The word "Silvan" come into my mind while I walk through such a verdant trees tunnel. Am I at the sea?

I am on the way to my room at "Peace Resort Samui". But the more I go inside, the more beautiful nature I find, that makes me curious whether I'm really the southern island Samui. I see various famous seeds mostly found in central and northern region.

Or the trees that can be found only at the sea. This seems to be another highlight of the place.

Upon going to the sea, one of the criteria I use in selecting accommodation is the green environment. The points will be given to those who take good care it. If the environment is good, I give even more points.

And now I'm taking you guys to another resort that I had a chance to visit at the end of last year. I don't have any idea about this resort until one day I happened to go to Samui and accidentally found it.

And prior to my review about this place....

May I turn back to the beginning of this trip.
It was on an early morning of lest year .....

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Almost 2 years since my last visit to Samui with baby Yak and his mommy. I seem to forget about Samui until today that I have a chance to go to Peace Resort Samui. The one and only resort that is covered up with incredibly beautiful nature.

Our trip begin at Donmuang International Airport with the earliest flight.

The sun just comes out from horizon. Early flight is so great that it give us more time to enjoy traveling.

The plane must be from China according to the cool design.

This trip I chose airline that I'm familiar with, AirAsia. While I was looking for a flight, I found this "Island Transfer" service from AirAsia which is a plane ticket to Suratthani Airport plus ferry ticket to Samui. Very interesting. But it takes more time than direct flight to Samui for sure. However, it's not that expensive and seems to be a more convenient choice comparing to taking a bus. Or comparing to what we did last time, we rented a car from Suratthani Airport.

Luckily we meet with such friendly flight attendants that allow me to take photos

The Island Transfer service can be easily booked via AirAsia website, same as normal ticket. The website provides flight schedule as well as arriving time at Samui.

After landed at Suratthani, we just showed plane ticket to the staff at ferry port which is located next to the airport. AirAsia has contacted with "Racha Ferry" in advance, so it was easy to find. Upon stepping out from the gate, you will see the bus.

Previous trip, we traveled by plane and car, rent at airport. This time we change to plane, bus and ferry. It might sound complicated but actually not. As soon as we get off from the plane, just look for AirAsia booth at the exit, staffs would take care of everything else.

After that staffs give bus ticket from "Pantip Thongtew" which is waiting in front of the airport.

Not too long, the bus bring us to Donsak port in order to take ferry, from Racha Ferry, to Samui. The ticket price is current 150 THB per person which is already included with plane ticket.

It might take little time to wait for the ferry but, for me, it is such a valuable moment to escape from starring at screen to enjoy beautiful nature and take a clear deep breath.

More importantly, many bright ideas popped up in my head while I was on this big ferry.

Not too long, we are at reception of Peace Resort Samui, our accommodation for this trip. Iced Roselle juice has been prepared as welcome drink.

Peace Resort is located on Bophut beach which one of the most peaceful beaches on the island.

Reception zone is almost fully decorated with wood, based on my judgement, giving a mood of raw wild since first step.

Add more sweet feelings with colorful sofa and the grassy rice placed around resort. I want to apply this idea at my home as well.

As mentioned earlier, I really "like" the cool and pleasant atmosphere fulfilling with this eye-catching trees.

Along the walk way, there is a tailor's shop that the resort imitated same as walking in a real shopping district.

The shops are separated. There is also a souvenir shop as well.

Living room for surfing on internet.

Library is full of foreign books.

There are KidZone and outdoor playground for family the kids.

Along the way to our room was quite verdant. I think the main feature of this place is a lot of garden and trees which are in a very good care.

Let's check on the room. It is Deluxe Terrace Room Type, well spaced with 42 SQM.

Upon going inside, my eyes were caught with huge bathtub in front. Big guy like me can comfortably lay down.

Outside view is very mellow.

A desk is on the right-hand side, together with LCD TV.

At the end of bed, there is a 6-feet mattress equipped with lots of pillows, suitable for laying down. I have to say I fall asleep here very often.

This 6-feet king size bed is very clean and comfy.

There are lots of pillows. There rattan cushions for foreign tourists who like Thai stuffs.

I like the chic wooden bird couples. Cool idea.

On the desk, there are welcomed fruits, together with foreign magazines. Would be great if they were Thai.

Let's see the bathroom. The very large and well spaced between shower and toilet.

The toiletry

To conclude, the room is naturally well decorated with a perfect combination between wood and lime. Such a liveable place.

Now I'm bringing you guys to another interesting room.

This is the lowest-price type which is quite reasonable. Although it is a normal room type, but the room is not that small. It is surrounded with garden view that allows you to feel the freshness before entering.

Most of the room here are "Superior Bungalow", 32 SQM with terrace in front.

Let's see inside.

The overall is great, suitable size and fully quipped, comparing with bigger superior type.

Number of pillows are slightly less than mine but enough to make have a good dream.

Decorations are lovely but still represent Thai style.

Size of the bathroom is just right and is clearly separated each zone.

And now is the biggest room in Peace Resort.

The "Beachfront Villa" is located on the best location of the resort which is beside the sea.

It has largest space of 64 SQM.

The terrace in front of villa is just one step from the sea.

There is large daybed in the middle of the room where you can relax and take some rest. The resort also offers afternoon tea and laundry service, free 4 pieces. This is such a great idea. I have never seen after service like this before, making it more exclusive.

Sunbeds are in front of villa. Foreign tourists could enjoy sun bathing.

Next is a roomy bathroom with huge jacuzzi and mirror.

As we are at the sea, I'm taking you to the beach in from of Peace Resort where you can enjoy swimming. Bophut beach is nice and sound enough to make you want to jump into the water.

On a nice weather day, like today, is suitable for reading book absorbing surrounding ambiance.

Shady trees are really highlight of this place. You can find them everywhere. So great!

There are sunbeds for guests to either relax or have sun bath. But for me, I prefer cooler place.

Here, can you see the shadiness and cleanness. I barely see any garbage, even a piece of paper on the beach. Thanks to guests' manner and all resort staffs.

The pool here is very pleasant and wide in reform shape, but long enough. Suites for all ages.

Lots of sunbeds. During my stay, the resort is not fully booked, so there are plenty of sunbeds available.

Another view for beautiful sunlight, clear sea and nice pool.

Going to the only restaurant in resort ,"Sea Wrap Restaurant", that provides all-day meal.

It can be called international cuisine as well. Apart from Thai food, it also offers Italian, French and Chinese one. This is a corner in the restaurant which is used for serving all kinds of egg menus in the morning. Very colorful.

The day and night view of the sea here are very cool and cheerful

Let's move to the food. We start with the entree like Pork Satay served with jelly, strange but nice. The side dishes are cooked in Thai style. The chef would observe whether guests are Thai or foreign, so that he would flavor accordingly.

I would guarantee from my experience that Pizza at any resorts always has better taste than well known one.

And here is not an exception.

I order Half and Half Pizza and the taste is really good for both of them. I can't remember the flavor, sorry that, but you can ask from waiters. This way works every time, trust me.

This Papaya Salad with Soft-shell Crab is superb.

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup tastes good as usual.

This Thai dish is a recommended one, Roasted Duck in Red Curry, that they use big duck thigh. You can taste the sweetness from various kinds of tropical fruits such as rambutan getting along well with curry paste. This dish is sooooo delicious!

Northern Style Curried Noodle Soup form near by table.

A must try Spaghetti.

End the meal with Deep Fried Prawn Spring Roll. This one is also recommended. Crunchy from the outside to inside.

Let's see the night ambiance.

Start with lobby. In the evening, you will see lights on the trees and around garden, look stunning.

On the peak time, tables beside the beach are all booked. It is so romantic. This beautiful shot I take before other guests come out.

There is a pool bar on the right hand side of the beach called "Talay Pool Bar".

There are tables along the pool next to the sea side.

And last shot with the bamboo tunnel that we see on first day, giving different feelings.

To sum up, Peace Resort Samui is one of the original resorts on Bophut beach. The environment has been renovated for many times. I have never been to Bophut beach before but this is quite a first impression with the beach and resort. The highlight must be landscape architecture and nice decorations that make it look cool and pleasant. Everything is mellow. The resort is quite large, with 19,200 SQM and 122 rooms in total. It is counted as an interesting medium size resort.

Interior is a Thai Modern style used almost 100% wooden decorations giving amiable feelings.Not too luxurious. Suites with small to medium family.


I would like to present resort's promotion. With the price range of 3000+ THB, the resort has many competitors. As we can see that we barely heard about Peace Resort before, even they join Thai Tew Thai Event almost every time. For those who would like to experience natural resort like this, it is the best to grab nice promotion from Thai Tew Thai Event. The rate is quite well. If you are interested to stay at the resort, please visit

Personally, I think this place is still waiting for more Thais to explore as, during my stay, I notice that I was the only Thai group. Foreign tourists normally know good places better than Thais. So, I encourage you guys to go.

See you on next trip. Bye.

Piyapong Chantong

 Thursday, April 30, 2015 5:52 PM