Chonburi has become one of the top destinations in Thailand, especially if you are in Bangkok, Pattaya, or nearby places. Chonburi has more attractions now to offer, from the glass bridge in Sriracha or what they called Wat Khao Thabaek; Bang Pu bird sanctuary; Grand Canyon Chonburi; and a lot more. However, Chonburi has an area of 4,363 km² and some of the tourist attractions are far from each other so it's highly recommended to stay overnight and it's ideal to stay in the beautiful sanctuary Patoey House.

Patoey House is located at 47/4 T.Napa Nong Mai Daeng Subdistrict, Mueang Chonburi District. It's an Inn or boutique hotel where they have a wide space for everyone. The location is a little bit difficult to reach if you are just commuting, coming over requires a private car. However, if you are like us that don't have a car we took a Bolt (like a Grab a car) from Central Plaza Chonburi for 94 THB. Why I called it sanctuary because when we arrived at Patoey House the boutique hotel is so peaceful, relaxing and I can hear birds chirping. Why? because the property is far from the bustling city of Chonburi it is in the middle of a secluded area in the province. Aside from its wide garden vibe space, they have a man-made small lotus pond in the middle of the property where you can see big fish swimming around. The staff is so kind and hospitable, very friendly and accomodating. Their manager is so helpful to us especially when talking with the Bolt driver to pick-up us from the property going to another place since I can't speak Thai.

Now, let's talk about the room that we stayed in. We checked-in at the Pastel room. Our room is situated in front of the lotus pond, very picturesque especially waking up in the morning. Our room can accommodate 2 people, it has a balcony facing the pond, and my most favorite part is the two sliding glass walls again facing the pond. The wooden floor feels like home and the bed is comfortable to sleep in. The bathroom is big enough for two people and clean. They have complete amenities as what other hotels would have, except for an electric kettle. Overall, I loved our room it makes my mind and body relax and calm. The surrounding is so peaceful and refreshing.

Patoey House has different types of rooms from the single bedroom(450 THB), double bedroom (600 THB), twin bedroom (600 THB), 3 single bedrooms (750 THB), and family-sized room(1500 THB). These prices are very reasonable especially for a relaxing property in Chonburi. I just saw a few of the other room types because most of the rooms are already occupied with guests.




While having our best time enjoying the solemnity of the place we decided to visit two attractions in Chonburi since we are already in the province why not make the most of it. We visited the famous Grand Canyon Chonburi. We booked ourselves a Bolt car from Patoey House to Grand Canyon for 93 THB. There is no entrance fee in Grand Canyon, I've been here before way back 4 years ago and the water was a beautiful blue-green, but now it became old green color. I'm not sure if it's because of the weather because at that time it's going to rain. We then head to Coffee Gift & Restaurant for our dinner. I highly recommend visiting this place for a meal their servings are big at a very affordable price. So many choices to offer on the menu, plus their staff are so accomodating. By the way, their food tastes good! Then from the restaurant to Patoey House another Bolt car for 68 THB. The next day we check-out from Patoey house bid goodbye to the friendly staff and visited the famous glass bridge in Sriracha or the Wat Khao Thabaek. I really did my best to researched before this travel to happen about how to go to Wat Khao Thabaek and asked some of my friends who had already visited the place but the only answer I get is to hire a private car, drive by yourself or join a group tour. All the answers were not ideal for us, so we then decided to take another Bolt car from Central Plaza Chonburi to Wat Khao Thabaek for 300 THB including the motorway fee. Wat Khao Thabaek is really a marvellous temple it gives me a vibe of Bhutan though I haven't been there but as what I have seen in videos on Youtube it gives me a vibe of that. There is no entrance fee to go inside the temple, however, there is a fee of 40 THB to go through the glass bridge. There are a lot of vendors selling foods and drinks outside the temple at cheap prices, I highly recommend buying water first before continuing the journey to the glass bridge. Wat Khao Thabaek is still a temple, most temples in Thailand are very strict in terms of respectful clothes. However, I am not really sure if Wat Khao Thabaek has these rules so I bought my white button-down shirt to cover my bodysuit and I wore pants. I didn't expect that in order to reach the glass bridge you need to climb those very tall stairways, I'm not really a fan of high stairways but for us to successfully complete this mission we really push through and hike up slowly and take time to rest and breath. I forgot to count how many stairs there are, all I care about is to breathe and survived. When we reached the endpoint of the stairs we head to the toilet where there is also a vendor there who sells food and water, the ticket also for the glass bridge is there. The challenging part of this experience is when the time that we have to go back home. We realized that there is no Grab of Bolt who will pick-up us at Wat Khao Thabaek sending us directly to Pattaya where we live or drop us at Robinson Sriracha. Good thing that the staff of King Kong Hill and Restaurant (restaurant in Wat Khao Thabaek) do their best to find someone who can drive us to Robinson Sriracha and we generously paid the Thai driver for 200 THB. I'm honestly very thankful to the Thai people who had been kind to us since the day we arrived in Chonburi, in Patoey House, and in Wat Khao Thabaek.

Grand Canyon Chonburi

Grand Canyon Chonburi

Wat Khao Thabaek

Wat Khao Thabaek

Wat Khao Thabaek

If you are looking for a place to stay overnight in Chonburi, or a place to crash before heading to the next province, or just looking for a sanctuary in Chonburi I highly recommend Patoey House, the place is worth staying.


 Friday, March 12, 2021 8:36 AM