Very nice.

It is also made to order.

We buy 2 items. One of them is this lamp for decorating our place.

Our next destination is Khao Chan Resort at Tumbon Koh Mark, Amphoe Pak Phayun, Phatthalung which is easy to find on Google Map. If you would like to know why we choose this place, we wanna experience nature. Also, we plan to travel at Songkhla lake. After searching for accommodation on Google, we find only Khao Chan Resort. Then we look for other information and images. The atmosphere is okay and sunset view is beautiful. So, we make a booking.

From Hadyai, we drive along highway no.4, Petchkasem towards Amphoe Pak Phayun. We plan to drop by for a walk and having lunch. We arrive at late noon when the market is about to close. So, we walk for a little.

Sleeping market woman. There are fresh seafood, young tamarind and mango. I think I'll taste them while she's sleeping, haha

Variety of sun dried fish.

Pak Phayun is a small district in Phatthalung, calm and peaceful. Highlight if this place is 3 sea-cows (phayun means sea-cow). Outstanding and lovely. ^_^

We go along the way and stop everywhere we find it interesting, for example, scenery view or home stay. We also visit Koh Nangkum to absorb local atmosphere and observe for next trip. Then we head to Khao Chan Resort on Koh Mark. The road to Baan Khao Chan passes many villages. And here is Khao Chan Resort. Welcome to ecotourism historical land.

Khun Bunyat or Khun Louis is the owner of resort. He personally welcome us with warmness and also tell history of Khao Chan. King Rama 5 used to visit this place before. The resort welcomes us with flower tea, local sweet and fruits like Negrito ... Parkia is not welcomed fruit but can be eaten with every meal, haha.

( Forget to take photo of Khun Louis. He has kind look. ^_^ )

Walkway to our room. We book an air-conditioning room beside the lake.

Most of the decorations are outdated appliances.

There is live Thai music by villagers.

With evening soft, we take photo at balcony behind our room.

Walk in the village but find fierce dods. OMG! @#$% Almost can't run away from them, haha.

Return back to resort and wait for sunset.

Big smile :) Waiting for sunset.

Resort's pier.

We have to say the evening light is superb. It is a nice sunset view point. Orange light contrast with blue sky. However, to see it with your eyes is more beautiful, haha.

After that, we wait for dinner. Room charge doesn't include dinner, breakfast and boat fare. We have to pay separately. For dinner, we order according to menu or you can order crab, fish and shrimp to cook as you like. The resort hire villager s to cook, so the food is in real local taste. It is good for tourists to try different taste and villagers can make a living too. It's like helping each other.

This evening we have steamed crab, grilled fish, sour soup and shrimp paste chili sauce. The clear soup is a complementary. Every dish has real local taste especially shrimp paste chili sauce, very delicious. It is also refill, haha. (It makes me drool when writing to this point. LOL)

Now we are full with main dish following by Negrito which it is provided unlimited. Sleep tight, zzzzzz ....

... Next morning, we get fresh air by jogging for 3 km. Also, to burn out what we eat last night. Follow by Thai style breakfast including hot grilled chicken with sticky rice and original recipe sweetmeat which is freshly made. We forget to take photo while cooking, concerning about eating only, haha.

Continue the journey by riding a boat to Koh See Koh Ha and Koh Ka with 200THB per person.

We arrive at Koh See Koh Ha in 15 minutes. During the way, we find lots of Cork tree's roots above water.

Koh See Koh Ha is reputed for highest quality bird nest in Thailand, concession by Siam Bird Nest Company.

Statue of King Rama 5.

There is another tour group listening to their guide.

Equipment for collecting bird nest.

Example of collected bird nest. I can't remember how but there is tender bird nest. They bring us to cave entrance where they go for collecting the nest.

Then we move to Koh Ka. Around 15 minutes from Koh See Koh Ha.

Fish basket.

Here is Koh Ka's pier.

Watching miracle of nature, Mirror Pond.

The mirror is crystal clear :)

The island has small area to walk around for an hour, mostly rock and small cliff.

Herbage along the rock.

Worshiping Goddess of Kindness.

There are toilets provided for tourists. ^_^

Time to return to resort for checking out. The sky today is very clear. The clouds are in strange shape but charming.

Arrive to resort at exactly noon. We observe lunch menu from another tour group. Oh...It's rice noodles with fish curry and southern style curry with fish. Starving > * * < We quickly ask staffs if it's possible to share and how much. They arrange for us at 90THB per person, dessert included. These curries are popular local food. The taste is original, spicy and delicious. We finish them all.

It's time to go. We like the ambiance of this resort. We also have a chance to stay close to nature and follow local livelihood. It is peaceful. If you are interested, you can inquire more information. Khun Louis, the owner, is very friendly and take good care of all guests.

Khao Chan Resort at Moo 7, Tumbon Koh Mark, Amphoe Pak Phayun, Phatthalung. Tel: 08 9812 1276 or 0 7460 8023

During the way to Songkhla downtown, we pass Amphoe Singha Nakorn and fortunately find sideways full of yellow Sunhemp. No matter how hot, it is a must to park and take photos. ^^,

The ground is so dry.

This shot is beautiful. Lively in green and yellow :)

Then continue at Nang Ngam road in Songkhla downtown to find an old wall painting similar to Penang, Malaysia ...

Nang Ngam road was previously called Kao Hong road. It is commercial street with old wooden row houses on both sides. The buildings are in classical Chino-Portuguese style but ... the wires are too messy. Is there any chance to move them under the ground? ^_^ Also, there are several signature restaurants of Nang Ngam road including olden sweetmeat, hardly found nowadays, and local souvenirs ... Though we are full, we still keep eating. We are at original place. We choose to have ice-cream served in small earthen jar (called "I-Tim-Ong"). Good enough to try >w< (We were focusing on eating and forgot to take photos again, haha.)

This building may be the next target to be painted. ^_^

Here it is! An ancient building painted in coffeehouse forum pattern :)

Popular corner where everyone must take photos.

Hey! Imitating painting on the wall.

End 2 days trip with no rush. Still have time left but too full to eat anything. We are full to death, haha.

Give yourself a time to charge battery. Nowadays there are choices of low cost transportation. Choose the one that suits you .. Our life is by our choice ...


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