Let's eat till we explode at Taiwan!!!!!
Literally, this trip is all about eating and I almost got exploded.
Because after returning from Taiwan, in addition to souvenir, what I also brought back is weight!!!!! OMG, that's right, I gained weight as well. I want to scream but I can't because I did it to myself, haha. How could I not gain weight? Everything at Taiwan looks so yummy. This one is delicious, that one is popular. There are really so many choices that I cannot resist. Anyhow, I never say No to food so I've tried it all, haha. Ok, Let's not waste any more time but go to enjoy eating, eating, and eating together at Taiwan now.

Warning : The name of the food might not be 100% accurate as most of menu comes in Chinese and I can't read them. The taste of the food is my personal preference, it might not always be your taste. Anyhow, the food I review here, I tasted it myself and if it doesn't taste good when you actually go please don't blame me!!!!!

R Chung Flour Rice Noodle is a rice flour noodle in a spicy and tasty soup along with soft pork gut. But when I eat, I feel more like Krapo Pla or Dried Fish Maw Soup. When thinking about the price, it's considered quite tasty. It is around 60 TWD and the shop is located at XImen Exit 6.

Hot Star Fried Chicken is a famous fried chicken shop that also has its branch in Thailand. I wanted to know of how delicious the origin is so I tried here. Personally, I think the Thailand branch tastes better. Here, they do not sprinkle spices so the taste is quite mild. And the spicy comes with bitter. Overall, I think Thai branch tastes better. There's two branches here, one is at Ximen and the other is at Shilin Market.

Taiwan is an original place for bubble tea. So we must have it while we are here. Here, bubble tea is generally available everywhere. But the famous shop that Thai people like to go is an uncle bubble tea at Gongguan Market. Anyhow, I didn't get to go that shop as my time is limited. Overall, from many shops that I've tasted, Taiwanese bubble tea has a better smell of tea and less sweet. The pearl is also soft and more sticky. One word, delicious ^^

This is the famous Shabu for both Taiwanese and Thai. The highlight is the Mala soup which has spicy and numb taste as well as variety choices of food like New Zealand beef, Angus beef, lamb, crab, scallops, mussels, shrimp, squid, smoked sharks, dumplings, fish balls with cheese stuffing, duck balls and many other different types of balls, and heart, guts, blood, tofu, and vegetables. For me, the best thing is we can have unlimited Häagen-dazs and Movenpick ice cream. That's right, this is a buffet Shabu. I think it'd be best if we can prepare Suki sauce of Pantai Noarasing. The price depends on the time, it is about 500-700 TWD. This shop is located at Ximen. Booking in advance is recommended as there's a lot of people. I see many Thai people come and didn't get to eat as the queue is full. In short, coming to Taiwan, you must come to this restaurant. It is very delicious and worth the price which is not expensive ^^

This menu I don't know how it is called as it's written in Chinese. It has such a good smell that I have to try. Inside is stuffed with taro and sweetened pork and then topped with sweetened sauce again. These 6 pieces is 50 THB. Overall tastes quite good but when we eat a lot, it's very greasy. It is available at Ximen.

At Taiwan, there's a lot of strange milk like watermelon milk, bitter gourd milk, cucumber milk and many more. But what Thai reviewer like to review is papaya milk. The taste of papaya is very strong when we drink this milk. If you don't like papaya, you could throw up. I think it's quite a strange taste. It is ok but not that delicious. But if you were coming to Taiwan, you must try it out. It is available at 7-Eleven.

I also don't know what this menu is called. It is the fired dough mixed with radish and then topped with sweetened sauce. This menu is like fried radish in Thailand but their sauce tastes quite delicious. It is about 40 TWD.

Xiao Long Bao is a popular menu here. Like Din Tai Fung in Thailand also has this menu as a highlight. But due to a long queue so I didn't get to try it out. But coming to Taiwan and not trying this will seem like I've missed something. So I try it at Sun Moon Lake. This shop is located at Ita Thao. The stuffing is a lot but the dough is a bit thick. Overall, it is delicious, especially when we eat it hot, it's just so tasty. These 7 pieces is 70 TWD.

People here really like this snow ice sweet as we can see from the numbers of people queuing. This shop is located at Ximen. It is very easy to find, just look for the shop with many people queuing. It is not so expensive, about 120-300 TWD depending on the flavor and the toppings. Overall, it is good. The fruit is fresh. It is sweet and refreshing.

This milk tea in a bottle is a very popular item for Thai people. Some carry about ten home. It is not so sweet with a tea fragrant, about 25-30 TWD and available at 7-Eleven. *****This one has no pearls*******

Frog Juice, I don't know its Chinese name. But most of Thai reviewer called it Frog Juice or Frog Jelly Juice. At first, I was hesitate to taste it because the name doesn't look so appetite but I finally tried it anyway. It's sweet and cold and quite sticky with the jelly, feeling a bit uneasy. I don't know, personally, I don't like it, just one zip and I'm done. You can find it at Shilin Market, and it costs around 30-50 TWD.

Fried Milk, this menu is a dough mixed with whipped cream and fried. The taste is very greasy but my friend said it's delicious. I think it depends on personal preference.. It is 10 TWD each and available at Shilin Market.

Sweet Orange with Lemon Juice, I like this menu a lot. After getting exhausting from walking, this menu is just so refreshing. It is 40 TWD each.

There's a lot of beef noodle shop in Taiwan but his shop is located at Ximen. I see many people are in queue so I also want to see how delicious it is. The soup is very sweet, the meat is soft and has strong black pepper smell. It is 60 TWD each bowl.

The original bubble tea is at Jiufen. This shop opens for so long. Each glass is 85 TWD. It has a good smell of tea and the pearls are sticky and delicious. Still, I can't differentiate it from other shop and it's also more expensive.

This looks like Bua Loy in Thailand but here is bigger and more sticky. They eat it with several kinds of beans. We can either eat it hot or cold. I try it cold and it tastes quite good. We can smell the taro. It's quite refreshing having it cold. Overall, it tastes good and we can find it at Jiufen.

Black Eggs or Boiled Eggs with Tea is eggs that their skin are cracked in order to absorb the tea juice. Just one egg and I'm already full. I think if we eat it during cold weather would be great. We can find it at Jiufen.

Here is a bitter gourd juice. Taiwan actually has a lot of strange juices like frog juice, bitter gourd juice, cucumber juice and many more. People here also enjoy these drinks a lot. There's a long queue so I also queue. On my first zip, I thought it's going to be sweet and refreshing with some honey. But, as soon as I zip it in!!!!! Oh my, it's all bitter, just one zip is enough for me!!!! It is available widely and this shop is at Ximen. The price is 70 TWD. This shop also sells white gourd juice.

Sushi is not expensive here and available at the major train stations. It's quite a variety. Above is 90 TWD each box. I don't like Sushi so I have my friend tried and they said it's delicious.

The Bean and Cilantro Ice Cream (40 TWD) is a highlight menu that everyone visiting Jiufen must try. The ingredient is the flour looking like Roti Saimai flour mixed with cut beans, ice cream and cilantro. It doesn't sound to go well together. Overall, it's quite refreshing and delicious. We can feel the cool ice cream, the sticky flour and the crunchy nuts. A worth try sweet indeed.

Grilled Giant Mushroom is 50 TWD. The taste is similar to grilled mushroom in Thailand but their topping sauce is sweet while our sauce is a seafood sauce. It is delicious but not that much.

Stinky Tofu is a must try food when coming to Taiwan. It is very easy to find, just follow the smell. At first I was hesitate whether to try or not as it's very smelly, haha. But for the page review, I must try. It's like Fried Tofu in Thailand but here is more crispy and sweet. I just have one bite but my friend said it only smells at the first bite but after that it is very delicious!!!!! Well, anyhow, if you happen to go to Taiwan, don't forget to try it out!!!!

This one I also don't know its name but I try it anyway. The thin flour is wrapped with nuts and mix with something yellow. Personally, I think they don't go well together. Just one bite and I'm done, haha. You can find it at Ximen.

Fried Dumpling, I think it tastes similar to Thai Fried Dumpling but the flour is thicker and less stuffing. These 6 pieces is 50 TWD, it is available at night market and just about anywhere.

Fried Octopus is something really spectacular. It is 100 TWD each. I cannot finish it on my own. The flour is crispy but the taste is too mild and the topping is not spicy. But still, it's ok to try and the price is not expensive when comparing with the octopus size. We can buy it at Jiufen.

Taiwanese food and fruits are as abundant as Thailand. But why coming to Taiwan, we must eat fruits that Thailand also have? Because fruits here are sweet and crispy, very delicious, especially cantaloupe, tomato, and pink guava. It is only 30 TWD each cup and we can find them at the market.

Strawberry topped with sugar tastes a bit sour and sweet but more to the latter. Too bad that strawberry is too small. It is about 10-20 TWD and this shop is located at Shilin Market.

Grilled Sausage. I think grilled sausage here tastes likes Kunchiang (Thai sausage). The color is very red. Since I don't quite like Thai sausage so I think it's not so delicious. But my friend said it's quite ok. Anyhow, when eating a lot, it gets greasy. Each stick is 20-30 TWD.

This menu comes with clear boiled water and 3 giant meatballs. The meatballs taste good but a bit too much flour. However, when eating with this clear soup, it tastes ok. It is a bit salty with black pepper, quite nice. It's about 60-70 TWD.

Salapao baked in a jar. It's like Salapao in Thailand and with different stuffing like pork, bamboo shoot, taro. Here, they will take Salapao and put it inside the jar and bake. If I remember correctly, it's 14 TWD each and they eat it with sour and sweet sauce. It's quite interesting to see they eat Salapao with a sauce. I feel like the bun is too thick and the stuffed pork tastes too mild to me. This shop is located at the exit of MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing and they opened since 1997. For the famous shop that receives many reviews is located at Raohe Street Night Market.

++++++++Did you see that there are a lot of food in Taiwan, how can I not gain weight? But yeah, let the weigh aside, we need to try local food when we travel so then it's called the real travel.

+++++++There are still several menus that I didn't review here. You guys are more than welcome to follow my review of travel, accommodation and food with me at page TravelHolic life is journey here: https://www.facebook.com/Travelholic.lifeisjourney...

See you again in the next review!