I was thinking about travel solo and my friend recommended that I should try Taiwan.

So I started google, search a map, set a plan and then fly!

1st Stop: Alishan

One of 'a must' place for visit in Taiwan.

A bit long way for transit train and bus to the Alishan mountain but it was worth of it.

With temperature about 11-17 degree and the greenery national forest park, I was spend most of the day to enjoy the nature and ozone.

A sunrise activity is also 'must do', you have to wake up at 4.00 am and get to the mountain top by old train. Believe me you will thanks yourself when you saw rise and shine sun.

2nd Stop: Sun Moon Lake

Who had name this lake? I wonder.

There was a large lake with about 10 km road surround.

I was thinking about ride a bike around the lake, but so far I change my mind.

A bit warmer here with 22-25 degree.

You also need to take a cable car to get a panorama view.

Up on the top of cable car station, there was a theme park called 'Formosan Aboriginal Village' which design as a aboriginal tribe style. This park was so big and also had many things to play, I was skipped all of the extreme things and walk around in the park.

For those who took a cable car here, if you are not meant to get to this theme park, so there was nothing to do any more up here. Just took a cable car and return back.

3rd Stop: Yehliu

I moved back to stay in Taipei and the next day I went out to Yehliu.

There was a geopark with many shape of rock, along the beach side.

It look similar with one of Thailand destination, Sam Phan Bok - Ubonratchathani.

A bit windy but good weather with nice scenery here.

4th Stop: Jiufen

Have you ever watch a Japanese cartoon 'Spirit Away' from Studio Ghibli?

This place was inspired to be the main location in that cartoon.

I took a bus from Yehliu, just change bus route at Keelung to Jiufen, so comfortable.

Jiufen old street was popular for tourist with so many kind of food; Xiao Long Bao and pearl milk tea was a must try.

If you are not to hurry, arrive here around 4.00-5.00 pm was a good timing, as they will turn on the light in the red lantern and so you will get the view as same as postcard.

5th Stop: C.K.S Memorial Hall

Finally, I was in Taipei so far.

I went to C.K.S Memorial Hall in the next day. It was another landmark to check-in.

6th Stop: National Taiwan University

This place also one of the location from Taiwanese famous Series 'F4 Meteor Garden', where the place that set for Dao Ming Xi's university.

Actually, first thing that pop up in my mind when I was thinking about travel to Taiwan was 'I will visit F4 university, I will seek for Dao Ming Xi'....(lol)

7th Stop: Taipei Zoo

I also wonder with myself that why I cannot stop visiting a zoo in any country I had been. It might be one of my habits.

The highlight was the Giant Panda and so the other animals also living in peace.

I suggest to take a zoo tram, which help you save more energy from a long walk (which I already sacrificed my legs.....).

8th Stop: Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

This area is the best place to see the Taipei 101 building.

9th Stop: Huashan 1914 Creative Park

As I read from the review which show the greenery house then let's visit.

There was a community zone for art and unique handmade gift, also some food and cafe shop.

Last but not least, I would like to share about Easy Pass card.

It was so comfortable and very convenience to use, also everything; bus subway, train even 7-Eleven also can use! This card help me a lot when I was in Alishan.

Just touch to paid, very easy, no need to count you cash currency. Love it!

- INK-


 Tuesday, August 6, 2019 11:50 PM