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After southern islands of Myanmar open for tourist, I have my intention to visit because I believe that it is still plentifully of under water world nature. Then around September - October 2015 Koh Cocks Comb, which is the hi-light of the program was close. However, I still believe that islands around here are beautiful and plentifully of nature, Koh Cocks Comb is just a symbol and easy to remember.

In December 2015, I was invited by my friend, a tour guild to search for new tourist attraction places in the area of Myanmar sea. So I took the chance to go to Koh Cocks Comb and luckily that it opened.

This is the proof of how beautiful of Myanmar sea memo of 9Mot.

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Due to I lived in Phuket, it was not easy to get to Ranong because there was no direct flight or you could take the public bus which might take a while. So I decided to drive instead of those options. The weather was not good, there was so cloudy and very windy. But the show must go on no matter what. I stopped by the Grass Mountain (Phu Khao Ya) which was outstanding place beside the road. Even though there was no sunlight, the place was still so beautiful. (There were trashes in some point, it might be better if they took a good care of the place)

Then I drove to Wat Ban Ngaw to get closer to Grass Mountain, I walked up to the top. There was a small Buddha Image for people to pray and view point of mountain and Ngaw Waterfall on one side and Ranong Bay on the other side.

Almost the end of the day, I moved on to the city center of Ranong for hotel and food.

I really liked the atmosphere here, it was a small town with mountains, waterfalls, sea, hot spring and plentiful of traditional way of life. It was such a good place for relaxes.

Before arrival to the hotel, I took photos of Ratrungsan Palace which really close to city center with colourful lights. It was very nice.

On the next day, I went out for searching new tourist attraction places in Myanmar.

"It was still on process so I would cut to the second for Koh Cocks Comb".

The hotel that I stayed was close to Raksawarin Hot Spring and took me about 15 minutes to Grand Andaman for Immigration luckily that the tour company had done all document for me already. (If you have not completed your documents, you need to process here with 30 THB fee. However, I would suggest that if you would like to travel to Myanmar, it is better to book in advance with the tour company so that they can prepare everything for you. If you want o walk in, you might miss your trip)

At Grand Andaman Pier, the weather was better than 2 days ago but still windy. The guild informed that they were not sure if we could visit the island due to windy and safety of tourists.

The weather at pier was quite good at least there was sunlight.

Heading to Koh Song (actually it was a cape which Burmese called Kaw Thaung , Bayintnaung Cape or "Victoria point") for Myanmar Immigration check. Then heading to Koh Son to pick up food and it was also a location of Grand Andaman Hotel which was the owner of tour concession in Myanmar Islands

(If we see this pagoda style means we are in Myanmar)

From this point, it took about an hour to get to Koh Cocks Comb at the entrance of lagoon. In order to visit we had to pass through the cave. But there was very windy and high wave, so the guild explained to tourists that it was not saved to get in especially the person who missed yesterday and tried again today. However everyone admitted that it was due to safety reason. For me, I had heard about Koh Cocks Comb but did not focus that must on the detail. I was waiting for diving and snokelling which I believed that it must be also beautiful not less than anywhere else.

Due to high wave, the group had missed it.

Next is Koh Mutao (Auriol). At that time, there was high wave too but that was not a problem for diving here. I took some photos and jumped in for snorkelling with the others.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, there are still plenty of corals and fishes. Due to strong waves, it caused unsharp photo.

Suggestion: For a person who has never been snorkelling, you should stay close to your guild because he or she might see small little thing and tell you.

We spent 45 minutes here and took a break for lunch at Koh Dunkin which might be the only island that around tourist to get on the island. (Similar to Surin Islands)

There were public restrooms for tourist but some of them were still under construction.

Lunch today was rice with fried fresh chilli and fried chicken which was enough portion for one person and taste good (Or may be I was so hungry...hahaha)

Due to the tour stopped here for 2 hours, so people can do other activities as they wish such as lie down, swimming or kayaking. For me I was walking around and took lots of photos. When I walked to another beach, I felt like it was my person beach because there was no body.

Guild informed us that

"Due to there are less windy and waves, we are going back to Koh Cocks Comb".

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Everyone was so excited. As I told you before, I did not expect any special things from there. But I saw the corals at the entrance, I thought that I was wrong for the whole time that's why people called it the "Emerald Heart". There were variety of corals with different colour and lots of fishes.

Caution: due to the level of water is not deep enough, we have to be careful that we might step in corals or sea urchin.

Regretfully, we had limited of time so we only spent 30 minutes here. But it was the meaningful moment for me and inspired me to practice more on diving to have a chance to take a nice photos from the under water world as I wish.

Everyone got back to the boat with smile, it could tell that everyone got what they were expected.

Then we moved to Koh Yan... What happened was there were strong currents because of the wind and it also caused unclear water. Even how much beautiful of the corals but we had to swim downstream with unclear water, it did not give us any better photos

We spent 30 minutes at Koh Yan and heading back to Grand Andaman Hotel on Koh Son where we could get change and take shower at the hotel. Moreover, there was a dinner buffet provided.

(This is the advantage of Myanmar tour if compare with other tour in Thailand which provide lunch only. It might be because tour company, hotel and casino are the same owner so they do not have to find other property to support customers. (For your information, there are less shower rooms))

After that, tourists could take the boat back as their convenience. There was a boat every an hour until 11.00pm. You also could enjoy shopping duty free or casino before go back. For me, I was hurry to have buffet and got the boat to go back to Ranong because I would like to go to walking street of Ranong which was open for the first week

View from the restaurant

Waiting for staff to call for the boat at hotel lobby

Conclusion VDO of Myanmar Sea

In my opinion, Myanmar sea is very beautiful with white sand and clear water together with the greenery scene of the islands. If compare with Thailand, I would say that Myanmar islands are less beautiful than Similan, Tachai or other islands of Pungnga, Krabi and Trang. For snorkelling, they have more complete and varieties of corals and other living things under water world. I hope that they will keep it for human heritages to visit as long as possible. Even it is not belong to us but it is better if we help to conserve.

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