At the end of last January, in the period that Bangkok people and many of Thai people from different provinces are feeling excited about a cool whether that coming to Thailand. I personally have experienced that cool whether too, but I was in Japan which Japanese local people tell me that that period is the coolest period in a year ... I have faced with a heavy snow fall, many travelling plans have to be changed unexpectedly but thing that I get in return are pictures of white snow which are covering over the city and mountain. It turns many places to a beautiful dream place which I will write a review of traveling route named as Shoryudo soon. With a detail of travelling places-accommodation-eating place.

But for today, I would like to collect some pictures from travelling in Japan on the day that snow falls in difference cities here ... to confirm that Japan does not look beautiful only during a Sakura blooming and the leaf changing it color period but the day it is covering by the snow, Japan also looks beautiful like a heaven and you don't have to go to remote area like Hokkaido. Buchu region or middle area of Japan seems like a roof of Japan that takes 3 hours far away from Tokyo and Nagoya. You guys also can feel a fluffy snow there too.

Before we start, I would like to suggest you to follow my works too.

Photo from the edge of the bus's window from Nagoya to Toyama

Car break point on the way. Snow is falling so heavy

Fugan-ungakansui at night at Toyama city

Atmosphere beside the train rail on the way from Toyama city to Kanasawa city.

Kenroku-en garden is located at Kanasawa city.

Atmosphere at Wakuraonsen city, located beside Nanao bay.

Shirakawago, World heritage village in a bright day.

Takayama on the day that the whole city is all covered by the snow.


 Wednesday, June 29, 2016 3:01 PM