Ohayoo Gozaimasu!!! Say hi in Japanese because today we will take you to Japanese Restaurant near Eka-mai - Ramindra Toll-Way, "Hako Town" where you can find all kinds of Japanese Food such as sushi, sashimi, ramen, shabu, etc. Let's go find out together. >>>

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Direction to Hako Town: Located on Eka-mai - Ramindra Toll-Way Road. If you come from Ekamai Road, go straight to Kaset-Nawamin intersection and U-turn back around 500 meters then take a left. You will see Hako Town before Esso Gas Station.

This girl is standing out front for welcoming all customers. She is nice and pretty. ^_^

Children really like this corner with all restaurant decoration of animation because they just finish the event of animation. (The restaurant changes the theme every week)

Once my little boy sees them, he is starting to ask if he can take it with him (Hahahaha)

After walking around, we stop by to write our wishing card and hang it there like when you go Japanese temple in Japan.

If we let him write on his own, we will not be able to read ^_^"

Here seems like a food town where there are many Japanese style restaurants such as sushi and sashimi restaurant, Rice with topped food, Japanese BQQ style shop, Ramen restaurant and many other shops and restaurant.

Payment method, they use card as in normal food court.

When the sun down, it does not feel that hot anymore. For mosquitoes, the restaurant put the mosquitoes repellent under every table.

Starting with our starter "Gyoza"

This is Hako Gyoza, very tasty and delicious

Followed by grilled mushroom with Japanese sauce on charcoal from Kushi Maru restaurant. There are various menus of mushroom as you wish because they have their own mushroom farm. This dish tastes good and sauce is not too sweet.

Then continue with chicken terriyaki serve with lime if you like to add more taste

While taking a photo, small hand of my son is coming closer and closer and starting to ask "Dad..when we can eat?" hahahahaha Oh....poor boy!!! >_<

We order drinks from Yoi Bar

Both cups are soda, if I remember correctly, it is Tokyo Soda and another one is Fruit Soda. These menus are refreshing but do not recommend for children because will be gas in stomach so the best is water and fruit juice.

Continue with our main course, I order Chicken Terriyaki with Rice for my son from Oyako Restaurant which mainly provide rice topped with eggs and chicken menus. It is very delicious, confirmed by my son, Punpun. ^^

Another menu from Oyako is Rice with chicken curry.

Another recommended menu is Tasty Dry Ramen of Maru Shabu. It is very delicious especially with Lava Egg mix all over...Umm...Yummy!!! ^^

Also do not forget Sembe of Maru Sembe with Japanese style crisp rice menus. We have tried Squid crisp rice which is very thin and crispy. Moreover, you can see the very thin squid in the middle. (Another choice is shrimp) ^ ^

And of course we cannot miss is sushi, like we order salmon sushi and salad. It tastes so good

There is not only all kinds of menu for you to choose, there is also an event that changing every week. We have Khun Pla from page Plariex to draw cartoon picture for everyone who comes to the restaurant today.

Cute and have a person's character

Oh my god, he is not staying still, Khun Pla have to wait for a while to draw our picture. >__<

We are having fun anyhahahaha

Finally, it is done^^

Thank you very much for a picture....Khun Pla

Let's take a photo together!!!

This is over all atmosphere of all restaurants in Hako Town. The good time to come is 5.00pm. on ward, it is a good place to sit and chill out.

From this corner, it looks like street shops in Japan. But how many people know that all the shops are build from container. It is such a good idea.

Beautiful corner!!!

It is time to go home. Hako Town has one thing that you need to be careful is mosquitoes even the restaurant have mosquitoes repellent under every table.

Good bye Summer !!!

Hako Town imitates many shops and restaurant from Japan, not too expensive and every menus taste good (for our family). I would say that it is quite hard to find a place with good atmosphere and not too expensive like here.

Last event for summer is "Goodbye Summer..Hako Changes" on 3rd May 2014 to say goodbye to Sakura and Summer with firework in Japanese Festival.

“This is what you are waiting for, say good bye to Sakura and Summer at Hako Town in Japanese Festival"

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If anyone who like to come on that day there is a special buffet in Goodbye Summer..Hako Changes.

See ya!!!...Bye Bye

Piyapong Chantong

 Thursday, April 30, 2015 5:59 PM