Hello Everyone. This March, the winter time passes by pretty fast that we could feel the cool breeze for only a few days.

And here comes the summer time. Speaking of the summer, many people will think of the time of relaxation. Go to a beach, get a sun tan, take a picture with the clear blue sky and lie down on a white sand beach.

No matter you are traveling as a couple, family or friends most people would have one same question “Which beach should we go this time?"

Thailand's sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world, especially the sea in the southern part of Thailand.

Both the Gulf of Thailand zone and the Andaman zone, there are many beautiful islands for relaxing during the summer time.

For a sea lover like me, and as I have a chance to experience some of the beauty of those islands before, therefore, I would like to recommend one-day trip to the 4 islands that everyone would dream to travel to have a great experience like me.

Koh Rok Trip

Similan Islands Trip

Tachai Island Trip

Racha-Maithon Island Trip

Remark: These are just my personal preferences, does not mean that other islands are not as pretty as these mentioned islands. It just only I don't have an opportunity to go and visit those islands as frequently as these four islands. By the way, these 4 islands that I will talk about, I have been to more than twice. Therefore, I want to share my information and pictures to all my friends for information only. The information in this review I have provided is just from what I have experienced.

Now, let's just talk about the seaside then. In this hot weather, imagine if we could wear some colorful clothes, taking some photos with the white sand beach along with the blue water contrasting with the dark blue sky, moreover, taking some underwater photos with fishes and corals and then upload into the social world and then captivating those pictures and post as your profile photo, this beautiful piece of art would definitely make many people jealous.

Today, I have an opportunity to go on a trip to the four islands of the Andaman. I would like to use this space to share some good time that I have been experienced.

Even though, coming back from this trip would make my good looking white skin a little tanner, nonetheless, it would worth it as going to the seaside is like you are charging your life battery.

I am happy and impressed every time I travel to the beach.

The first trip that I would like to recommend to you guys and it is also my most favorite trip is “Koh Rok".

Koh Rok is located in the Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi Province. Getting to Koh Rok this time, we would depart from Phuket Island by a ferry ride from Nam Luek Pier. A ferry would depart at 8 o'clock in the morning and return to the shore around 3 pm in the evening time. It would take approximately 90 minutes for one way boat ride which the round trip time would be approximately three hours.

For that matter, we will have time to do the diving and experience the natural environment of the Koh Rok for only 4 hours.

Though, it is rather short time but it definitely is the four hours happy time of my life.

Koh Rok trip is the right choice for those who would like:

1. Not much numbers of tourist.

2. The abundant natural underwater resources and beautiful corals.

3. Clear deep blue sea and long stretches of beach with privacy.


You should stay at the Phuket Island and the recommended zone would be around downtown, Kata, Karon and Panwa areas.

Besides, the zones that you should be avoided because of the far distance are Mai Khao Beach and Nai Yang Beach.

Things that I would like you to know more:

1. When the boat arrives at the front of the National Park, you should hurry to get to the bow of the boat and pick up your camera to take pictures of deep blue sea and the corals because you will get the best light when taking pictures in the morning time.

2. Upon reaching at the diving point of Koh Rok Noi, you should allocate the time carefully. Do not just only take a picture on board, you should go down to see those beautiful corals as well. You might also meet with the Clownfish, amount of corals and many others beautiful fishes out there.

3. The Five Islands is considerably worth to do the diving. If you have an opportunity and the weather is allowed, you should not miss it. I have been there third time and I just have a chance to experience the spectacular underwater scenery in my third time there.


Koh Rok is an ideal island for those who would like to experience the pure nature both in land and underwater. Additionally, it is a great place for those who like the privacy.

Koh Rok is also famous for snorkeling to admire the beauty corals underwater as it has the prettiest corals out of those three Islands that I have experienced.

There are many ways to travel to the island for example you could travel from Krabi or Phuket Island. Personally, I think travel from Phuket is more convenient. Moreover, on the island, you could rent a tent for staying overnight as well. The reservation could be made at the National Park office. As for lunch, it depends on the tour company that you choose. Lastly, just to let you know, on the island there would be no phone signal at all.

These are my throwback pictures from my trip at Koh Rok.

Underwater world pictures.

The Similan Islands Trip

Similan Islands National Park consists of nine islands which are located in Phang Nga Province.

Getting to Similan Islands this time we depart from Tub Lamu Pier which takes about 90 minutes. And for this trip, I will take you all to experience only four islands that will be islands number 4, 7, 8 and 9.

The trip would start from 8 am to 4 pm. I think if it's the first time for those who travel here, you surely could not remember exactly the number of the islands as you might be indulged with a beautiful nature and feeling excited all the time.

Besides, you could meet various kinds of beautiful nature and this could be another charming that attracts tourists to come and experience the miracle of Similan Islands.

The Similan Islands trip is right for those in need of:

1. The variety of nature, both on land and underwater.

2. A high angle view scenic point on island No.8.

3. Long stretches of beach.


You should stay around Khao Lak as it is more convenient and you would not get much fatigued from a long car ride. Moreover, the beach around Khao Lak area is second to none as it is unbelievably beautiful.

Things that I would like you to know more:

1. For Hin Rue Bai Scenic Spot (or Sailing Boat Rock), I would suggest that if you get off at the island No.8, you should head to the Sailing Boat Rock first before go down for lunch. As if you eat first, then going up, you will be wasting a lot of time because most people are going up around this time as well and it would be crowded. Furthermore, the path is pretty narrow and steep that makes you wasting your time to climber up and after all you may have less time on the Sailing Boat Rock.

2. Each diving spot has different beautiful sceneries. You should try diving at every spot and see with your own eyes for once. Maybe you could luckily see sea turtles swimming close by.

3. The island No.4 has a spectacular beach. And island No.9 has a gorgeous corals as well.


The Similan Islands trip is for those who want to experience a variety of nature like scenic point, crystal clear blue sea which including the beautiful corals, turtles and fishes. Nonetheless, those who choose to travel to the Similan Islands have to admit that there would be a lot of tourists coming here and there might be no privacy in taking photos.

Travelling here, you should stay around Khao Lak area as it wouldn't be too tired riding in car and on boat.

It's alright if you would like to stay at Phuket, but you have to bear with a travelling time.

As for those who would like to rent a tent to stay overnight on the island, you could contact directly at the National Park office. The meal would be prepared by the National Park and beverages will be provided by the tour company. Overall the food is delicious but the table is not enough with the number of the tourists.

Another important thing to consider is that you must set a good schedule of time to eat as well as you have to make a time to visit scenic spots, go swimming and take pictures at the beach. For those who would like to upload pictures to the social network, there will be a phone signal available at the island No.8.

Now, let's watch my pictures of a pleasant time from Similan Islands trip.

Underwater pictures at the Similan Islands

Ta Chai Island trip

Ta Chai Island is under the responsibility of the Similan Islands National Park. It is located on the most northern part of the Similan Islands.

We will depart from Tub Lamu Pier, Khao Lak like Similan Islands trip; however, it would take 15 minutes more on the journey.

In this trip, most of the tourists will mainly focus on taking pictures and swimming as the beach here is really stunning. The sand is fine, soft and white which looks like powdered coffee creamer and the reflection of the white color would shine into your eyes. Furthermore, tourists could relax in a slow life style, not focusing on activities. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that the diving spot here is not beautiful, it is also nice but I would range Ta Chai Island in the third place after Koh Rok and Similan Islands.

Ta Chai Island trip is nice for those in need of:

1. Those who would like to take pictures with soft white beaches and blue sea water that contrasting with the dark blue sky.

2. Those who want to walk in the nature trails, watching the Hairy Leg Mountain Crab or shark.

3. Those who are not focusing on participate in diving activities, just only would like to have a full relaxation.


The suggestion for this trip is similar to the Similan Islands trip and you also should bring some sheet to pave on the beach and clothes for change.

Things that I would like you to know more:

1. When the boat reaches at Ta Chai Island, the boat will bring tourists who do not want to dive to the shore first. This will be a great chance as the beach will look stunning and tranquil with only a little number of tourist and you could take as many pictures as you want.

2. After you finish your meal, you could take a nap, swiming or go trekking to the scenic point at the back of the island. After that you could change clothes and back to the boat.

3. Remember to take time to see the Hairy Leg Mountain Crab and shark at the beach front area. You may be lucky enough to come across a Hairy Leg Mountain Crab walking on the beach.


Ta Chai Island trip mainly suits people who want to relax and not focus on the diving activities. It is also suitable for girls who want to take pictures. This place is very popular among Thai people and the famous people such as actors also like to come here as Ta Chai beach is the most beautiful beach out of four trips that I have been to. The sand here is white and soft as powdered coffee creamer. You do not have to believe on what I said, you better should go and see by yourselves then come back and tell me whether it is true or not.

Normally, Ta Chai Island trip should always arrange to travel with Similan Islands trip as they are in the same zone. Well, you should go to Similan Islands in the first day and then Ta Chai Island in the second day so you wouldn't get too tired. For the meal, they will provide packed lunch for tourists. Lunch buffet that we have seen years ago in the review have been changed. Some tour companies will provide a lunch box for you. There would be no phone signal which I think it is great because it means everyone could experience the beauty of the sea of Thailand with no interruption.

Do you know why the sand at Ta Chai Island is white, fine and soft than other islands?

The main reason comes from the Halimeda which is mostly found in the Andaman Sea especially in Phuket and Satun Province. The Halimeda is significant as it would renew carbon into the sand. And when it dies, it would make the beach in that area white, soft and fine. Therefore, the more Halimeda, the whiter the sand will be.

Well! I'm not just a chatty person; I have some good information in my review as well. But actually all of this information comes from the tour guide. Lol.

Let's watch pictures of a good time from Ta Chai Island trip.

The underwater pictures might have just a little bit.

Racha-Maithon Island Trip

Racha Island is located away from the coast of Phuket which a trip by speed boat from the Nam Luek Pier would take about 45 minutes.

On Racha Island, there are resorts for service; however, tuorists could not enter to that area. On the other hand, Maithon Island is only 15 minutes distance from the pier. Nevertheless, the distance from Racha Island to Maithon Island is approximately 45 minutes walk. We will spend our time at Racha Island during the morning time and during the noon will move to Maithon Island.

Trip to Racha-Maithon Island is good for those who would like to relax, do not want to travel in a long distance and would like to have a various kinds of activities.

In the morning, we will go to Racha Island to take some pictures at the scenic view point and go diving at Patok bay. For those who do not want to do the diving, you also could take a nap at the shady spot under the tree.

Then during the afternoon, we will head to Maithon Island and have a lunch there. The main activities at Maithon Island would focus on eating more than other islands. We will have a buffet and grilled seafood for lunch. After the meal, you could choose between diving or do the trekking up to the viewpoint or you could do both.

Racha-Maithon Island trip is great for those who are in need of:

1. Those who want to relax; you could take nap at a shady spot under the coconut trees and take pictures at the viewpoint.

2. Those who do not want to travel in a far distance and got seasickness.

3.Those who enjoy eating and love to pose to take pretty pictures.

4. Those who go on a family trip with children.

The suggestion would be similar to Koh Rok trip.

Things that I would like you to know more:

1. Upon arriving at the island during the morning time, you should immediately take some pictures at the walkway that stretches out into the sea. During the morning time, people are not too crowded; however, the place will be much more crowded in the late morning. Well! It is the same as the scenic spot on the top, you also have to take pictures there early in the morning when you arrive, then after that you could gradually come down for a nap at a shady spot under a tree.

2. There are a lot of fishes at the diving spot in front of Patok Bay, and it is a great spot for scuba diving as well. For Maithon Island, you will definitely meet the Clownfish for sure.

3. Photography corner at the bridge at Maithon Island is very nice and they also have a scenic point too.


Racha-Maithon Island is great for those who want to relax, take pictures, do some swimming and do not want to waste too much time on the traveling.

I would arrange Racha-Maithon Island trip with Koh Rok trip as they are in the same zone.

Koh Rok Island would focus on the diving activity. However, the Racha-Maithon Island trip is more suited for a family trip and for ladies who do not want to get sun burn and do much swimming. They are likely focus on taking picture and update photos in their social world. It is not that this trip doesn't have nothing to do, there are many scenic view point and great diving area which you could definitely see some Clownfish.

And if you are lucky, you might see the dolphin swimming around a beach of Maithon Island as well.

Impressive images from Racha Island.

Images from Maithon Island.

Underwater pictures from Maithon Island.

In the end, I would say that everywhere is really beautiful; it depends to your liking. You should decide depends on your own lifestyle.

Each island has its own uniqueness and its own beauty. I will roughly summarize it once again.

Koh Rok Island

This is one of the islands I prefer the most, I completely fell in love with it every time I have been there and would love to go there again and again. There are beautiful beaches, clear deep blue sea and impressive underwater corals. How can you help yourself not to come to this paradise?

Similan Islands

It has stunning blue sea and you could have opportunity to visit several islands, dive in many spots that you could meet many aquatic animals. Moreover, you might easily come across a sea turtle th an other islands. Lastly, the Similan Islans also have various natures in land and underwater.

Ta Chai Island

It has the most beautiful beach out of these four trips. The sand beach is white and soft like powdered coffee creamer. There is clear bright blue sea contrasting with the deep blue sky and it is a wonderful fascinating view that I could remember until today.

Maithon Island

It is perfect for people who do not like riding in a long boat journey as it is just 15 minutes from shore and you could see the beautiful deep blue sea.

The atmosphere on the island is peaceful and shady which is great for having holiday with family that has small children.

Racha Island

Racha Island is equally beautiful as other islands; you could see white beaches with clear sea water. Moreover, you could dive to see the corals at the Patok bay and there are many places to take pictures.

Now you could see that each island has its own charm which is very hard to choose where to go.

I would suggest you to make a choice on your preference that which one will suit you the most meaning that you need to choose according to your own style and need. However, if you really could not make a decision, then you should try travelling on every trip. Therefore, you could figure out which one you prefer and you will see that every island has its own beauty.

Lastly, I always think that the happiness is not too far away, just going on a trip and you will find more happiness for yourself.

You work hard all year long; hence, do not forget to give yourself a present to find some time for relaxing and charging your life battery.

Let the nature, sea, beach, coral do a therapy treatment for you and indulged yourself and your love ones with the sunlight, fresh air, bright sky and beautiful sea.

Sawadee Krub

Last but not least, it really comes to an end of the review. I would apologize for any mistake in the information and you could inform me to edit it as well.

Mr'Napat Ittiyos

 Monday, July 25, 2016 10:56 AM