To escape from the hot weather, there will be some place that you could think of apart from going to the sea, I will go to the fruit garden. I will take you to Chanthaburi Fruitpital in order to visit the fruit garden and try the local fruits of Chanthaburi. The master fruit would be durian (King of fruit) and mangosteen (Queen of fruit) and other fruits; rambutan, langsat and Zalacca. We are able to choose to eat on our preference, all fruit garden owners have arranged fruit buffet for tourists who come to visit the fruit garden and sell the fruit in front of the garden. I choose to go to my friend's garden.

I have appointed with my friend named Amm, I have got the chance to visit her fruit garden. The fruit garden is actually the main business of Amm's family. Her family has planned various types of fruit in 12 acres. It is so nice and shady over here.

I am not reluctant to discover mangosteen, I have been told by Amm's parents that it is quite drought so the agricultural product is less than usual. I have tried some magosteen, it is very sweet and it should deserve the name ' Queeen of Fruits'

The owner of fruit garden leads our tour around the garden.

Apart from mangosteen, I have discovered durian (the king of fruit)

Furthermore, there are also langsat trees. Fortunately, the trees are not so high, hence I am able to pick some langsat and eat.

I have taken some mangosteens from the garden. After trying some fruits, it is time for having lunch. We will go to Phad Thai 100 Kra Ta restaurant, it is highly recommended by local people. I drive the car heading to Chanthaburi down town passing Shrine of the city pillar ( on the left hand side). I just simply turn left before crossing the canal. There will be restaurant's sign on the left hand side.

I am so hungry, thus I have ordered Phad Thai (Stir fried noodle in Thai Authentic style) shrimps + lobster. There are various types of noodle available, I am also able to choose to suit with my preference.

Here it is! Phad Thai with shrimp and lobster.

It looks appetizing but I need to inform that it might take some time to wait for your dish because chef will cook dish by dish. Alternatively, you are able to call to order in advance.

I have finished taking the photo of Phad Thai and started eating Phad Thai.

After fulfill the stomach, I will go to Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort in Pong Nam Ron district. However, I have passed Makham district, I have decided to visit one popular bakery shop named Ratchanee. It is a good choice to come her after finish lunch, then it is necessary to follow with the dessert. The signature dessert of this bakery shop is Chinese Pastry. According to my Google search, it is necessary to reserve it over the year. Once I have tried the dessert, it makes me truly understand why it is necessary to reserve over the year. It is so delicious.

Please have a look on the process of making Chinese Pastry, the owner has made it by her own. I guarantee that you will have the great taste of Chinese pastry. She is very kind and let us try 4 Chinese Pastries.

It is so delicious, she is making Chinese Pastry as per order last year. For those who like to try it, you will have it next year.You can come to collect once it is the appointed date, please do not forget that you have ever ordered.

So, it is time to go to Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort, it is the complexed center which consist of golf course, forest, fruit garden on 2,000 acres area.


The hammock at the balcony

Inside the room

It is very shady while looking at the golf course

The swimming pool to relieve from hot weather

We are able to do some cycling in the late evening. Furthermore, there is also the reservoir in the resort where will be used to sprinkle the trees and use for other purposes.

The reservoir is as big as the lake in my perception, you will see Soi Dao Tai Mountain as the behind scene

The twilight in the evening

To enjoy cycling and indulging with the beautiful nature

To inhale the pure air and await for the sunset

Behind the scene of the video, I have placed Gopro on the floor and do cycling and walking around.

Before sunset ... in order to indicate that tomorrow is arriving

After sunset, it is time for dinner but if you prefer to eat outside the hotel, it is also not far.

I have ordered some menu of the resort restaurant. Which menus should be ordered? Here they are! Stir Fried Chicken (Kai Kua Soi Dao) , it is marinated with salt and pepper, then deep fry.

Deep Fried Spare Ribs

Stir Fried Pork with Cardamon

The outside atmosphere of restaurant

To wake up and enjoy seeing the beautiful view in the morning

Breakfast is important

To sit on the golf cart and travel around the resort

The staff has driven the golf cart and lead the tour.

Passing each PAR

There are some trees along the way.

The golf course is so spacious, there are the coffee shop where where we can take some rest and chill out.

Bamboo trees

It is the late morning, it is time to check out and go back to Bangkok. If I have got the chance to go back to Chanthaburi, I will surely go to try some fruits again in the future.


Story by LingPle Mayuree : [email protected]

Photo by : LingPle Mayuree , Puffin Coral

VDO Man by : Nawapon Punpeng

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