Hi to all review followers... We are now taking all of you to Khon Kaen airport (Well! I actually want to speak in E-sarn language). It takes around 50 minutes by plane from Don Muang airport to Khon Kaen airport. I do not even have time to take a nap because it is so fast and we are now at Khon Kaen. I do not get familiar with taking plane to Khon Kaen because I normally drive a car and it takes around 6 -6.30 hours.

I try to use an application called JetRadar to search for flight option and reserve flight for this trip. The below is its' logo.

We have now reached Khon Kaen downtown

" Kham Kaen Buddha relics, Outstanding Local Music Instrument which is called Kaen, Golden Shower Flower is the symbolic flower of this province, The center of Thai silk, To travel in this spectacular city, Sirindhorn Dinosaur, The city of Olympic Boxing hero"

All of them are Khon Kaen's motto except the last phrase where I have added it myself because this city is also well known for the hometown of Olympic boxing hero named Somrak Kamsingh. Furthermore, it is also possibly known as the hometown of famous football coach named Sigo who gonna takes up Thai football team to international.

So, our trip has begun, we go to the car renting counter where I have rent it in advance. I am not so worried about the direction in Khon Kaen because I had studied in Khon Kaen for 5 years but I still need to get an update anyhow because the city has been developed rapidly.

After getting off from the airport, we drive heading to Aim Ot restaurant for the breakfast.

After we are full, we would like to order for some coffee. But, it is still early, hence we are unable to find any chic coffee café. So, we can just simply buy some coffee at gas station.

It is quite cloudy today but our trip needs to continue. Let's briefly tell you about our program, we will visit Phu Wiang Dinosaur museum at Phu Wiang District, this place is the part where is used as place to study dinosaur fossil, the purpose of this study is to reveal the underground resource to the public. it is far from downtown for 80 kms., I have followed GPS but I somehow think it will be better if I sometimes trust in indicating signs more than GPS ^^

Outside of the museum

I have imagined for Jurassic Park movie at the same time.

The entrance fee costs THB 20.

The below is not the dinosaur but it is quite aged as well :)

Dinosaur model

Dinosaur fossil

There are an exhibition hall in the lower floor and upper floor, they showcases the origin of earth, stone, mineral, fossil and Dinosaur model. It opens daily from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs.

There is a souvenir shop which mainly relate to Dinosaur

So, we continue to the next place, it is Tham Pha Kueng Temple's Buddhism park. It is not far from here, I just follow the indicating sign.

Tham Pha Kueng Temple is located on the hill, it is the place where people can come for making meditation. Once you step inside the temple, you will can see the big Buddha statue which is built in Chinese style which is positioned behind 2 dragon statues.

After paying respect to the Buddha, it is time for having lunch. Once we have a look at the map, it takes about 1 hour and half from the temple to Bang Saen 2 at Ubonrat dam. I am so hungry because it is already 1 pm but I am better tolerant as I really want to have grilled shrimps, grilled fish near the dam.

I have parked the car to relax and see the green field on the way to the dam.

I continue driving, I can feel the ambience along the dam is just like the beach, I drive pass many villagers' houses and see some people do fishing but... it rains.

Local people do fishing.

Get on the raft to do fishing.

Finally, I reach Khet Thong beach, I have searched for Khet Thong restaurant. Meanwhile, it stops raining.

It is time for eating shrimps, steamed fish and pork sausage salad

I have finished all of them so fast.

I highly recommend this restaurant, it serves delicious food and you can also enjoy Khet Thong beach too. Furthermore, you can also enjoy seeing some cattle which local people have feed them. There are not tables like other restaurant but there will be a hut where you can sit.

Cows are eating some grass.

I have found antique house.

It is time to go to our accommodation, but I can see that it still rains a bit. I will stay at Supanniga Home (you are able to further see the details as per this link http://www.supannigahome.com) or its full name is Supanniga Home Boutique Hideaway, it is a small resort located in the suburb area and it is not far from downtown. You can feel the greenery atmosphere in this hotel, it is so nice.

So shady

The staffs are very friendly. I am welcomed with welcome fruit, banana and southern Lang sat and langan juice

Inside living hall

This is the room which well generates the ambience of Ban Sai Thong (Thai period drama). Once I look at the mirror set at the corner, I really want to make the ponytail in front of the mirror :)

A little corner but lovely in the bathroom ^_^ I forget to tell that it is the open air bath room while you can enjoy seeing the movement of the leaves at the same time.

I sleep really well last night. Once I wake up and find out that the breakfast is delivered to my room, it consists of pan egg, stir fried mushroom, Chinese sausage, bread with pork sausage in Vietnamese style, shrimp porridge accompanied with mushroom, Coccinia grandis, ripe mango. It is so good.


To take a walk in the morning

Shady ambience

There is also the restaurant at this corner.


It is time to check out and continue to our next destination, Nong Waeng's Buddha relics. It is located in Nong Waeng Royal Temple, this Buddha relics consist of 9 floors positioned on square basement. The top pagoda has the same design as Kham Kaen Buddha relics.

It opens and allows us to go to the top 9th floor and enjoy seeing panoramic view of Khon Kaen.

I can see Kaen Nakon Lake from here.

The outstanding building over there is Pullman hotel.

And over there is Royal Buddha relics.

I am a bit tired to go to the 9th floor and I am really hungry now. Meanwhile, I have thought about the appetizing papaya salad, grilled fish. Suddenly, I see Pa Aun restaurant Branch 2 who sells papaya salad, this restaurant is located on Kaen Nakorn Lake. So, I am not reluctant to order for the food because I have all of them in my head, it is papaya salad served on tray.

Once, I come to North Eastern part of Thailand, it is a must to try the local dishes such as papaya salad on tray, mushroom curry, grilled chicken, spicy mixed fish menu.

I am so full and I need to have some coffee now. So, it is time to look for the chic coffee café.

I continue driving and finally find Coffee Der La, it is located near Khon Kaen University. The easiest way to come to this coffee café is to enter to Khon Kaen university's entrance on Mittraphab main road side. I continue driving for 1 km. It is located on the right hand side. This place is very popular where students come to have a sip of coffee, read some books etc. Furthermore, there is also Drive Thru in this restaurant as well.

I have found that the restaurant is crowded with many customers.

Here is also teenager ^^

It is late evening,I will have the flight back to Bangkok around 8 pm. In this meantime, I will have a walk in Ton Tan market. It is the new market of Khon Kaen, there are many shops which sell food, housewares etc. There are also some performance such as Thai traditional dancing, monkey performance.

Chic corner

: The outstanding symbol of this market is 6 sugar palm trees :)

It comes to the end of this happy trip which we can relax, eat. Khon Kaen is not so far, if you are going to Udonthani or Nong Kai, you are able to visit this city as well. There are various attractions in Khon Kaen. If you come in the beginning of December, it is actually the winter time. You can then experience Silk Festival, it is Khon Kaen's annual event. There are various local shops to sell product made from silk, the performance from each district, local food.

It is time to go back to Bangkok, I return the car at the airport and buy some souvenirs at the airport.

See you next trip ^_^



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