Today I would to like to take you to Koh Racha Yai as this period of Andaman Sea has such a nice weather (at the end of the year). This is a special trip as I bring my camera drone and Go pro camera with me, so you will see photos from different angle.

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This review is to introduce you new place for relaxing, "Koh Racha" and the place to stay. Rayaburi Resort as my friend has invited me. If you have a chance I would suggest for an over night trip here because there are less people in the morning and evening. So can absorb natural energy from this island.

I took the speed boat of Rayaburi to Koh Racha. It took about 45 minutes to get there from Chalon Bay Pier.

Rayaburi Resort Office at the pier

It was nice weather but it was quite windy.

For you own safety, put on your life vest all the time.

Arriving to Koh Racha at Pa Tok Bay, The Racha Hotel....

There were a lot of tourists on the beautiful beach.

Then a pick up car from Rayaburi Resort came to pick me up. Rayaburi Resort located at Siam Bay which I believe it had clear water all year long.

I stayed at the new building of Rayaburi Resort, "Chino" building which combined Chino style with traditional Phuket.

Big bedroom with comfortable bed and bathtub

Coconut trees in the middle area of the resort which made the resort look more comfortable.

A course of scuba diving for beginner at Rayaburi Resort

After the trainer explained about equipment and safety briefly, we went to the diving point which was not too deep (less than 10 metres) to avoid water knocking when panic.

Diving to under water world ^^

There were still a lot of corals and fishes (VDO at the end of the review).

Twilight at the resort...

During festive season, the resort decorated with beautiful lighting.

Dining in the restaurant with fresh seafood menus

Beautiful night sky with all stars


Kid club

Morning moment before breakfast...

The restaurant for breakfast located at the beach front.

You can choose whether you want to sit inside or outside.

Breakfast at the beach

Then my friend and I took camera drone to take photos.

These photos can ensure that Koh Racha is also beautiful as other islands in Andaman Sea.

Photos from camera drone >>>

About time to go, it was another impressed trip of Koh Racha and I also got new angle of photos both in the sky and under water world.

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Lastly, information about the resort for your decision making

I like:

- The front beach is very beautiful and not too many people

- There is greenery area and coconut trees and nothing block the ocean view

- There is a lot of space in every room type

- Very nice and kind staffs


- Water is hard water which I am not sure if it happen in all seasons

- User and weather already damage some furnitures

- Room design is not attractive but over all is neat and clean

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 Tuesday, January 26, 2016 11:38 AM