Are you believe this place is located in Vietnam?

Neither nor I. This place reminds me a Disney Castle.

This trip I do travel with my parents, took cable car up to the hills.

Chilling with cold weather and nice atmosphere.

Follow me to see my journey.

Ba Na Hills operated by Sun World

Ba Na Hills was located in Danang City. We took a van about 40 minutes from city.

We are guest of Mercure hotel so we got the special rate for cable car.

Took around 20 minutes to get these WOW views.

I assume that we are close enough to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

Good morning with the photo campaign before get to the breakfast areas.


All architecture here are so French, as named French Village.

Flower garden all surrounded for you.

We took another cable car for 10 minutes to get to famous 'Golden Hand Bridge' you can see...hundred people around here....what a popular!

Big flower garden next to the bridge.

This looks like Silent Hill movie location.

Walk up to Happy Garden, so many couple came for pre-wedding photo shooting.

I was scream for this! This is look like a paradise garden and also mix with King's Landing location from GOT.

My mom & me. 😎


In Fantasy Park was plenty of game machine, with the parents also enjoy. 😂😂😂

We choose Beer Plaza for our dinner...#MyDadAndHisFriend

So I try to get some photo that look alike Europe scene.

Light in the night.

Long time ago in a far far away land...

Evening time full with fog and mist as same as movie scene.

This is what reminds me to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Another morning with daddy's post.

My candid photo took by dad.

All areas was so beautiful.

I think I can feel Disneyland here....Even 2 nights stay on the hills but also not enough.

Every party has to be over somehow.

So we took a cable car,get away from Silent Hill place and heading home.✌🏻

Hope you like and enjoy my journey. See ya next trip!


 Wednesday, August 7, 2019 12:01 AM