This review is all about Chiang Rai. I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Chiang Rai to review about Chiang Rai Tourism in winter in order to promote and advertise the charm of Chiang Rai during winter.

Thus, I have completed this trip on December 12-14, 2015. Air tickets and car rental during the trip are sponsored by Nok Air and AVIS respectively.

The hightlights of this trip are listed below,

1 The Mantrini Hotel on our first night.

2 Khao Soi Por Jai Restaurant

3 The House of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram

4 9 Tier Temple (Huay Pla Kung)

5 Singha Park (Boon Rawd's Farm)

6 Barn House Restaurant

7Café du Parc

8 Rasa Boutique Hotel Chiang Rai

9 Khao Soi Pa Nang Kham

10 Doi Chang Mub

11 Doi Chang Mub Mae Fa Luang Arboretum

12 Wat Phra That Doi Tung

13 The Colours of Doi Tung Festival

14 Pong Phra Bat Hot Spring

15 At Waterside Restaurant

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Here I am "Mae Pranorm" departs to Chiang Rai on December 12, 2015 by Nok Air,

Small snacks are distributed to every passenger on flight.

This aircraft transports me.

On arrival, we go directly to pick up a car at AVIS counter inside the airport.

After picking the car, we drive straight to check in at the Mantrini Hotel, Chaing Rai.

It is a four-star hotel in downtown Chiang Rai nearby CentralPlaza Chiang Rai. The room rate is about 2,000 baht.

Guest rooms are in a 2 storey cluster house. Our room is on the ground floor facing swimming pool.

Let's see inside the room.

This hotel serves buffet breakfast.

Once we finish with the check in, we directly for our first meal at Khao Soi Por Jai restaurant.

And here is the location, you can use goggle map to easily get here.

Khao Soi is pretty delicious. It is a well know restaurant in Chiang Rai and is always packed.

Once we are full, we driving to the House of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram in Chang Rai

The House of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram who is Former Prime Minister of Thailand or the Provincial Museum of Army is one of the most interesting learning center about historical sites in Chiang Rai. It is located in the area of Doi Chom Thong and opens daily to visitors without entry fee except public holiday!!

The House of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram is located on a hill close to Wat Phra That Chom Thong in extensive area and peaceful landscape. There are 3 ways to get here by car. It is a two-story house total width of 19.25 meters and 29.25 meters lenght. The ground floor is concrete while the upper floor is hardwood. The whitewashed wall made of brick. Upper and lower floors have three rooms each. There is a fireplace for using during winter.

The provincial army of Chiang Rai has brought antique gun used in World War 2 from both Japanese and Allies to display along with photos of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram. The exhibition allows visitors to see and learn about the history sites.

The role of northwest army is related to the House of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram because of the boundary agreement between Thailand and Japan during the World War II in 1939. Thailand was in charge for the East River, Salween River and the Mekong River. Untill the Pacific War in 1942, the northwest army was sent into Kengtung, Burma, which is on the side of the Allies at that time.

Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram thus used the house as a command center.


A coffee shop inside with pretty chill atmosphere

Let's see inside the house.

Our next destination is 9 Tier Temple (Huay Pla Kung).

The 9 Tier Temple established as an abbey until November 19, 2548 Pra Ajarn Popchok Tisatwaso came here to practice the dharma. At first, there was no temple in this area but since Pra Ajarn Popchok has the knowledge of astrology to predict things for villagers. Villagers then applied in their daily lives based on personal beliefs and became successful making Pra Ajarn Popchok widely known throughout the northern region and country.

Contact Information :553 Moo. 3, Rimkok, Muen, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand

Tel : 08-6620-0647 or 0-5315-0274

Getting there: From downtown drive forward to Mae Yao approximately. 6 km.


The temple has adopted and provided education to more than 700 children not only orphans, but also poor children whose parents had deposited.

Big pieces of pork and children enjoy eating them a lot.

There is papaya salad. Tourist can have but please also donate.

This is the building where the children live.

Leaving the temple to visit Singha Park (Boon Rawd's Farm).

Quickly stop at information counter to get tram ticket for farm tour.

50 baht each

Tram schedule

Ready to ride !

The tram stops at the key point to allow visitor to take photos.


The zip-line for those who enjoy the thrill.

For those who love cycling, there is a bike rental and road bicycle racing.

You can take your own bike to cycle here. It's free but you need to register first.

A tunnel through the road bicycle racing

We have dinner in Singha Park. The newly trendy opened Italian restaurant named Baan House inside the building where you can play zip-line.

Food menu. The price is very reasonable.

The appearance of food., I confirm that the pizza is very delicious.

After visiting Singha Park we come back to the hotel. In the evening, we go to a newly opened cafe in Chiang Rai called Café du Parc.

Here is the location, it is near the airport. You can use goggle maps to direct you there by typing Cafe du Parc, Ban Du.

And here we are!

The atmosphere is really chill.

There is also live music here.

We are here to sip the wine while listening to the music and chatting to each other. It is enjoyable.

The price on food is low, this one is only 65 baht and very delicious.

This one is also 65 baht.

The following morning we move to another hotel called Rasa Boutique Hotel Chiang Rai, a four-star boutique hotel. The room rate is around 1,300 to 2,000 bath (room rate varies depends on season)

The hotel is located in downtown on the main road not far from the clock tower.

The hotel's decor is moroccan style.

Let's see the room. We get to stay in a suite, which is the only one in the hotel (we get upgraded).

At check-in, a younger receptionist who is a fan of my reviews remembers me. I get upgraded to a suite and get to try the restaurant for dinner as well.

I have a big room together with excellent dinner.

The room is spacious and it is not that expensive from what I know.

And here is welcome drink, it is served directly to you in the room.

And here is how a standard room that we have booked looks like.

The hotel has only 1 suite. The rest is deluxe room in double or twin beds. There are 4 of them, which differ from others.

After checking in, we leave to another place.

Today we go to visit Doi Tung. On the way we stop to have lunch at a well-known Khao Soi Pa Nang Kham which is located on the same way to Doi Tung.

The fried overnight rice in similar shape to tofu is great. You have to give a try.

Khao Soi here looks great and super delicious.

This is the scenic point at KM 12 where you can enjoy breathtaking view, stop to take photos and get some drinks.

On this way, we are getting to start at Doi Chang Mub, which is the northernmost of the map, then we will go down to visit each places.

The scenic point of Doi Chang Mub is within the responsible area of the 2nd and 3rd troop of cavalry in Moo 10, Pong Ngam, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai. The units protect borders Thailand - Burma.

It is a tourist attraction and great scenic point. Tourist can do camping for free. It is the spot where you can see the sea of mist and sunset, which are very beautiful. On the same way, you make a visit to the garden of rhododendrons, Phra That Doi Chang Mub or even Phra That Doi Tung is not far away.

You can travel by car, take the Doi Tung direction. The viewpoint of Doi Chang Mub is about 1 km. to the north of Doi Chang Mub Mae Fa Luang Arboretum. You need to go here once you are at Doi Tung as you can find it easily by driving a bit further.


Next stop is Doi Chang Mub Mae Fa Luang Arboretum which is not far from Doi Chang Mub viewpoint.

Another place that you can have full lung oxygenation and many people have missed out on this, is. "Doi Chang Mub Mae Fa Luang Arboretum" which is located on the top of Doi Tung at an altitude of 1520 meters above sea level.

"Chang Mub" is the name of the highest mountain range in Doi Tung Development Project. Originally it is a plentiful forest with spectacular scenery. It was however destroyed by cultivation and opium planting.

The first visit of King's mother "Princess Srinagarindra", this area was just a mountain covering all over by grass. She see the beauty in it and had the will to restore the entire area to return to the plentiful forest again.

In 1992, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation agreed to build the Mae Fa Luang Arboretumon on an area of 250 hectares of this Doi Chang Mub. There are the collection of native plants and rare wild plants from various sources. Also, a number of "Rhododendrons" found in the high mountains of Thailand, Myanmar and China, particularly a red one that the princess likes the most. There are also "Thai Sakura" or "Prunus Cerasoides" which are beautifully blooming in the early months of January-February.

The first step in here is like walking into another world. Many people imagine that it is a heaven on earth. Fog is white covering many colourful flowers. Another attraction of Mae Fad Luang Arboretum is the walkways built on the hillside without destroying nature. You can amble along the hillside with spectacular trees, flowers, patio, picnic area and pavilion for seating. There is a big lawn where you can see sunrise and sunset beautifully. The backdrop is a mountain ridge of Thailand and Myanmar borders. This is a spectacular image that you just don't want to walk away from it.


Entry ticket costs 90 baht per person.

During my visit, the flowers have not bloomed yet but we really enjoy walking around.

Next destination is Wat Phra That Doi Tung.

Wat Phra That Doi Tung in Mae Chan district, is where a pagoda containing the Buddha's relics of the left collarbone. It was brought from India more than 1000 years ago according to the myth.

Around c. 918, Mahākāśyapa Thera and the king of Yonoknakhapanth and his retinue brought the relics to this mountain and pin the flag (Tung in Northern Thai Dialect) that has a length of more than 2 thousand meters. The tail of this flag was flown and the place the trail reached was meant to be the sacred zone. This is why this mountain is called Doi Tung.

Phra That Doi Tung Tung is the primal pagoda of spirit and uniqueness in the North. in 1927, Pra Ajarn Srivijaya decided to newly renovated the pagoda according to traditional Lanna art and newly built covering the same body.


It is really beautiful, if you visit Chiang Rai do not forget to come and pay homage.

Leaving the temple to the Colours of Doi Tung Festival. This event is held every year in late winter at Doi Tung.

Cars are not allowed inside, you must use the shuttle service, which is provided for free.

There is the show from hill tribe children.

There are many local products from hill tribe villagers sold here.

The sculpting porcelain live show is very interesting.

Let's continue to see more and more.

Walking street which full of many delicious things to eat.

Let's stop and drink some coffee that tastes good to me.

And it is just great to have coffee with perfectly grilled sweet potato which I buy from the stall in walking street.

We are back to the hotel for dinner, which the hotel has already pre-arranged.

Here you can see the menu and the price which is not expensive.

The foods from hotel are really delicious.

After being full, we go up to the hotel's roof top. The atmosphere is really beautiful.

We go to chill and have dessert up here.

In the morning, the breakfast in the hotel as usual

After being full, we then check out and go on with travelling as we be back home this evening.

Hotel staffs request to take pictures with us. I would say that the staff here is very friendly and we fell so welcomed here.

We leave the hotel and still have time left to visit Pong Phra Bat Hot Spring. Hot Spring that most nearby to the city of Chiang Rai.

Pong Phra Bat Hot Spring is located in Pong Phra Bat. Moo 6,Ban Du, Mueang Chiang Rai District. It is a natural hot spring. Originally, this area was full of Maiyalarb trees and pond. The hot water was found in 2-3 small ponds in this area. Then the Department of Mineral Resources investigated and examined the quality of water. The studies found that the temperature on surface is between 48-50 degrees while temperature of underground about 125-156 degrees.

Such temperatures of water, the municipality of Ban Du developed this place to be a warm bath for treatment and health purpose. There are also mineral baths (Balneology), which are widely believed in China, Japan, Europe or the Americas that showering or soaking in hot water (Ones) temperature between 42-45 degrees is great for blood circulation. Hot water will make amplify the body pores, clean the dirt and refresh the body.

It is believed that this can treat the pain in the joints, muscles and bones. Sulfur in hot springs help to heal skin diseases as well. Hot water found here can't be consumed. The concentration of fluoride and sulfur minerals are higher that the standards for consumption.


There is also massage service, if you feel like please feel free to try. It's not expensive.

Let's have a look the building where we can take a bath. There are totally two buildings.

The front building has 6 rooms; prices are cheaper because the room size is smaller.

The room rental rate is really cheap.

This is the room where you can take a bath or soak in hot water.

The outdoor pool is just 20 baht per person.

Outside, there is a place where you can soak your foot for free.

We go through inside, where the second building is.

The rooms in this area are bigger and look nicer. Thus, the rental rate is slightly higher.

The room rental rate, as you cans see it's still cheap.

Inside the building is very pleased. There is a made to take care regularly.

The room is spacious and a bath is large.

And this is another big room at 400 baht. This room fits up to 10 people.

It's time to go to the airport and we take a photo when returning a car.

We fly back with Nok Air again.

And this is our flight.

And this is the aircraft which will bring us back.

I have to end this review here. I wish you a very enjoyable trip to Chiang Rai.

Finally, thank you for the space that we can share and find helpful information for travelling.

Thanks to Nok Air for sponsoring the flights that take us there and bring us back smoothly.

Thanks to Avis car rental for sponsoring us the car throughout the trip.

Thanks to my fans for the support on Mae Pranorm as always.

I will try to do my review better and better.

Mae Pranorm

I love all the readers ..........................................

Again, mae Pranorm


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