Nim is our big sister and it was so long time we did not meet up with her as she always busy with her life and works. Finally, 6-7 November is a good day to meet. Me, Yui and P Nim (“P” here I mean big sister) planed one night trip for three of us to Khaoyai.

6 November 2021 – left Bangkok

We decided to travel by minivan with our lazy program which can adjust and change anytime. We supposed to leave Bangkok at 8am but finally because of the P Nim’s works so we left Bangkok around 10.30am so we go direct to Korat (Nakhonn Ratchasima province) for first stop which was strongly requested by P Nim.

Take Off café Khao Yai is our first stop. The café with Boeing 747 in the green area. This café is located near Suranaree University of Technology. Surrounding with mountains and plantations. Because of late lunch so we immediately order food.

We mixed Western and Thai today. Yoi who love western (actually, she likes all food). She order pizza as the first menu.

I like this drink, good refreshing.

For the food I like Thai food more but Yui and P Nim really enjoy our menu.

After lunch we spent time for many shots with Boeing 747.

Unfortunately, P Nim got urgent work and she has to return to Bangkok on that day so she can not join the rest of the trip with us. Me and Yui continue to Khao Yai as our destination is Kirimaya where there is “Illumination Festival”. I missed this festival in Chiang Rai in the beginning of this year because of Covid-19.

We arrived to Kirimaya around 18.00hrs. The winter season in Thailand stared already so 18.00hrs is already dark which is good to join this festival.

Yui even more excited than me when we arrived to the festival. We scan and get wristband instead of ticket. And then started the tour.

I like their idea and the location is really suit to this festival. Almost large area is dark and it dark enough to show how beautiful of the light.

We got many nice shots.

Since the festival just started on 5th November so there are not many people yet. But I am sure that by December will be more. I think the ticket THB 300/person is not expensive to get this amazing experience.
We left the festival around 19.30hrs and heading to Tantai Farm stay which we booked for one night.

We arrived late so we cannot see anything around the farm. But inside the room is so nice. I like the minimal decoration style.

Bed and pillow are so good. Yui took space on the bed first after she took shower. But for me since we had lunch combine with breakfast and no dinner do I need something like hot soup before bed. K.Kai who is the owner of the farm is so kind. He open the kitchen and let me cook instant noodle by myself as his staff already left.

And this is what I had before bed. So, delicious.

7th November - Khao Yai to Bangkok

6am is my wake up time as always and as I expected this view from the window. The garden, mountains and the mist. The fresh air was there just when we open the window.

We left the room around 8am for breakfast. I like their breakfast, boiled rice with minced pork and mushroom. The cool weather is good to have boiled-rice.

Before we left we walked around the farm and got many shots for my super model Yui.

I think this Farm stay is good for friend, family and even couple who want to stay away from noisy and crowded. 

Sometimes we do not need special treatment by luxury resort but just warm welcome and take care like family. 

Make us feel like we just visit our hometown where there are uncle and auntie cook for us.

It was raining last night so this morning the weather is cool and fresh. We met with new friend “Ben” from UK to be volunteer at this farm. Because this farm is organic farm which staff got well trained and courses about organic farming. Ben planed to stay here for 1 month and he just arrived 2 days before us.

Seem Ben like this place and he was busy with planting the baby salad vegetable. K.Aod who is the farmer and trainer of Ben told us that in 1-2 months later those baby vegetable will grow enough to be on the table. We might come again that time.

We had short time to talk with Ben as he was busy with his duty and we also have many places to visit today. So, we day good bye and keep in touch. Nice to meet you new friend.

Not far from the farm there is a temple which well know for all local people and Thai from other province. Wat Pa Phu Hai Long the temple on the mountain.

The road up to the top is not easy but luckily we were with professional driver so all are smooth. We walked up to the top to worship to the buddha image and enjoy the view.

After that we came down. Yui was not good under the sunshine (she said) so we left the temple and continue to the next place which is good for Yui.

Kensington English Garden is famous about the beautiful garden where the tourist came for photo shooting as same as us.

We reached to the garden. There is white church in the front which Yui immediately get first shot.

Opposite to the church is small coffee shop which we can get one drink once we buy ticket to get in to the garden. The ticket is THB 75/person with a choice of drink is not expensive. We can sit at the coffee shop for drink or take away with us when we walk in the garden.

The garden is not too big but it big enough for nice shots.

Yui was really enjoy and she forgot that she was not good under the sun as long as I can get good shots for her.

We spent around 30 minutes in the garden and decided to leave because it was 12.30hrs so we need something to eat.

Tara Café is the restaurant I chose for this trip. It was my first time to this restaurant as well but from their website look nice.

We arrived to the restaurant, and got on the que to check temperature (Covid-19 policy) and register at the entrance. We get a order form with coupon to get discount for drink.

I suggest if you come to this restaurant. After get coupon at the entrance, walk around and find your prefer table and put the table number on your food order form. Leave someone at the table while you go to the order counter.

The order counter for food and beverage is at the same place. You put your order form which you already checked what you want to order and place to the staff. Pay the money and then go pick your drink and go back to your table. 

Staff will serve all food to your table. I like the way the manage.

The order counter for food and beverage is at the same place. You put your order form which you already checked what you want to order and place to the staff. Pay the money and then go pick your drink and go back to your table. Staff will serve all food to your table. I like the way the manage.

Food come very fast even there are lots of clients. And here are our menu.

Hot and spicy minced pork with basil eat with rices and egg. All food are very good taste and prices are reasonable

After lunch we walked around the big garden.

And we got many shots for her.

We left the restaurant and heading to Bangkok but we have another check point left. Wat Phra Phutthachai tunnel at Wat Phra Phuttachai temple, Saraburi province.

I saw this place from the magazine and I really want to see. This place is around 5 kms away from the temple. I suggest to stop the car at the railway station and then walk along the railway to the tunnel.

This tunnel is around 1.2kms long.

Left the tunnel and heading back to Bangkok with full of memory even it was very short trip for 2 days 1 night.

But I can say that Khao Yai is the place we can go again and again for lazy itinerary. Suggest to put the lose program which you can adjust any time. Because Khao Yai is connected to many places. I came here many times already but every time when we are on the way back. I always plan for next trip.

But I think next time I will stay at Tantai Farm stay again. I like this place.



 Tuesday, November 9, 2021 4:32 PM