After the trip Finding Dolphin and Unseen Island of Andaman Sea last year, I'm still impressed and wish to go back for taking some rest on sailboat ... When I know that Discover Catamaran has brought another boat to service and invited me to try ... How can I say no, haha.

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If you find it useful, please feel free to share. The newly imported Catamaran serves not over 20 passengers per trip which there are 2 rounds per day. For day trip, the boat leisurely sails to Koh Mai Ton while evening trip offers BBQ dinner in the middle of the sea plus romantic sunset atmosphere.


This time, we get on boat at Dolphin pier inside Port of Phuket's area. I still remain same concept of not waking up too early, having time for breakfast and reaching the pier on time, at 9.30 AM. No rush.

As this is my first time to go to Dolphin pier, I am little lost. I go straight to the end where used to be old office of Koh Mai Ton Resort while I actually have to turn left at first junction. From entrance, go slightly further. You will clearly see Dolphin sign at gateway.

From the entrance, turn left at this junction.

Then turn left again once you see blue Dolphin sign.

Here we are ... Gate on the right is for Discover Catamaran.

The port is equipped with full facilities which is matched with concept of Discover Catamaran. The new boat is focusing on premium customers ... However, there are other companies using this port as well. So, please check carefully otherwise you may miss the boat. If you use hotel shuttle service, included in tour, you don't have to worry. I drive my own car, so I park at parking lot near the port ... Reception of Discover Catamaran is on the right hand side, facing towards the sea.

When it's time, I move to Catamaran together with other tourists. The boat has 3 main areas to relax; prow, stern and lobby inside which is quite a generous space comparing to 20 tourists. It is a clear advantage when compares to traveling by normal speed boat. You can walk around to see different views or take photos of surroundings. Also, two parallel hulls help reducing intensity of bumping, so the boat can sail softly suiting with elders and kids.

This boat is hybrid type as it can sail by using wind and motor. Therefore, don't have to be afraid of floating in the sea on a windless day, haha.

From port of Phuket, the boat sails leisurely about an hour to Koh Mai Ton. We stop for swimming and diving at small gulf on the south of the island …

During the way, we find dolphins again. There are many of them including baby dolphin. Unfortunately this time they are not close to the prow like previous time. However, it's enough to make me smile and take photos continuously.

The boat gives a tour to watch and photograph dolphins for a while. Then they drop anchor for us to swim. They also prepare green turtle and pink Flamingo swim tube for kids (Adults like them too). Or you can choose to dive and see sea corals.

After swimming, it's time for lunch.Apart from delicious Thai food, they also provide freshly cooked BBQ. Extremely match with the atmosphere.

Finish from lunch with beautiful Andaman sea view. We move to Koh Mai Ton's pier where tourists can choose to hang out along the beach or continue sailing to watch view around the island. Tourists have about an hour to swim or walk before the boat returns to pick up.

For me, I definitely choose to stay on the island since I haven't visited for long time. Need to update new things ... Koh Thon Mai's beach, in present, is still white and the sea is beautifully clear like before (Though it's during storm period). However, the landlord has not renovated the place appropriately making it doesn't look nice. Some area is under concession of travel company which is equipped with facilities to serve customers.

I start surveying from small coast at the north (on the right hand side of the pier). There are huge rocks and short beach enough for small group of tourists.

Further to the pier is white long sand for hundred metres. The beginning part is old resort buildings which are not in nice condition, as I mentioned before. Umbrellas are provided on the beach to serve all tourists ... I walk along the seashore and see workers improving old residence that I used to stay 10 years ago. Actually I prefer to call it repairing as the existing structure still remains, rather than changing everything. Could be because they don't want to invest too much on it.

Walking to the edge which is another swimming pool of the resort. The rooms tend to be more luxurious and decorated beautifully suitable for being front beach resort. I personally think the resort plans to be one of the most beautiful resorts in Thailand.

I walk for a little before going back to the boat on time. From this point, it is a return trip to the pier which I have a chance to take a nap and receive cool breeze at stern. Make it as worthy as being special holidays … For this trip, I have to deeply thank you Discover Catamaran for inviting me to relax and watch dolphins at Koh Mai Ton again … If you are looking for premium tour that travel leisurely and watch beautiful sea, plus a chance to see dolphins, I have to say Discover Catamaran is just the right choice …

Ends the review with stunning coast of Koh Mai Ton, taken during returning trip to the pier.

Lastly, I would like to summarize on distinctive points and remarks of the tour to Mai Thon with Discover Catamaran.

Distinctive Points

- Catamaran has generous space comparing to speed boat. So, you won't feel cramped but can rather relax for the whole journey. Thanks to space for changing movements.
- An opportunity to leisurely have lunch on boat with superb ambiance and delicious food.
- To compare with speed boat, Catamaran better absorbs intensity of bouncing, so you won't feel the impact of bumping that much. It is suited to bring kids and elders.


- The price is higher than normal tour due to level of service and amount of passengers.
- Catamaran is slightly slower than speed boat. Therefore, it requires little more time to arrive at destination.
- It is not guaranteed that you will see dolphins or not. It is based on weather and luck.

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 Thursday, November 26, 2015 7:36 PM