...The thing is ....we miss to go to Khao Mo Ko Chu because it is fully booked within the wink of an eye .. (I am serious), therefore; we have changed the destination to Khao Chang Phuak. Guess what! Wild elephants, the real ones are in the area so the National Park is closed for a visit for the whole year ... What shall we do now? We really want to hike....so we discuss

" We will find a place for sure, trust me ... "

We have ended up ... here at " Khao San Nhok Wua ". If you want to know how it is like, what do they have there .... Let's go!..

I have canceled my trip to Phu Kradueng before forming a team to go to Khao San Nhok Wua .... then I am ready to go !!!!

We are going to sleep in tents on this trip and cook ourselves for dinner on 6th and breakfast on 7th. So we have prepared quite a lot of stuffs.

We are driving there by ourselves in the evening of 5th. It is more than 300 kilometers to get to Khao Laem National Park and we have arrived around 1 AM. The photo below shows the route that we take and other choices of travel route you can take.

>>> Khao San Nhok Wua is the highest mountain in Kanchanaburi. The peak of Khao San Nhok Wua is at 1,767 meters above sea level. It is located in the northern part of Khao Laem National Park in Khao Khieo mountain range, Sangkhla Buri District. Khao Khieo mountain range is the forest in the western part of the National Park which some parts of it connect to Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. That's why the forest in this area is pretty plentiful and full with wild animals. The word San Nhok Wua is from how this mountain looks like since it looks like a hump of a cow (hump in Thai is called Nhok or Nhoke).

The journey get started when the National Park officer drive us to the starting point of trekking. This trekking path is not allowed you to walk on your own. You need to be accompanied by the National Park officer. From here to the camping site will be about 9 kilometers and it will take up to 6 - 7 hours of trekking. As a result, you can't return on the same day. You need to stay overnight by camping in the mountain. <<<

Credit: http://www.kanchanaburi.co/th

After an overnight stay here whether in a proper guesthouse or in a tent as you prefer, the morning that you need to start your journey will come. We gather at the parking lot to check the name and then we will be set in a group of 10 people before transferred into a car. If you and your friends are less than 10, you will be grouped with other people... This is also where you will meet your National Park officer who will lead you all the way up and the Sherpa for the first time. The car leaves at 9 o'clock sharp into the forest before reaching the starting point of trekking.

You can get your wooden stick here to help you walk when trekking. I would say it is kind of help but some of us didn't take it. We are ready for 9-kilometer trekking, so let's go!... Walking in the forest this time is very nice since the weather is not too hot. The sound of wind hits the leaves rings us that there must be a waterfall further inside. I also don't forget to look up and see the view from down here, it is totally refreshing ...

..but how come my face in the photo on the lower left is so pale...

After a while of walking and we feel tired. It is a good time to take a break. And of course, having something sweet is the best such as pudding, orange, and so on. :] If you take a closer look into the photo, you will notice that there is a person who dress very fashionable like he is wandering in Siam area back in Bangkok hahaha++

Then we continue our journey until noon when we get hungry. The National Park officer said that we should walk pass the steepest trekking path first and then there is a lunch spot he has planned to take us to. I guess he is afraid that we might throw up if we eat now. And this is how the steepest trekking path looks like. :]

They even have a rope for you to climb up. It is very narrow and some part is a cliff ... I totally agree now that we should eat later ...

They actually have a nice view for you to see. That mountain is Khao Radar.

We have finally arrived at lunch spot where we can take a good long rest about 1-hour long. For lunch, we have the lunch box we bought from the National Park earlier .. and this time is also a good chance to capture the smiles of all my companions ...

It is not a long walk anymore to reach the peak of Khao San Nhok Wua.... and.... and we have finally arrived!!!!!

It is not even 2 PM yet when we have arrived. Firstly, we need to reserve the spot for our tents. Who arrives first get to choose the spot first... We choose to stay by the cliff in order to get nice wind... and beautiful scenery...

You might question If we are tired or not? ....We would say... No no! We won't tell but this photo says it all...

..Even though the sunlight is very strong, it can't keep us from getting some sleep ...

There is a fresh water resource at the foothill which can be considered as far. If you go there to wash up yourself, you might be sweating already when walking back. On the other hand, the National Park officer and 2 Sherpa have gone to look for some firewood and water for preparing dinner ..

There is a toilet up here as well. It is just like the one we have at the soldier training camp.

We have just realized that we forget to bring a big tent with us which mean some of us have to squeeze in to sleep .... tonight ..

Let's rest for a bit before going up to the peak and then let's see what it has to offer! :]

There is another peak (Nhok or hump) that we need to go :]

This is the surroundings up here :]

They look just like P' B and P' Hun, the famous singers.....I guess they will end up together for sure ...

Once the sun is gone, it is time to walk back down to cook for our dinner. The tents are aligned as you can see in the photo below and the way we have made the fire is just like when we are in boy scout camp. We have grilled pork for dinner which is so good, I am telling you... and some instant noodle. Well, I am still clueless why having instant noodle with others is very delicious... :]

It is pretty cold up here with strong wind but this is not bad though ...

I am going to the peak once again before going to sleep to take more photos at night ...

After I come back, I have found out that I am the lucky one who need to squeeze in a small tent with the other two people ..

..Let's think positive! It is warmer this way ... so good night for now and we will go hunt the Milky Way tomorrow..

We have heard that the Milky Way will be shown in the eastern part of the sky during this month. Therefore, we have decided to wake up at 5 AM to capture the moment. It is the very first Milky Way experience for us as well ....

Once we have come back down to the camping area, breakfast has already been prepared .. menus are as follows.

- Tuna Sandwich

- Coffee and Ovaltine

- Spaghetti

Are we really at the top of the mountain? !!! It seems to me that this breakfast is even better than what I have back in Bangkok ... They are all tasty and I am so full now ... No wonder why I am so full because I eat a lot !!!

We are packing after the breakfast preparing to trek back down ...

Last but not least, the mission is not completely successful yet... We will go back to the peak for one last time with our national flag of Thailand to replace the old torn one. We have already asked the permission from the National Park officer yesterday regarding this and the answer we have got was "please, it would be an honor to have it changed :] "

I have spent some time here to get a good photo and I would like to say sorry as well to keep you waiting to take photo right here too ^^"

And it is time to trek down. Even though it is faster on the way down, it is still tiring. This is some of the moment captured along the way.

I was wondering why they asked me to carry the stuffs, maybe I dress like a Sherpa? ...

We are getting very noisy and it is a sign that we almost accomplish this journey.

We have arrived back down around noon and it was not even 3 hours of trekking .. We have walked down with this team. You can try to search for a music clip video called " การเดินทาง or A Journey " done by this team. It is very nice.

We are also granted for the certificates :]

Then the car is taking us back to the National Park main office ....

The mission to conquer Khao San Nhok Wua has come to an end :]

This is the ceremony to get the certificate organized by us. Since I dress like one of the National Park officer so I am the one who is giving out the certificates. Auntie who is nearby laugh so bad about this.... hahaha+

Before going back home, we don't hesitate to jump into the water and chill for a while ... and the time that we need to get separated has come not long after :] which is the end of the trip :]

Post-Trip Chitchatting :]

After coming back down...." my very first thought is that where shall we go trekking next time ?.. "

I am serious. I truly feel this way even though a trip like this is not easy and can be tiring especially for most of people hahaha+

...The camping site up in Khao San Nhok Wua has no facilities. Whatever you need, you need to carry it up there yourself. I found it very charming when trekking though. In addition, Khao San Nhok Wua is a good place to start off your trekking journey experience.

....A trekking through the forest, trees and sky we see when we look up, a sound of the wind, the dark that let us see the star and the sky more clearly, these all remind me of a song called " ชีวิตสัมพันธ์ or Relationship in Life ". Everything is truly engaged and connected with each other, and there are so many things for us to see and learn ... I always have my camera both DSLR and Compact with me and I always try to capture every moments because I don't know when I would have a chance to come back here again....

"..I love you, Khao San Nhok Wua..." I can say it sincerely :]

It is not only the experience with this place that we have got but also the strong rapport we build with every people along our journey ^^ such as with the National Park officers and Sherpa. They all mean a lot to us and not forget to mention our team as follows.

- P' Ball as a chief
- Diew and Tum as the entertainers (they are really being together after this trip)
- Pui and Phueng as food storage organizers
- Pok and Oh, a couple as chef ..they under-cooked the chicken once and they had to finish it by themselves
- New as a quiet photographer
- P'Jack as a new explorer in this kind of travel !!!
- And me, The Lung (Uncle) my theme of dressing in this trip is like an old man who loves Thailand so much

If one of you didn't come for this trip, this trip might never happen^^

Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful photos. :]

Expenses on this trip are as follows.

- 2 Sherpa service are 2,800 THB

- 2 Cars for the transfer in the National Park are 2,000 THB

- National Park officer service fee is 1,000 THB

- National Park Admission Fee for 10 people is 700 THB

Other expenses including food, snacks, fuel for 10 people are less than 1,200 THB per person

....And this really the end of this trip, another successful journey. How was it? :]

Khao San Nhok Wua would be another tourist attraction I would recommend for you to visit. Traveling in Thailand is fantastic, if you don't want to travel here leave it all to us. :] Enjoy your trip! And thank you for your kind support.

...Sawasdee Krub....

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Remark: This is Tum, the entertainer .....

Yes, I guess he is !!!!!

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