This trip is a continue trip from กาลครั้งหนึ่ง...ที่แพโตนเตย I start by contacting a tour agency who sells a round trip tickets for bus and ferry as well as a drop off at Surat Thani Railway Station service. Actually, there're several ways to travel to Samui. You can take a van from Kaset 2 fresh market or going with Phanthip tour or other agency that provide coach services. We 4 are in this van. After reaching a pier, the van and us are able to make it on a ferry at 11 a.m. and the ferry leaves just on time. There, the fun begins.

It's raining all along the way but it stops when we reach Samui, what a luck!

Na Thon Pier atmosphere

Then I go take a van to Chaweng, the fare is 80 THB and the driver would drop us off at our hotel. This time, I'm staying at B2 in Chaweng. It is close to the beach and a department store, with a lot of food to choose from. After unpacking my bag at the hotel, I go for a walk at Central Samui.

After the rain stops, I leave the Central and take a Song Thaew to Bo Phut walking street where lots of food and souvenir are sold. There're quite a good crowd there too, quite fun.

Soon, I go back to rest.

1 May 2018

I wake up early to enjoy this peaceful and beautiful beach.

Soon, the driver of a tour agency call to let me know that they are here so I then hurry out. This is my second time going with this tour. The service is great and the food is delicious. I didn't mean to do any sort of marketing for them as I pay for both trips. I mean I like it so I just want to praise it and spread out the words.

I'm one of the first people to arrive so I get to choose where to seat. Since I'm not so afraid of the sun, I choose to sit at the head of the boat. Last time, I didn't buy a kayaking service so this time I include it too. Here is the view along the way before reaching Ko Wua Ta Lub.

Our first stop is Ko Wua Ta Lub. We also walk up to the Pha Jun Jaras Nature Trail Viewpoint to enjoy the view of Mo Ko Ang Thong, the distance is about 500 m.

When we start walking, oh wow, now the way is renovated into a beautiful stairs. It is so easy to walk, we didn't have to climb the robes like before. Oh well, I was actually miss the old way. The tour guide told us that many Thai tourists complained to the staff at the national park that it's hard climbing up and could be dangerous. So the national park decided to improve the way. This viewpoint rests at a very strong brick. If you are one of those complainers, welcome back for a re-visit.

Here is the comparison photos of my two times visit. The first one was taken on 4 July 2016 and the second one was on 1 May 2018.

On the way down, I took a photo and it turned out to be the best shot of this trip.

Once we are down, you can get a stamp on the national park passport if you have one.

There's still some time left before boarding the boat again, so let's have a click of the sign.

When going on board, it's lunch time. The food is delicious as usual and the highlight is this chili paste.

When everybody is full, it's time to move onto Ko Mae Ko. It's quite a beautifully different view along the way.

This time, I also buy a kayaking service, 2 people in each boat. While waiting, we can also enjoy this sea view.

It's time to have fun with kayaking.

After kayaking for about 30 min, we now reach Talay Nai Lagoon. After 80 m walk up on the stairs, we will have this beautiful view of Talay Nai.

We can also walk down to have a closer look of Talay Nai.

To go up, we literally need to climb as the stairs are so steep.

Before going down to the beach, here is what you would see, quite beautiful.

Going down, I found this Lady's Slipper orchid in a close up look. Wow, it's so beautiful, I'm loving it.

There's a shallow corals and many fish but due to a turbid water, we hardly see anything today.

It's time to go back to Ko Samui and we are still having so much fun on board.

Here it rains again. It is so heavy that we all have to hide ourselves downstairs. In addition to the rain, the wind is strong too.

On the way back, the van first go to Lamai so then I asked to be dropped off at a local restaurant where many people have recommended.

I wake up really late on the last day of the trip. I then pack my bag and go to the van station in order to go to the pier. Today the sun is bright and the sky is beautifully clear.

Once getting off from the pier, I take the bus for downtown area to enjoy more food.

Then, I walk to Surat Thani City Pillar.

And continue onto Tapi River.

Time is up for this trip. It's time to go to Surat Thani Railway Station. I reach here quite early so I have more time walking around to buy some souvenir home. I book the online ticket at จองตั๋วรถไฟออนไลน์ If you can't print out the ticket, you can also just make a screenshot of it. I have called the staff to make sure about it.

Before taking the train, let's survey around Surat Thani Railway Station which is located in Phunphin district.

Soon after boarding, the staff comes make our bed.

That I'm not sleepy yet, I walk to the restaurant cargo. Now, the staff is not allowed to freshly cook but it comes in a ready to eat set. I think it's not yet so delicious and comes in a much less portion. I truly miss the old time when you would hear the sound of a frying pan, that smell and a privilege of ordering the taste as you like.

It's now time for bed. I got sleepy by the fan at the restaurant.

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