This ิblog aims to introduce tourist attractions in Trang and Satun. We were invited from The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to join tourism seminar in Satun and bring us to attractive places in order to broadcast to others.

This part includes 2 stories of "Khao Lao Wa" or folklore tourism in Satun; amazing sand under the sea and "The Emerald Cave" Tham Phu Pha Phet, Satun. Also, bring you to see cheap and super fun river rafting. Add with delicious food.

Let's find out.

Mae Pranorm's review program is as per below.

The activity is separated into 4 routes.

We choose the route Kao Lao Wa, so the program is as follow.

We travel by AirAsia which is a sponsor for this trip.

A meal served on flight is ML.Noi's Basil Fried with chicken and rice. Nice taste.

Arrive at Trang in short time.

For the first meal at Trang, TAT bring everyone to this Dim Sum restaurant. Delicious and not expensive. It is crowded.

The price is only THB20 per serve.

Here's menu.

Then move on to meeting venue which is Rua Rasada Hotel. We will stay here tonight before dispersing to different tourist attractions tomorrow.

The hotel is vast.

Large swimming pool at the back but no one's using. Guests mostly travel outside.

Seminar is arranged here.

Keep belongings in the room first.

Then go down for seminar.

We are so excited to know various places in Trang and Satun. We don't know many of them but they are very interesting.

After seminar ends, we go out.

We search for delicious food at the walking street.

It is located in front of Trang train station. Opens every Friday to Sunday.

There are lots of strange and tasty snacks. Have to try by yourself.

Here's a famous Roti. There is super long queue.

Wing shell is interesting.

This one (R2E2 mango) is also strange.

Then we go to the biggest restaurant in Trang with space of 2 Rai, Mantra Restaurant.

Delicious and reasonable price.

Here's menu and price.

Let's see the food. Delicious.

Wake up in the next morning. After breakfast, we check out and go to Satun.

We stop by Wang Sai Thong Waterfall for river rafting which is on the way to Satun.

Wang Sai Thong Waterfall locates in Mu 10, Tambon Nam Put, Amphoe Muang, 28km from Tambon Kamphang's municipal area.

River source of Wang Sai Thong Waterfall is from Wang Noi canal. The current was created from water flooding in cave under mountain. The water flushes through gorges into different levels of ponds below. Highlight of this waterfall is a combination of rock and sand ground, so there is no moss. You can conveniently walk without any accident.

Charm of Wang Sai Thong Waterfall is various ponds in descending order, from top to bottom, look alike lotus. Top part is narrow and bottom part is wider. Each level can easily walk through. There are trees to hold along the way. The waterfall is surrounded with small and large trees giving cool and pleasant ambiance suitable to relax.

If travelers are lucky enough, they will meet natives "Ngo Pa" or Negrito who migrate around. They may come out to meet villagers. Seeing Ngo Pa people allows you to explore different livelihood comparing to general public. They still live in bygone style, wild men. They can be found at northern forest of Amphoe La Ngu.

Let's see waterfall.

There is less water recently. In flood season, it will be more attractive.

We will do rafting here. Almost every provider set same price, THB250 per person.

First of all, we have to go to up stream and raft along down along the river. The whole distance is 9km., THB250. It will take around 2.30 hours, long rafting.It is fun and worthwhile with THB250.

We have to say it's very fun. Water is shallow, so no worries about drowning.

From the river, we have lunch at this restaurant.

Next site is tracing record "Khao Lao Wa" which is Tham Phu Pha Phet.

"The Emerald Cave" Tham Phu Pha Phet, Satun

They said this cave contains power of emerald light at the end of cave. If you touch it, you will receive vital fore.

Tham Phu Pha Phet is rated as the 4th biggest cave in South East Asia. It is another attraction where many may not recognize.

Let's watch TAT's video first.

The cave is not far from Wang Sai Thong Waterfall.

Details of tourist attractions from TAT website.

Tham Phu Pha Phet is a tourism location located on Thambon Palm Phattana, Amphor Manung, Satun. Area inside the cave is enormously over 50 Rai. Nature has amazingly created it. Inside contains stalagmite and stalactite of more than 100 million years since Permian Period. In 1998, archeologists from Archaeological Office & Songkhla National Museum 10th inspected the cave to trace word of thudong monk named "Luangta Plang" who discovered the cave. Based on evidence, archeologists presumed this cave was used to be home for human in pre-history period for 3,000 years. Archaeological evidences included ancient Cranium and pottery, covered by rope design, with shells at the bottom. After that, this place has been developed as well known tourist attraction.

Tham Phu Pha Phet is the largest cave in Thailand and the 4th largest in South East Asia. It is equipped with massive space and high ceiling. When drips on stalactites and stalagmites reflect with light creates sparkle like diamond. Inside the cave is classified into 20 rooms with light along pathway. Each room is named according to its character of landform. For example, Maan Phet room (means diamond curtain) looks like overlapping curtains. Phayanark room (means great Naga) has stalagmite looking like huge sneak or great Naga. Pakarung room (means coral) has stalactites and stalagmites alike corals. Type of stalagmite is classified based on its shape which can be seen in 31 spots. For example; mushroom, arch, solitaire, diamond stream, Naga's head, Naga, Buddha head and inverted lotus. There are 4 types of stalactite including dome shape, jelly fish and Column in Cavern. The convergence of stalagmite and stalactite creates poles supporting the ceiling which there are 14 of them. Each pole has unique appearance. They are called diamond pole, stalactite pole or sustaining sun. Different levels of ponds are alike limestone waterfall looking like stairs.

There are 5 areas inside Tham Phu Pha Phet. Theyare in various pattern; stairs, bowl and concert stage. Deepest inside contains 1 hollow where ceiling has a hole allowing natural light to spread all over green stalagmite and stalactite. It creates field in the middle with strangely beautiful emerald color. So, it is named Emerald Light Room. The most stunningly gorgeous highlight of this place is Phu Pha Phet Room. Stalagmite and stalactite have glittering spark like diamond. Once they reflect with light, it creates unexplainedly beauty. You will be enchanted with miracle of nature at Them Phu Pha Phet.

Journey to Phu Pha Phet : There are 2 routes. From Satun to Khuan Kalong intersection entering to Amphoe Manung. If you come from Trang, once approaching to Satun, turn left to Manung as well. There are signs along the way. Also, you will have to walk up (only) 300 steps. Wooden stairs are provided inside the cave. Easy to walk.

Preparation : Traveler should bring flashlight for viewing beauty inside. Or it can be rented from locals at entrance. Also, wear comfortable shoes.

Tham Phu Pha Phet opens everyday from 8.30AM to 3.30PM. On holidays, it closes at 4.00PM.

Entrance fee is THB30 for adult and THB10/THB20 for student.

For more information, contact tourist center Tel.074-720 314 ext. 11.

Best time to visit is 2.00PM.

On sunny day, you will be able to see gorgeous emerald light.

There is flashlight for rent at THB20.

Go to the cave.

Here's the entrance. I'm so excited.

The way is very small. You have to crawl.

Let's see the beauty and mightiness of this cave together.

Inside is enormous.

Here we are receiving emerald light.

If you come at the right time when light shines at the proper angle, it would be even more charming.

They fully receive the energy.

Coming out from the cave, we move on to Satun which we arrive in the evening. We drop by famous tea shop of Satun.

It is called Kam Pong Cha Chak. There are lots of customers. Delicious and not expensive.

Let's see menu list.

Now it's time to eat. The tea tastes very nice. I guarantee.

We stay at The Gleam Resort Satun.

It is a small chic hotel in the middle of downtown. The price is THB1,000 per night. There are 10 rooms in total.

This morning we survey around resort.

This is where we stay.

Breakfast is provided 1 set per person which offers 3 options; sticky rice with fried chicken, rice spicy salad and Mataba. All of them are bought from famous restaurants in town. We have to inform in advance.

We hurriedly have breakfast in order to go to Golden Dragon Beach, one of Khao Lao Wa stories in Satun.

“Golden Dragon Beach" Satun town

Khao Lao Wa … At the City of Phra Samut Theva, during low tide, you will be able to see the ridge looks like a dragon appearing in the sea. It looks like dragon is swimming in the middle of the sea. Once you see ... Stand on the ridge and you will received pure power from fortune of the sea. It will fulfill both energy and strength to all weary body and mind to be strong.

For the journey to Golden Dragon Beach;

Begin from Satun town, Satun Thani road towards Highway no.4138, Sulkanukul road. Turn right to Highway no.4051, Viset Mayura road. Then turn left to Ba Gan Koey port, Tumbon Tanyong Po, Satun. Ba Gan Koey villagers have long-tailed boat to service everyday. The journey takes only 20 minutes and you can travel all year.

For further information : Tel. 075-215-867 / TAT's Trang branch taking care of Satun

"Khao Lao Wa" Amazing beach under the sea, Golden Dragon Beach

Thale Weak (Separated Sea) of 4.5km length connecting Koh Hua Mungkorn (Koh Hua Man) to Koh Hang Mungkorn (Koh Sarm).

Millions of shells lining up in ridge. During low tide, the ridge looks like a dragon swimming in the middle of the sea.

It is believed that anyone who steps on dragon will receive auspicious things in life.

We arrive. Our group leader, handsome model of TAT, brings us by himself.

We come during low tide which there are 2 periods in a day; morning and evening time.

During rising tide, the sea floods over the ridge for 5m.

Our guide can't resist. Receiving power from the sea, so he makes utter jumps.

This place is spectacular. If you have time, we recommend to come. The real location is even prettier.

Sea starts to flood. We come little late. Have to come early in the morning.

The boat brings us back to the port. We have lunch at Tanyong Buri Seafood which is near the port.

Nice view, tasty food and more importantly low-priced.

Let's see the food.

The crab is THB350 per kg. Super duper cheappppppp!!!

During return trip, we stop by famous Roti restaurant in Satun.

Menu list.

Recommended menu.

Get side dish for free.

This is promotion reducing cost of living. THB20 per serve. Delicious too.

This set is THB30, delicious and refreshing.

This drink is also nice.

Delicious curry.

Roti is good.

We get on the plane at Hadyai since Satun is nearer than Trang.

Rice with Green Curry Chicken is served during the flight. Yummy.

So, this is the end of 2 Khao Lao Wa legends in Satun. I recommend everyone to come because they are spectacular.

Wish you guys would like this review.

Thank you for reading.

Mae Pranorm


 Monday, January 9, 2017 1:55 PM