This winter in Chiang Rai with the sea fog of two lands
The new viewpoint of Doi Pha Tang ‼️
If you are ready, let's go! 😂😂
☘️ The new sea fog view point of Doi Pha Tang, Amphoe Viang Kaen, Chiang Rai is now officially open!
After visiting Nueun 101/102/103, it is now time for 104 to shine! 😍

This is my 5th time visiting Pha Tang, and each time is different. You can go to the view point in both morning and evening.
But for the newest Nueun 104, I recommend going in the morning when the sun rises.

This is my first time at Nueun 104.
29-30 October 2019

☘️ Where can we find Nueun 104 on Doi Pha Tang?
It is on the northern side of Doi Pha Tang, while Nuen 102/103 is in the south.

☘️ To travel up to Nueun 104, you need to take a 4WD car from the entrance below or you can contact the service to pick you up at your accommodation.
the all-inclusive price is 500 baht (max 10 persons per car).

For more information, please contact:
👉 Pha Tang Tourism President 084-8060462
👉 Car Service Queue President 086-1837098

But now, we have to find a place to stay first. We chose to stay at Pha Tang Hill Resort, which is near the way up Doi Pha Tang.

In front of the resort, there are stores, restaurants, and a coffee shop. Those who are not the resort guests can also have dinner here; the resort's dining room is amazing. There is also a spacious parking lot. The rooms are built on the same level as the Doi's base, so you can see the view from every room's balcony. You can see the sea fog clearly in the morning and night.

This is the view from the main dining room's balcony. This photo taken of the fog is taken at around 10 AM in the morning.

There is still a lot of fog. The staff at the resort said that there is fog in the morning and in the evening. Those who don't go up the Doi Pha Tang can sit back and watch the fog and the sun set right from the resort. However, I chose to go up the hill both in the morning and in the evening.

If you walk down the hill, you can find our room.

When we arrived at our room, we could immediately see the sea fog. There is a large mirror on the wall at the back of the room so we could clearly and fully see the view of the fog up close. As for the rose, I put it there as a prop for the photo.

✅ Page: Pha Tang Hill, Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai Line id 0837824433
👉 Contact information
Tel. 0837824433
Line id 0837824433

✅ What's good about this place?
It is very convenient because it is located near the way up Doi Pha Tang; the price is affordable and the rooms are very clean and new with toilets inside. This is a photo of behind the room from which you can see the view of the sea fog. 😳😳

✅ During the high season, the price ranges from 1,300 baht (2 persons) and 1,500 baht (3 persons).
Breakfast is included, with delicious boiled rice.
💥There is also a special promotion only in February 2020: those who book a room during this month will get a special offer of 999 baht for the room, including breakfast and a pork barbecue set.

The best thing at Pha Tang Hill is dinner! In this cold weather, having pork barbecue is the best! The pork barbecue here is delicious and they give you plenty!

I had some and I loved it!

It is now 5 AM of the next day. Last night we had amazing pork barbecue. The weather is very nice and cool. It is 16-19 degrees at night and we didn't need to turn on the fan at all because it was very cold. I woke up at 4 AM and the car came to pick us up in front of the resort to take us to Nueun 104.

We parked our car at the base of the Doi Pha Tang and walked up in darkness for another 480 meters. The way up is quite narrow but I prepared myself well; I knew that my sight isn't very good so I wore a flashlight on my head so I could see better. I also wore sneakers and used the camera stand as a walking stick so I won't slip and fall.

Prepare yourselves well :)

#seafogoftwolands Thai-Laos was so refreshing!
The fog moves from Laos to Thailand 📸
I had so much fun taking photos. It only took a few minutes but it was very worth it. The first light of a new day was so beautiful so I really don't regret visiting this place.👍👍

At the top of the hill on Nueun 104, there is a bunker that was built for soldiers to hide in and there is a sign that says "Nueun 104" to take photos with and check-in online.

Then, the first light of the sun appeared. No matter which direction I looked in it was beautiful. For my first time visiting Nueun 104 and getting to experience this atmosphere, I consider myself very lucky.

There are many nice spots to take cool photos on Nueun 104 with the sea fog as the background. When I visited, not many people knew about this viewpoint because it has only been officially open for a very short time. Also, when I went up, there were only 4 other people there.

Because there were very few people on there, I could take photos freely without a crowd in the frame. I asked our guide if there is a lot of people will it be safe. He said that Nueun 104 has different levels to stand on and take photos, and the place where I was standing is the highest level. There are lower levels too but I didn't go to see them. From the highest level, you can see a 360 degree view which was the best.

When the sun came up and shone brighter, I could gradually see the view around me more clearly.

So, I could see how the way up that I walked up looked like, since I couldn't see well in the dark except for the path that was lit up by my flashlight.

The path also has a handrail along it, built by the Doi Pha Tang Tourism group and the villagers in the area. The way up and the way down is also different, so that people won't crash into each other when walking.

During the way down, there are many nice photo spots too.

I'm ending this review with a photo of a rocket-head like stone. When I visited, there wasn't any fence around the area, so I sat on the rock and took a photo.

I had a very good time at the beautiful Nueun 104, Doi Pha Tang.

Travel in Thailand and visit these amazing places!

Thank you for reading!

RinSa YoyoLive

 Tuesday, May 5, 2020 4:28 PM