I’ve been eyeing Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok for a while now since I saw their promotion “Stay Vibrant”, I was fascinated with their photos on social media, especially the city view. I always wanted to see a perfect view of Bangkok with its high rise buildings and Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok has it all. However, I missed their promotion so I decided to wait for their new one and luckily I got their newest deal, Seventh Heaven Indulgence. They always have something new to offer every month.

Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok is located at 81 Witthayu Rd, Lumpini Pathum Wan District Bangkok. We booked their promotion Seventh Heaven Indulgence, as a celebration of their 7th year. The Seventh Heaven Indulgence includes a night stay with breakfast for two; “7 signatures” afternoon tea set for two and late check-out until 7:00 PM. You can also request a room upgrade to the high floor upon availability. The price is 2,777 THB++ per night, all in all, we paid 3,268.52 THB.

Let’s talk about my personal experience with Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok.

  • Service

The staffs are so accommodating and hospitable, they really have the best customer service. When we checked in, the receptionist was very helpful and friendly, I’ve been staying with a lot of hotels of any type already but the positive energy of their front desk staff was very warm. Their Restaurant Supervisor, Mr Winnie was very accommodating to us as well, when we had our early breakfast at 7:00 AM, he immediately entertained us and greet us with a smile and have a little chat about the restaurant and the food. He really made us feel like we are welcome in the restaurant. Even their housekeeper was so helpful, a housekeeper lady is vacuuming near the doorway of the elevator on the first floor and we are waiting for the elevator to open and she helped us by calling us that there is an elevator open and she hold the elevator door for us. I really appreciate the small act of service, as I mentioned before small or big service makes a company successful. Another thing, we had a reservation for an afternoon tea set for two at 3:30 PM, but I didn’t expect that they will call us in the room informing us that our afternoon tea is ready, they really do make an effort to provide excellent service. And lastly, until we checked out their receptionist are very friendly and accommodating, I don’t know her name but there is a lady in the receptionist who opened the door to us on our way out to the hotel with a very friendly and charming smile and bid us goodbye. All in all, Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok service is beyond perfection.

  • The Room

We stayed on the 18th floor, and I was very happy with our room, the design is edgy with a bit of rustic touch. The room amenities are complete the same as other 5-star hotels, except for a pair of indoor slippers, we can’t find a pair of slippers in the room. And also one thing, I don’t know if it’s me or their air-conditioning, it’s not so cold enough for me, the AC in my house is much cooler than theirs, and also there is no remote control for the AC. I need to get out from the bed and operate the AC in the controller attached to the wall. I mean I know these little missing items are unnecessary but It would be perfect if they placed an indoor slipper because sometimes guests don’t bring any and also the remote control for AC I am pregnant and it’s quite hard for me to stay out from the bed every time to adjust the AC controller. I am not complaining LOL! Anyways, with all these missing items I am still happy with our room and very grateful because of its indescribable view of the city, you can see the tall buildings clearly and so near. There are no right words to describe how magnificent the view is. And lastly, I was also mesmerized with the automated blinds, it’s like so advanced tech for me, just a click of the button then the blinds will go up or go down. The bed is so soft by the way.

  • Facilities ( The Restaurant on the 2nd floor, the swimming pool and the fitness room)

They actually have two more restaurants on the top floors the Char restaurant and the Rooftop bar, however, we haven’t checked out the place because they are not open yet during our stay there, I think they are open around 6:00 PM and we are already checking out during that time. I forgot the name of their restaurant on the second floor but I like the vibe of their restaurant it’s like a traditional classic Thai restaurant, what I like the most is their outdoor tables. However, you cannot eat at their outdoor tables because according to the Restaurant Supervisor there are a lot of birds who will mess up with the food, but you can still enjoy their outdoor sits when you ordered drinks. Their outdoor vibes are like having a coffee in New York where there are trees and behind the trees are tall buildings, can you imagine that? I always saw that vibe in the Gossip Girl original seasons. Their swimming pool is my favourite part of the hotel, there is no denying that this would be their selling point, I mean the swimming pool is facing with Bangkok’s tall buildings not just from afar but so close. As I said, there are no words to describe how amazing the view is. I really enjoyed my time in the swimming pool during the evening and in the daytime. Lastly, their Fitness room is on the same floor as the swimming pool.

  • Food

We had our breakfast and afternoon tea sets in the hotel and it was all delicious. For breakfast, they offer different options like a buffet table. They have rice and meals, my favourite is the Thai flat noodles with roasted sliced meat duck and they also have soups, cereals, different types of bread, salads, yoghurt, juices and other hot and cold drinks. They served breakfast in 3 rounds and you have to choose one, from 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM; 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM and 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. It’s a very good idea though especially if they have high occupancy, this is to avoid overcrowding the restaurant especially during this time when social distancing is highly recommended. For our afternoon tea sets, I was surprised with the mini foods and desserts that they prepared for us, some of them are Thai dishes and some are western. What I enjoyed the most are the desserts. I have a sweet tooth! However, I am not a fan of hot tea so I just get the green matcha iced tea and my partner had the hot tea in a pot. Overall, the food in Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok is so delicious and worth the money we paid for.


Yes! Absolutely! If you are looking for a fancy hotel in Bangkok that has a lot of great deals, I highly recommend Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok. They always have something new for everyone. I am definitely coming back to this hotel with our little one on the way. The money that we paid for is totally beyond the magical experienced we had. From the moment we step-in until leaving the hotel it was all a memorable experience.


 Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:27 AM