The month of raining reason seems so gloomy that someone may feel a little lonely. Yet this review will take you away from the depressing rain to warm beaches and hot breezes.

Let's go back to the last summer when we could not think of anything but hot sunny beaches. Here we go. We, the One22, had a great trip to The Dewa Koh Chang in eastern Thailand.

We took it easy on this trip. At first, we were going to leave early in the morning, but we actually left late in the afternoon because something came up. Finally, we arrived at the harbor just before the last ferry left to the island.

As a long holiday was coming, a large number of people were waiting in line to take their cars with them to the island for their trip.

Apart from the travel expenses like transportation and food that we paid ourselves, we were offered a complimentary room by the resort (We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the resort).

If anyone feel like learning more about travelling with our family (Punpun and his small family but love travelling), visit our page You are welcomed to talk and share traveling experiences with us. We also have plenty of activities for you to join.

We, like the others, kept waiting to be on board.

Punpun, our energetic son, were running around until he got interested in the spotlight and stopped to look at it. So I could take him a photo (only his back really).

Traveling to Koh Chang Island is quite convenient these days as you can go there by car, bus, or plane. For anyone of you who would like to avoid a 5-hour drive, there are buses available early in the morning directly to Ao Thammachat Pier, where you can take a Koh Chang ferry to the island

Besides, Bangkok Airway is another good choice as well. Visit the airline website for more information.

You can check the current price of taking your cars with you to the island and how to get to the ferry harbor at Ao Thammachat Pier. The first ferry leaves at 6.30 a.m. and the last one is at 7.00 p.m.

Getting to the hotel itself is pretty simple: take the right after leaving the harbor and go straight on until you see the hotel sign. It takes less than 20 minutes by car. (Thank to the hotel for the map)

It was dark when we arrived. Here was the nice swimming pool, called "The Pool". After tucking my son into bed, I took a walk around the hotel. The sky was so beautiful with a full moon and plenty of stars that I couldn't stand myself from taking photos for my blog reader

That night was really quiet and a bit cool with clear sky and shining stars. I took a few more pictures and went back to sleep, planning to take more photos again early in the morning.

The resort atmosphere in the morning is inviting everyone to jump into the pool. I was probably the first one to get up and enjoy the relaxing ambience.

The boy with the eager smile was ready to jump off the pool.

Mama took my little Punpun into the pool before Papa came to join them. It was such a good time for our family.

Seen in the morning, the resort has got an extensive swimming pool.

It is good to enjoy swimming as it is not too deep for adults and not too small for children.

There are some stylish sofas placed around the pool for those who are fond of sunbathing.

The weather was just perfect to shoot the photos.

After swimming in the enormous pool, it was breakfast time. The resort restaurant called "The Restaurant" is located next to the pool.

The restaurant opens from 7.00 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

The dining room is wide enough to provide service to a large number of guests.

The natural surroundings with some coconut tress create a relaxing atmosphere for the breakfast room.

The feeling of the resort is very spectacular, especially at night when the pool shimmers in the lights..

Well decorated surrounds make it a good place to shoot photos.

Let's take a look at the food. During my stay for 2 days, I found that there were variety of Thai and international dishes like some porridge, spaghetti, noodles, vegetable dishes, and so on and they were really delicious.

In general, this is one of the hotels that provide a good many of breakfast choices as I have experienced.

There was a girl sneaking on Punpun while he was enjoying his breakfast.

I would like to recommend another good bistro on the beachfront called "The Beach". It is the good spot to enjoy drinking in the relaxing atmosphere at night.

The rooms here are also special. To start with the first type of room, each deluxe room provides 48 square meters in room space.

A king-size bed is placed right in the middle of the room. It looks so comfortable for a couple or even a family with a child like us.

An LCD television set is right in the corner at the end of the bed.

This picture shot from the bed shows the room entrance.

All needed amenities in the bathroom are right there for you.

The bathroom is located parallel to the bedroom with a big bathtub beside the translucent window next to the room door.

Our family was just perfectly fit to this room. The room is very well-appointed indeed with raw concrete style. There may be many edging corners that are dangerous to small children. Yet it is incredible for a deluxe room in general.

Another room type is "Villa", 60 square meters. They differ from Deluxe in term of the size and the layout. These circular rooms are located on two floors, one room each. The furnishings are warm colored.

It seemed like there were too few pillows for my family.

The photo shows the doorway from the bed.

There was a little boy doing something with a switch board. He is such a naughty boy.

A pair of chairs is placed outside the room next to a small pond. It is not quite a private zone because every room is facing one another.

The circle room is equally separated into 2 halves: a bathroom and a bedroom. So, the bathroom seems quite large.

There was a fabulous bathtub. My son and I absolutely enjoyed a long soak together.

Apart from the private issue of the relaxing chairs outside the room, this type of room, generally, is incredible great with an extremely comfortable bed and a large bathroom. We all could make the most out of it by playing together both inside and outside the room.

Let's have a look around the resort. It was a sunny day with clear blue sky.There is no point to come to the beach if the weather is not sunny and hot like this.

Trees were grown to add a sylvan ambiance to the resort. The clear blue sky, the hot beaches, and coconut threes really went well together. This is the hot spot for visitors. I had been waiting for such a long time before the seat was available for me to shoot the photos.

After walking around, Punpun felt like running wild like usual.

He was having fun with building sandy castle. Actually, he was well-dressed to have a good meal in a nice restaurant but it turned out just like this.

To playing with a child, we should act like a child, I believe.

It was really tiring to take the boy out for lunch.

We decided to have a meal here, the highest point of the island. The restaurant is called "Sea View Koh Chang".

The restaurant had a stunning view. We could see both big and small islands around Koh Chang. We really had a good time in this sea view panorama restaurant.

We were wondered where the people were since there were few customers even the foods was good and the view was incredible. Maybe it was a diving time for them.

Not so long after, the food was ready on the table. It was quite delicious.

It was followed by the deep fried banana with ice cream served as a fantastic dessert.

Punpun seemed to enjoy the meal more than the others.

After the meal, I'd like to continue to review the resort again by starting at the entrance. The first thing we met was the reception.

The waiting zone were well prepared for guests who were about to check in.

As looking right into the resort, a circle lawn was presented in the middle of the area.

I like the idea of having the greensward as it gives a sense of nature as well as gorgeous and stylish look.

It also looked great in the evening. Here is called "The café", a souvenir shop as well as a café with a great number of books for those who enjoy reading.

Here gives general picture inside the resort.

I was fascinated to these attractive areas.

There were few people right there in the afternoon. Thanks to the extremely hot weather, I could take photos as many as I desired without interrupting others.

Another highlight spot is the restaurant on the beach. It was beautifully designed to be quite romantic.

The sun had been warmly shining before it gradually set at the horizon.

A mother and a daughter were enjoying spending time with each others. It seemed such a nice evening to everyone.

So was I. I had a great time lying there and enjoying a fantastic sea view until the sun set.

The table sets were nicely placed on the beach waiting for someone interested in the wonderful sunset view.

I really adored the ambience of romantic evening here.

The tables might be reserved for couples who were coming. Who knew?

They were probably for a big group of friends who hadn't met for a long time.

Maybe they were for a small family who wanted to relax and refresh themselves from work.

Not so long after, the food was placed on the table. I really could not remember all the names of these dishes. If you'd like to order something like these, just open this website and show them the pictures.

This is a fish dish with some sour sauce. It was absolutely tasty.

I didn't know the name of the dishes but could only remember they all were very delicious.

That night was quite special because it was 2-year-old birthday party for Punpun. We had prepared a small cake for the most important boy in our life. He didn't understand what we were doing but it seemed he liked the cake very much.

It was one of the happiest nights during our 2 years together. He was the greatest thing ever happened in our life. Love you, my boy.

Last but not least, we definitely had a great time here. We came here as a family to relax and celebrate Punpun's birthday and The Dewa didn't disappoint us at all.

In brief, there are not too many rooms to make us uncomfortable to stay here. All the facilities are available on hand. I love the resort, especially the middle zone from the circle green field to the swimming pool. Our family very much enjoyed the huge and extensive pool.

The resort rooms are pretty good. The deluxe ones are well appointed with edging corners which must be careful for small children to get hurt. Parents can easily take care on this like usual. In term of the villa type, the bathroom is pretty attractive even there is no sea view. The thing that you can't miss is the sunset dinner since the resort is located on Klong Phraw Beach which is the most outstanding place to see the sun sets.

Before I finish this review, I remember there was a drama filmed in this resort called "Ta Wan Chay Nai Man Mek". You may see a beautiful resort that is the one.

Here is the VDO review from this trip. Someone may prefer VDO to just some pictures. Let me know if you like it.

I' d like to end this review with the boy who made this trip happen. His happiness is our happiness as well. Seeing him being able to constantly walk step to step by himself makes us glad and so proud of him.

It's time to say goodbye. I hope our review may inspire you to go out and explore Thailand. Please keep following for our upcoming review. Bye

Piyapong Chantong

 Wednesday, April 29, 2015 2:20 PM