The cool sea breeze is blowing through my body while I am enjoying the best view of Pattaya city I've ever seen. Yes, I am in the " Horizon" restaurant on 34th floor of the Hilton Pattaya, which has one of the most beautiful views in this city.

Having a look through a viewfinder and switch to see a view with naked eyes makes me think that it should be one of the most beautiful places in "Amazing Thailand"....So beautiful.

I look at my watch and realise that there will be the sunset in a few minutes.

From the 34th floor, I run downstairs quickly for taking a photo shoot with the same view but different floor and different place.

The emotion and the feeling of being here make me want to stop my time forever. The view is really beautiful at the " Drift Lounge".

The view of Pattaya city at the moment is more beautiful than what I've seen before.... And the next story will tell you about good days and great times when I have an opportunity to visit a hotel that makes a sleepless city like Pattaya to be the most "beautiful" and "charming" on that day.

During the past year, I went to Pattaya quite often, either for just having a meal or for travelling around. But this time is the most impressive of the trips to Pattaya, since I have an opportunity to visit two hotels, which are one of the most beautiful hotels in Thailand, and one of these two is here, " Hilton Pattaya". And as always, let's go back to the time to find out what is the main reason of coming here, before going to visit the ideal hotel for many of you guys.

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Days and times passed by so fast...Counting the date by our fingers and it's already 2 months after the New Year's Day...That is to say, the time usually takes us forward without stopping in the same place, and sometimes "the time" makes me think back to the last day of last year, which my best "friend" or referred to as my "brother" left this world and would never return to see us again. I couldn't believe that the trip to Hilton Pattaya at that time would be the last trip that we spent time together.

I would like to dedicate this review to "Deebuk", a traveler and a storyteller who leave a lot of travel stories on the online world.

This is the last picture in my camera, the camera that keeps many pictures of other bloggers who accidentally meet me at the fireworks festival. So, I would like to take this opportunity to write a review here instead of them.

One part of this maybe because Deebuk was so glad to have an opportunity to stay here. Or we can say that he had been waiting for the time to visit this hotel.

Okay...This will be a story of those days with a hotel that considered to be my dream spot or anyone else, " Hilton Pattaya".

We can reach Hilton Pattaya easily since this hotel is located on Central Pattaya Beach. We drive on the motorway and after passing a roundabout, we have to follow a signboard that indicate the direction to Pattaya. After that, there will be signboards like this along the way.

It's quite easy to reach Pattaya, isn't it?

After we reach Central Pattaya Beach, we will see "Central Festival Pattaya Beach" shopping mall, which Hilton Pattaya is situated on this shopping mall...

Before taking you around the hotel, I'd like to take you to visit a buffet line at "Edge" restaurant on 14th floor, but you have to hit the button of 15th floor and walk through this corridor to get into the restaurant.

The interior design of the corridor is really chic and there are many corners to take pictures. Since I walk into this area, I am really impressed in the refinement of the interior design and the decoration is so perfect and faultless.

The restaurant is quite well known with the buffet since there's wide range of food and special dishes. Also, it's considered to be the main dining room of the hotel...We have breakfast and lunch here. The restaurant has international cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Western, Japanese, Indian, and so on, which each day will have different highlight dishes depending on the theme. But I would like to recommend you to come here on Sunday...

The buffet lines are really fabulous. Especially on Sunday because there's a "Sunday Brunch", which has more variety of food and includes all highlight dishes of each cuisines in this meal. So, the price per person is more expensive than other days but it's really worth if you come and see the food that has been provided on the buffet lines (approx. THB 1,200 / person).

Let's have a look at some dessert dishes...Sorry that I can't really take all pictures of these dishes since there are so many. Finally, I eat this whole piece of cake since it's so beautiful and appetising.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you that the time for Sunday Brunch is between 12.00 PM and 15.30 PM. And of course, it's on Sunday.

There are various choices of cake and desserts, which have been beautifully decorated with fruits and chocolate. It makes me feel hungry again while I'm writing this review....

Fresh squeezed juices are also refillable.

After seeing all dessert dishes, let's take a look at some more dishes with meat and vegetables. Starting from the most favourite dish, which is "Sushi".

The Sushi menus here are so amazing. The salmon is delicious and very fresh. Also, it has been refilled on the buffet line unlimitedly. If you come here just for eating Sashimi, Sushi, and Smoked Salmon, I think it's really worth for every baht you pay on this.

By the way, I really like the Sashimi with surf clam and tuna, which is refillable and unlimited. It's considered to be expensive ingredients for Sashimi, which I think it's absolutely worth the money I spend on.

Let's have a look at the seafood corner. Sorry that I didn't take many pictures of this since I spent more time to eat....Hahaha.

Actually, there's everything such as oysters, shrimps, crabs, crayfishes. I really like a container that made from a big ice cube and it was drilled down to make a hole for putting seafood inside. I think it's super cool.

Well, let's have a look at some Western dishes. The menu that I can die for is "Caviar", which comes in a big glass container and it's refillable.

Now let's have a look at some salmon menus. Sorry that I can't remember the name if this menu. I just remember that all dishes are so delicious. It might be that the salmon here is really good or it might be because I personally love salmon menus. I'm not sure which one should be right in this time.

Ending this meal with Foie Gras (Goose's liver). It's really delicious and I really like it.

Let's take a look at the atmosphere in the restaurant. In my opinion, apart from having a meal here, enjoying a view of Pattaya Bay is also impressive.

The restaurant is divided into 2 parts, which is indoor and outdoor part. The indoor part has high ceiling with airy atmosphere.

Inside the restaurant, there is a corner that Pun Pun really like which is the "Kids Corner" or it's so-called "My Little Hilton". There are many activities for kids such as dressing the surface of a cake or desserts with chocolate, and painting with provided drawing materials.

There are also some staffs who are in charge of taking care of the kids, which can help their parents a lot while they are having a great meal.

My giant kid has run away from the Kid Corner to play games on his dad's tablet energetically (T_T) after dressing the cake (the cake looks pretty but is wouldn't be able to be served (T_T)).

Oh...I almost forget to tell you that if you come to stay at Hilton Pattaya with your family, your kid(s) will be given a "Kid Set". And my giant kid really enjoy with an inflatable ball.

Walking to the outdoor area, we will see a magnificent view of Pattaya.

I really like this corner where I can see the beautiful view and have delicious meal with comfort and joy.

This is our accommodation for the entire stay.

It's time to visit our room...The room that we are going to stay is the standard type called "King Hilton Deluxe", and it's located on the 24th floor. As we can see that the room number is quite chic and everything has been planned and designed perfectly.

Let's follow my giant kid to enter into the room.

Our room has a king-sized bed. Although it's a standard room, I can say that the room is not too small.

The wall was painted with white colour as well as other furniture that mainly has white tone and wooden materials. It makes us feel so warm and cozy and it will easily make us so impressed.

A view from inside the room to the entrance door.

There is a fruit plate and a Thai dessert plate placed on a coffee table.

Our room is in a corner where we can see 180 degree of beach view. So, we can see the full view of Pattaya Beach from our balcony.

There is a Jacuzzi tub where we can soak ourselves comfortably.

After taking some pictures of the room, my giant kid is the first person who tests the standard of bed....As you can see in the above picture....He already tested the bed and it was fine. ^_^

He's asleep now, so we can be sure that the bed in this hotel is comfortable.

During the evening time, we visit the lobby area, which can be counted into one of the highlight places in Hilton Pattaya. The decoration on the ceiling has been inspired by the ocean waves.

The tone of yellow-orange makes us feel very warm and very soft. I have seen many pictures of this place in many reviews and it was quite beautiful. Now, I'm seeing this place with my own eyes and it's really amazing and so impressive.

This corner is a corner in Drift Lounge, which is located by the pool. It's considered to be one of the highlight places in this hotel.

Walking through the door and getting inside the restaurant, we will see that many guests has reserved seats in the outdoor area by the pool where we can see the full view of Pattaya Bay.

Especially in the evening, the colour of the dark blue sky contrasts with the colour of the lights from the hotel....So beautiful.

Walking to the outdoor area of the restaurant is even more impressive. Spending time here with our beloved one is very romantic. A beautiful view during twilight period can make me fall in love of the Pattaya City easily. Taking a seat or lying down on a daybed is quite suitable for us to enjoy our time with nice atmosphere and great weather. It gives a lot of impression to my beloved family and me.

Also, on the same floor beside the Lobby area, there is also the "Shore" which has a Pool Bar and an Infinity Pool.

It's so colourful, which makes me enjoy taking picture so much.

I would like to accept the fact that Hilton Pattaya has many chic and beautiful corners for taking pictures joyfully. A good combination of a great design, a beautiful view and a selection of lighting makes this place even more magnificent, especially in the evening like this.

And the last place that we are going to take you is the best highlight place of Hilton Pattaya, which is "Horizon" restaurant. This restaurant is located on 34th floor, overlooking the view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Beach, where we can see beautiful views with 360 degree of environment around Pattaya on this high level.

This is a top restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, where we can view 360 degree of Pattaya City. It's so beautiful in every corner we look at, and we can see all beautiful views of Pattaya City in just one place.

And this corner makes us see the most beautiful sunset in the city.

It's really beautiful beyond any descriptions. As we can see that there is a foreign tourist grabs his camera to take pictures of beautiful scenery here.

There are various colourful cocktails placed on Horizon Towers...Looks so chic.

The sun is going down soon.

After enjoying beautiful views of Pattaya, let's have a meal together here. A dish of foie gras is very delicious beyond my expectation since I don't usually eat foie gras because I think it will taste bitter.

I would like to accept the fact that the chefs here have absolutely changed my attitude of foie gras.

I'm not sure what kind of fish in this dish since I'm so starving and feel a bit dizzy. But what I know is that all dishes (Western style) are really delicious.

There are many dishes coming out from the kitchen. All dishes have beautiful decoration and taste so good.

So, we decided to have dinner here. I would like to do apologise since I didn't take the menu list of these dishes and I can't remember the name of these menu. ( >__< ) But I can remember the taste of these dishes so well, especially the dish of grilled salmon...It's so delicious.

The above picture is a dish of grilled scallops.

I can't remember the name of these dishes but I just remember that these 3 pieces of grilled scallops has been disappeared immediately.

Ending with a tasty dessert dish, which has strawberry inside. The strawberry is not really sour and it's quite sweet. I think the restaurant uses really good ingredients for cooking food and desserts.

The city lights are shining and we can't see many stars on the night sky. But the stars are still the stars, so they can shine the light against the city lights. If we are not sitting in a high place like this, we wouldn't be able to see this.

After enjoying the view outside, I take my giant kid and his mom to have dinner inside the Horizon restaurant. The interior design is so beautiful, and the lighting in various points is well planned and perfect.

This restaurant also has some private rooms but these have been reserved by other guests. I really like the ceiling with glittering lights, which looks like a group of stars....It's very good idea indeed.

The view of Pattaya City from the Horizon restaurant is so beautiful at night, as it's so-called "A city that never sleeps". We are not going to sit here for long since we have to take our giant kid to bed.

Tonight, we fall asleep so fast.

After my giant kid woke up and took a bath, we have our homework to do together since my giant kid has to draw a picture with a topic of "The Father's Day", which every children from his school has to do together with his/her daddy. And the homework has been prepared by his mom from our house in order to do together during this holiday.

It's an activity that we have to bring here for doing together since I don't usually have much time to be with him. Today will be a great opportunity to spend time together.

Now, we are concentrating with painting many colours onto a paper. Actually, I would like to say "Thanks" to his school since it gives us such a good opportunity to do activity together... After a while ago, our homework is completed.

Although this homework has not won any prize, I feel really proud and happy on this activity even though it is just small thing on the Father's Day.

After enjoying our breakfast at Edge Restaurant, we are going to stop by at Drift Restaurant for having some desserts since we really like the view from this floor and we didn't see the view in daytime when we arrive here yesterday.

My giant kid enjoy running around this area. It's not really dangerous since the pool is not really deep. However, he will be wet if he fall down to the pool...Hahaha.

All parents should be careful with their children while bringing them here, which is quite normal for every parent.

My giant kid and his mom are enjoying their time here since there are less people during the daytime. I think most of them are going out to the Pattaya City, so this place will be only for us...

I want to play game in the tablet >___<

My giant kid looks at me like he wants to ask me something. Maybe he wants to know what his mom is doing now....Hahaha.

After chilling out for a while, many good-looking pieces of cake are arriving...I try to taste them after taking pictures.

Actually, there are many people with us at this time, so we can order many pieces of cake to taste just for one or two bites per person. All in all, it's quite delicious and not much different from other famous bakeries. You can have a look what includes in the layer of the cake...It looks so yummy.

After eating a big piece of cake, we have to drink something to supplement our meal. Above picture is a cup of hot chocolate for my giant kid, following by a glass of cold chocolate....All drinks are really tasty and refreshing.

Finally, it's time to check-out and say "Goodbye" to Hilton Pattaya.

Let's summarise this trip together...

I only spend time at Hilton Pattaya for 1 night, which I think it's not enough. The time goes by so fast because there are many things to see, to visit and to play in a hotel.

I want to say that Hilton Pattaya is suitable for a real relaxation, where you enter and you don't want to go out from the hotel. If you have only 2 days and 1 night, you should stay in a hotel and used all provided facilities for your relaxing time with your beloved one or your family. It will be really worthwhile.

Starting from the "Sea View" rooms. All sea view rooms are located on the seaside, overlooking the sea from inside the room. The interior design in guest rooms is so beautiful and decorated with good materials. The bed is quite huge and there are many pillows on the bed, which is one of five-star hotels' standards.

The highlight places of the hotel are restaurants and bars such as EDGE, DRIFT, and HORIZON. All restaurants are decorated with its own style where we can enjoy taking pictures and eating delicious food. Especially, Sunday Brunch Buffet at EDGE restaurant where you can't miss various menus. I think it's really worthwhile with the money you spend on this.

If you are not interested in Pattaya Beach and if you like to look at the sea view from a high place, this hotel would be your ideal dreaming spot. In fact, traveling to Pattaya with style is suitable for young travellers or family who want to spend much time in a hotel.

Lastly, I don't know how to make a comment on this hotel since everything is perfect. The design is so stunning and the staffs really have service-mind and willing to do the best service. They really like to communicate with guests with smile and they don't walk away from guests when the guests need help. I think it is really suitable to be a 5-star hotel. I would like to thank to all the staffs at Hilton Pattaya for their hospitality. And everything here makes we want to come back to Pattaya again.

Farewell with a tunnel that is considered to be one of the symbols here. And I think everyone like it.

I would like to say "Thank You" to all of you for reading until this line. If there're no you, there'll no me. See you again on the next trip...Somewhere on this planet...Thank you very much.

Piyapong Chantong

 Thursday, April 16, 2015 4:26 PM