A special episode on Iceland including all interesting stories on Iceland "ไอซ์แลนด์ฉบับย่อ"

A short VDO of this trip

And here is the 2nd episode of Iceland Trip

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Okay, when you are ready, let's continue our journey.....

After watching the glaciers and ice flowing into the sea, we travel to the eastern side of Iceland, which looks like a fjord. We arrive at the accommodation in Djúpivogur, which is a very peaceful port located on the main road. Our house is a 4 bedroom apartment with kitchen. Since it's located near the port, we have clear views from the bedroom window ... And all the utensils are fully equipped too. So tonight, we are going to cook and have a great meal.

This is our accommodation which is located near the port of the city

The atmosphere around this city is quite beautiful...The front of these mountains are the fjords that line themselves along the east coast.

The weather forecast said tonight the Northern Lights will come with KP4 strength which would allow us to see it with our bare eyes. But we must drive out the city for 30-40 km. in order to reach a clear enough area....That night, after dinner, we drive out of town and observe the sky along the way. Unfortunately, the sky is covered with thick clouds, causing no light to be seen and we finally go home empty.

The next morning we continue our drive along the fjord towards the east. The gloomy weather in the morning gradually improved, so we stop taking photos from time to time as scenery along the route is really irresistible.

After midday, the weather starts to be good. We find a place to sit for lunch at the lake side. The light reflected in the water is very beautiful.

From the eastern fjord, we take the road that cuts through the high peaks heading to the town of Egilsstaðir, which is the accommodation for the night. This route is usually not open for use during the winter because it is full of snow and some roads are still not paved. But fortunately, the snow was not much during the past 2-3 days so we are able to go through this road ... But it's actually a bit scary because the way was not paved, and there were snow and ice covered from time to time. Anyway, the bonus is...we could go up to play the snow on top of the mountain.

After getting down from the mountain, we found another frozen lake which give us a fun time shooting photos.

When arrived at Egilsstaðir town, we still have time left. We then decided to drive to a village which is an important port city on the east side named Seydisfjordur... On the way, we must pass the high mountain which is now also covered with beautiful white snow.

Seydisfjordur Village is a fishing village. Previously it used to be an American naval base. The house is Norwegian style. When combined with the location that is surrounded by mountains, it becomes a very lovely village. This village has population of 700 people. Every Thursdays, a big ferry will come from Denmark, making the village especially lively.

From Seydisfjordur village, we go back to our apartment on the outskirts of Egilsstaðir. On the way back, we take photos with the Icelandic horse at the side farm too..... I have to admit that horses here are very friendly, as soon as we reach the fence, they come towards us unafraid.

Tonight, we stay at the outskirts accommodation called Vallnaholt Apartments and Rooms. It is an apartment house with living room and kitchen. The bedroom is not wide, but the living room and bathroom are spacious.

The next day we drive through the plateau that is now covered with snow. The road has snow piles from time to time, requiring careful driving. Plus, today is another day where the wind is so strong that it almost broke the car door because of not being careful when opening. Luckily, we can catch it up on time, so there is only a strange noise and can be fixed back afterwards. Otherwise, we would have to pay a lot for the repair.... But all of this is exchanged with this speechless beautiful view.

Today, we plan to visit important waterfalls of Iceland, Dettifoss and Selfoss … Actually, we were quite worried about the road towards the waterfall. Luckily, the snow level is already low, so the road works well all the way to the parking lot. And the walkway from parking lot to the waterfalls are not so difficult.

The path to the waterfall is better than what we've anticipated. Snow is not thick and doesn't freeze into ice.

For me, the difficulty of photographing the waterfall is water mist. I have to keep wiping the lens. Anyhow, I have to admit that Dettifoss is such a magnificent waterfall and it's so worth our visit.



After watching the beauty and greatness of Detiifoss and Selfoss, we head to the accommodation tonight, which is near Myvatn Lake. It is a guest house with 4 rooms. We rent 3 rooms but since there's no other guests, the whole area become ours. And this is the only accommodation of this trip that includes breakfast.

We also pass the hot springs along the way too. Color of mountains in this area is quite different than other area. I think it looks quite like a cow skin color, hehe.

Our guest house is called CJA Guesthouse and it is surrounded by a nice atmosphere farm. The owner is also very kind.

Tonight is another night that the weather forecast said the Northern Lights could reach KP3-4 but it's quite cloudy in the area we stay. So I didn't bother to wait like the night before and go to bed at 10 p.m. Also I'm quite tired too.....But I wake up at 3 a.m. and open the door. There, I see a faint curve green light above the mountain in front of our house. I quickly go wake my girlfriend up and take out my camera....When I see picture from my camera, I'm sure this is the Northern Lights. But since, the cloud is still there and the strength is only at KP3, it's no so vivid. I also ask my girlfriend to wake the rest of our friends up too. For me, I walk to a darker side. Here, the Northern Lights are dancing all over the sky and it tends to get more vivid too although it's not entirely dark green.

Around 3 a.m. is the time when it most obvious in curve. The curve is so large that my wide angle lens barely capture it all. I was so excited and happy back then. I set the camera to shoot as a VDO until the northern lights gradually disappeared when the morning light comes.

The next morning, the owner put the food at a bar, including bread, cold cut, cereal, boiled eggs and various fruits. In addition to not having to wake up early to cook breakfast, the girls get to release some stress by shopping a handmade wool hats made by the owners too.

After saying goodbye to the owner, we leave our guesthouse and drive back to Myvatn Lake. Our tentative plan is to take pictures of the scenery around the lake before enjoying a hot spring at Myvatn Nature Baths. Then, we will move to the next city on the northern part of Iceland.

On the way, we pass Másvatn Lake near Myvatn Lake too. Water is now tuned into ice. We try to walk on its surface and enjoy our photography time here so much.

We also stop to take pictures at Skútustaðagígar, near the Myvatn lake too. The scenery looks like a volcano's mouth. But in fact, this kind of terrain is caused by the meeting between hot lava and cold water in the lake. Together, the gas pushes up until it forms a volcanic crater.

After that, we soak ourselves in a hot spring in Mybatn Nature Baths. It is another hot spring in addition to the famous one like the Blue Lagoon. This pond has less people and the entrance fee is lower. It is 3,800 ISK. The towel is not included so remember to bring one. Also, if you come here during cold weather time, you should also bring a bath rope to wear from a building to a hot spring as it gets really cold.... Each pond has different temperature and it's not considered hot when compared to Japanese onsen. But the highlight is the blue water and this beautiful scenery. We can be here for hours and not feeling bored a bit.

After a happy time at the hot spring, we now head to Akureyri which is the accommodation for tonight. Along the way, we stop at the Goðafoss waterfall. Here is another waterfall that I think is very beautiful and it's located right on the way. But unfortunately, the weather is not very favorable, it is full of rain mist in the entire area. So I couldn't take pictures as much as I had hoped.

The water here is emerald green. If the weather is good, it would be a lot more beautiful.

When the weather is not on our side, we must give up and move on to Akureyri which is one of the largest cities situated on the northern side of Iceland.... Actually, the road towards Akureyri is also beautiful but the rain is quite heavy so I didn't get to capture much of its stunning view. The rain just stops right before we reach Akureyri, so I stop and shoot some as the sky is quite beautiful now.

For this review, I'd like to end here at Akureyri. Then the next episode is the ending. I will take you to see the dinosaur rock on the north side, the symbol of Iceland, as well as the Golden circle, near Reykjavik..... See you guys gain in my next episode.

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