At 5 AM, many people may sleep on their beds. Meanwhile, I am in the hurry to wake up and prepare myself for the trip.

I feel like my body is getting familair to be ready for each trip. Otherwise, we will miss the chance to take the beautiful photos if we spend too much time on sleeping.

I walk and currently stand in the front of Beach Front room which is the opposite side of the island.

This is very calm beach, there is only some light to lead you on the pavement. Meanwhile, I come across to see a hammock with the background of the beautiful serenity. At this moment, I feel like this island is belong to me due to this ambience.

For more reviews, you are able to follow the below link;

And it creates special moment because the stars have not disappeared from the sky, yet accompanying with the light from fishermen's boats, this creates even more special which you may not see it before.

Once I look through the View Finder, I can see many stars fulfilling the beautiful sky.

The natural light has created mystery in itself.

Once it comes up with the stars, we can get the exotic photos without using any photoshop to adjust the colour.

There is a hammock beside our room, I got the chance to lie down on it, it comforts me surrounding with the calm ambience.

Time flies so fast, I continue walking to the destination that I planned last night to see the rising sun from this place. And I finally reached it and awaited for 10 minutes. Then, my dream comes true, the sun starts rising little by little.

In the late morning of the other day before we got the chance to escape the rushing life in urban area to explore the fresh air, sea to in order to refresh both physical and mentality.

And we found " Klang Island" in Rayonng province, it is a small island and it is not far from Rayong Province. It takes about half an hour from the city to the island.

There is only 1 hotel in this island, it is " Manta Kiri Island Resort"

Before taking you to the beautiful of the beach and serenity, I would like to tell you a little backwards to yesterday morning.

It was the day that our small family of one22 started our trip from urban city to the beautiful nature.

Please follow us by getting a little backwards to the beginning of this trip.

Due to summer season, we could not find any better place than the sea. has made various trips to the sea.

And this time, we will take you to the sea which is pretty close to Bangkok and its beautiful scenery can't be beaten by the other as well.

If you still doubt about its beauty, please follow up to the hotel " Manta Kiri Island Resort in Manklang Island"

You can easily get to this hotel because it is close to Rayong City. To take the motorway and continue till you see the sign Ban Bueng - Thalang. To turn left and keep continuing on Ban Bueng - Thalang Road. To keep observing on the right hand side, you will see the tuning right sign at Thalang junction. To follow up the sign leading to Sunthorn Phu monument. You will finally see the sign indicating Manta Kiri Resort Pier.

If you prefer for the public bus, you are able to take the bus at the eastern transport terminal at Ekamai to Thalang district. The first bus departs at 07.00 hrs.

We spent almost 3 hours to get at the pier, we can be impatient to spend our wonderful trip here for 3 days 2 nights.

Our 1s stop is at Mannai pier , it is the turtle conservation center and it is also the private asset of Her Majesty the Queen. This island is far from Mae Pim Cape for 5 kms. You can also rent the boat from Mae Pim Cape to reach this island. Please feel free to find further contact details for the turtle conservation center , Tel: (038) 616096,657466 .

Big turtle looks very friendly.

As mentioned, we firstly visited the turtle nourishing area, there are many species of turtle are taken care at this place. The visitors can closely visit them. The turtles are in the concreted pool, there are various size of turtle from baby turtles till the aged turtles which are ready to be released to the sea.

The turtle conservation center is pretty close to the turtle nourishing area, it presents the history of all turtles in Thailand. Many big turtles are conserved by stuffing.

From the above picture, it is leatherback turtle, it is also stuffed for the study of the new generation.

We have spent almost 1 hour in Mannai Island. Then, we continue to our destination of this trip " Man Klang Island".

Once we arrived, it is unbelievable that we will see such the beautiful beach of Thai gulf.

It can be said that Man Klang still sustains it beautiful nature and privacy.

The water supply is supported 24 hours but the electricity is timely supported from 5.30 pm. till 08.00 am.

For those people who are interested in visiting the beautiful sea as well as reading a book, the hammock at this island is awaiting for you to lie down.

A little boy is very curious to explore the beautiful sea.

As this is the private island, the visitors who wish to come to this island, they must purchase package tour. According this reason, it makes this island remain the sustainable nature.

You are able to chill out on the hammock to boost up the energy.

So, it is the time to have a look at the accommodation of the hotel, all rooms of this hotel have almost 100% Sea View, they are only some rooms that have beach front but you can still hear the beautiful serenity.

This hotel has 2 room types which are 7 Sea View rooms, this room can accommodate 4 people and the rest is Beach Front (11 rooms).

Back Sea Front Lodge, this room type can accommodate 2 up to 4 people. The real ship has been taken and designed as the accommodation, the interior design is well organized and colored. This room type (ship) can accommodate 4 people and there are available for 4 rooms in this hotel.

The interior design is based on white tone which makes you indulge with the sea atmosphere.

This is one the lovely corner which is decorated from natural materials, it brightens up the room to be more pretty.

To be continued, there is another room type, it is called Sea View Lodge facing to the sea to let the wind flow. You are able to enjoy with the moment.

Inside Sea View Lodge room, it looks nice and comfortable though.

Even though wooden ship is somehow indicated that it has been an age that it is used as the accommodation. However, the owner still takes a good care of it.

You are still able to enjoy the nice view even you are in the bath room.

The final room type is Beach Front Lodge, they are built like L shape, the purpose of building this shape is to let the guest enjoy the sunset.

The interior decoration in each room is different, the owner tended to do it on purpose in order to differentiate furnishing materials as much as possible.

The decoration of each room type is greatly generated the sea breeze, this can refer that the room decorator really works attentively in room decorating. The furniture is well aligned with the white tone (the core color of room decoration).

In the afternoon, we do one of the famous activities that tourists usually join, it is diving. Most of the tourists who join in the same boat, they choose to dive. In contrast, we prefer to remain on the boat and take the beautiful pictures instead.

It is time to get some rest in the hammock surrounding with the exotic atmosphere.

For the menu during your diving trip, 4-5 menus will be prepared for each trip. However, this is based on how many groups to join in that particular trip.

Stir fried shrimp with curry, this menu is super delicious.

Stir fried Spanish mackerel with fish sauce, this menu is very crispy and a bit salty but it goes very well once we have it with rice.

And we finally come up with my most favorite dish, it is called " Stir Squid with Garlic and Pepper", this attracts my appetizing. It is really amazing and delicious.

After finishing the meal, we wander around the resort and find Kuan Im Shrine, this is the only shrine on this island.

Kuan Im shrine is the sacred place that are respected by the fishermen. It has been built for a decade.

The shrine is located at the edge of the cape, you are able to walk from your room to the shrine directly. We prefer to come here in the evening to enjoy the sunset from this point. As we have seen, there are also a few guests who come to visit this place too.

We can really feel the sacredness of this place with the evening ambience.

However, once we look at Kuan Im Statuette, this makes us feel so relaxed and fearless. Meanwhile, we still continue taking the photos till the last light of the sun disappears from the Sky. We extremely happy from the wonderful trip today.

In the late morning, all electronic lights are being turned off. We feel that our minds start being relaxed without any hastiness.

To play with swing and chill out on the beach with the refreshing drink.

The time for us starts running slowly, the real happiness is to see our little boy be curious to play the sand and swim in the sea.

You are able to follow up the below link to participate a simple activity to win the chance to stay at this hotel.

We really hope that this review will inspire you to find the special moment to be with your family or your lover.

The important moment is the sunset.

For those people who wish to see both sunset and rising sun, this place is highly recommended for them. This is very charming and it will surely make their relaxing days even more special because they are able to see the sunset easily from the front of room.

At the moment that the sun almost disappears from the sky, there is a giant ship with its amazing look.

Meanwhile, I continue taking the photos, I feel like this island is on my hands. It creates many special moments on Man Klang Island.

After, we have satisfied with taking photos of sunset at some points. We suddenly realize that there is another viewpoint " Hin Daeng Gulf" which we can enjoy sunset again.

Eventually, we reach our destination to view sunset again.

A little boy is always very curious with surrounding area.

From this photo is well illustrated that son's happiness is the most important thing for parents.

The trip joiners are very kind, she assists to take care my little boy.

With hope that we will see each other again in the next trip.

To sum up, even Manta Kiri Resort at Man Klang Island might not be the hotel where provides comfort as much as 4-5 stars hotels but this hotel is full of the owner' love in who wishes to preserve and sustain the beauty of Thai sea. With its charming point can attract people who wish to escape from the hasty lives to relax on this island.

Please be noticed that there is not the convenient place on the island, we highly recommend you to prepare a small medical kits before you travel to this place.

As the hotel does not provide any special zone for children, thus you are required to well prepared all necessary things to take care of children In case that you take the children with you.

The electricity on this island is very valuable because it is produced from fuel. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who desire to use the internet or play with the social Line because you need to leave them behind and touch with the beauty of Thai sea instead. This place is the right if you are looking for hearing the beautiful serenity, reading your favourite booking

This is one of the beautiful sandy beach, it is awaiting for you to prove.

It is almost the end of this review, we would like to leave you with the beauty of star in the sky at Manklang Island.

To leave you with the calm hammock and leave you with the serenity in order to maintain this moment in your memory.

To leave you with the calm morning which makes you hear every steps once walk on the sand.

We really hope that our family will bring your some benefit for your decision making to start taking your lover for the nice trip.


You are able to contact for furter information about the accommodation at

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